RCS-­‐e	  open	  and	  ubiquitous	  Empower	  operator’s	  strengths	  	  
Solaiemes:	  infrastructure	  for	  operators	  What?	  Opening	  operator	  enablers	  to	  developers	         and	  ent...
Less	  philosophical	  …	  •  Provide	  enterprise	  and	  public	  sector	  with	  mobile	  mulAmedia	     services	  tha...
Solaiemes	  and	  RCS	  •  Focus	  on	  APIs	  and	  3rd	  party	  engagement	  since	  the	     beginning	  •  Heavy	  co...
Our	  vision:	  RCS-­‐e	  as	  a	  plaDorm	  •  RCS-­‐e	  =	  OTT	  chat	  clone?	  Only	  if	  kept	  caged	     and	  ch...
What’s	  missing?	  	  •  Open	  enablers	  to	  innovaAon	     engine.	  APIs	  as	  tools	  so	     Ankerers	  can	  Ank...
Towards	  the	  “Service	  Store”	  •  “Service	  Store”	  vs	  “App	  Store”	  •  No	  fragmentaAon,	  totally	  portable...
APIs:	  Put’em	  on	  the	  UNI	  !!!	  •  Reuse	  provisioning,	  policy,	  security,	  firewall,	  accounAng,	     billin...
Solaiemes	  RCS	  plaDorms	  •  UNI	  based	        –    No	  vendor	  lock-­‐in	        –    Operator	  in	  control	    ...
PorDolio	  at	  a	  glance	                    RCS-e XMPP                                 Solution Gateway                ...
RCS-­‐e	  SoluNon	  Gateway	  RCS-­‐e	  SoluAon	  Gateway	  aims	  to	  be	  the	  pla[orm	  to	  merge	  telco	  infrastr...
RCS	  SoluNon	  Gateway	  schemaNcs	                                                                                      ...
Example:	  Mobile	  CRM	  •  Ride	  the	  wave:	  from	  IVR	  to	  texAng	  •  Users	  prefer	  a	  chat	  to	  calling,	...
Example:	  OTT	  mash	  up	  •  Foursquare	  checkin	  triggers	  file	  transfer	      –  Mall	  -­‐>	  voucher	      –  A...
RCS-­‐e	  Thin	  Client	  Server	  Enables	  RCS-­‐e	  “ubiquity”,	  making	  feasible	  to	  integrate	  RCS-­‐e	  with	 ...
ApplicaNon	  to	  RCS	  TV	  Widget	   RCS Solution Gateway                                                               ...
RCS-­‐e	  End	  User	  ConfirmaNon	  Request	  Server	  RCS-­‐e	  End	  User	  ConfirmaAon	  Request	  Server	  allows	  a	 ...
Example:	  transacNon	  brokerage	  •  RCS-­‐e	  ships	  with	  user	  prompAng	  facility	  •  SMS-­‐pin	  on	  steroids	...
RCS-­‐e	  LiveServe	  LiveServe	  RCS-­‐e	  provides	  APIs	  to	  make	  very	  easy	  to	  create	  video	  use	  cases	...
RCS-­‐e	  XMPP	  Gateway	  RCS-­‐e	  <-­‐>	  XMPP	  Gateway	  is	  an	  extension	  on	  top	  of	  RCS	  SoluAon	  Gatewa...
Ahead	  of	  OTT:	  “RCS-­‐e	  Personal	  Manager”	  •  Allow	  subscribers	  to	  manage	  their	  personal	  communicaAo...
Solaiemes	  TesNng	  SoluNon	  Same	  technology,	  different	  use:	  put	  the	  APIs	  to	  work	  on	  tesAng	    the	 ...
TesNng	  soluNon	  as	  a	  glance	                                RCS-e                        Solution Gateway          ...
www.solaiemes.com	                             www.rcse.tv	  AddiAonal	  info:	  youtube.com/solaiemes	  slideshare.net/so...
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Solaiemes RCS-e Open & Ubiquitous


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Solaiemes RCS-e Open & Ubiquitous

  1. 1. RCS-­‐e  open  and  ubiquitous  Empower  operator’s  strengths    
  2. 2. Solaiemes:  infrastructure  for  operators  What?  Opening  operator  enablers  to  developers   and  enterprises,  keeping  operator  in  control    What  for?  Help  operator  profit  from  strengths:  mass   market,  trust,  reachability,  universality    How?  Easy  for  the  the  operator  (UNI  integraAon),   easy  for  the  developer  (REST  and  WS  APIs)  
  3. 3. Less  philosophical  …  •  Provide  enterprise  and  public  sector  with  mobile  mulAmedia   services  that  really  help  them  with  their  daily  chores  •  Give  operators  weapons  to  find  use  cases  where  OTT  can  not   reach  (yet):   –  Based  on  phone  numbers,  exisAng  agendas   –  Universal:  not  linked  to  specific  handset  models,  no  app   –  Ubiquitous:  accessible  from  any  screen  ($$  even  with  no  SIM  card)   –  Enterprise  -­‐  Customer  communicaAon:  enterprise  happy  to  pay  to  get   the  problem  solved   –  Value  added  services:  customers  happy  to  pay  (1€  per  SMS)  •  We  provide  the  tools  so  operator  can  engage  innovaAon  out   there  without  losing  control  
  4. 4. Solaiemes  and  RCS  •  Focus  on  APIs  and  3rd  party  engagement  since  the   beginning  •  Heavy  contributor  to  RCS  API  effort,  editor  •  GSMA  2011  RCS  Best  InnovaAon  Award  •  Products  in  Tier-­‐1  vendors  and  operators.  Trials   around  the  world  •  Interoperated:  IOT  test  fests  and  1-­‐1  tesAng  •  Available  now,  already  in  the  2nd  product  generaAon  •  Evolving  por[olio,  always  thinking  ahead  
  5. 5. Our  vision:  RCS-­‐e  as  a  plaDorm  •  RCS-­‐e  =  OTT  chat  clone?  Only  if  kept  caged   and  chained  •  Telco  added  value:  beyond  person-­‐to-­‐person  •  Object  communicaAons  •  OTT  not  doing  that  (yet)  
  6. 6. What’s  missing?    •  Open  enablers  to  innovaAon   engine.  APIs  as  tools  so   Ankerers  can  Anker.  •  Operators:  able  to  open   developer  accounts  by  the   millions.  •  Developers:  start  quickly,   with  no  telco  experAse   Credit:: www.freedigitalphotos.net required.  
  7. 7. Towards  the  “Service  Store”  •  “Service  Store”  vs  “App  Store”  •  No  fragmentaAon,  totally  portable  across  pla[orms  •  Telco  playing  leading  role,  arAculaAng  ecosystem   Device/OS manufactures leading role Telco leading role
  8. 8. APIs:  Put’em  on  the  UNI  !!!  •  Reuse  provisioning,  policy,  security,  firewall,  accounAng,   billing,  raAng,  …  •  Totally  independent  from  the  core.  No  impact  on  redesigns,   upgrades,  changes  of  vendors.  •  Naturally  cloudy.  Same  pla[orm  serves  different  OpCos,  even   with  mismatching  service  characterisAcs.  •  Put  the  same  trust  in  your  developer  as  in  other  customers.  •  Very  easy  to  use:  modelled  from  OTT  APIs,  no  telco  experAse   needed.  •  Could  be  deployed  without  lengthy  carrier  approval  process.  •  It  works  !!!  www.rcse.tv  
  9. 9. Solaiemes  RCS  plaDorms  •  UNI  based   –  No  vendor  lock-­‐in   –  Operator  in  control   –  Immediate  integraAon  with  core   –  Reuse  all  investment  on  IMS:  billing,  security,  provisioning,  …  •  Easy  to  use  APIs,  3  flavours:  REST,  Web-­‐Services,  Comet  •  Presence/capabiliAes,  Chat,  File  transfer,  Video  •  Includes  XMPP  gateway  for  extra  connecAvity   –  Example:  Chat  RCS  –  Facebook  with  no  modificaAon  in  core  or  in  mobile  •  Repository  and  communicaAon  history  for  total  user  experience  •  Thin  Client:  access  to  RCS-­‐e  just  from  a  web  browser:  PC,  iPad,   smarthphone,  TV,  set  top  box,  …  •  Sample  use  cases  on  Tier-­‐1  core  in  youtube.com/solaiemes  
  10. 10. PorDolio  at  a  glance   RCS-e XMPP Solution Gateway Gateway RCS-e LiveServeUse cases RCS-e RCS-e RCS-e Core API IMS RCS-e UNI EUCR Server RCS Thin Client Server
  11. 11. RCS-­‐e  SoluNon  Gateway  RCS-­‐e  SoluAon  Gateway  aims  to  be  the  pla[orm  to  merge  telco  infrastructure   to  web  soluAons  providing  UNI  based  RESTful  APIs  Easy  for  the  carriers:  no  need  to  interoperate  each  service,  carrier  fully  in   control,  enabling  carriers  to  deploy  valuable  services  on  top  of  RCS-­‐e  on  a   scalable  and  secure  way.  Easy  for  service  developers  and  providers:   Internet-­‐like  APIs,  very  easy  to  use,  no  telco  experAse  needed.  It  is  now  helping  major  carriers  to  refine  their  RCS-­‐e  offering.  Client  &  server   vendor  independent,  integrated  with  Tier-­‐1  vendors  and  trialed  around   the  world.  Fields:  internet  tools  via  RCS-­‐e,  CRM  self  service,  etc  Examples:    Couponing  mash-­‐up  Foursquare  and  RCS-­‐e:  hip://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J2CTNliGL0o    Mash-­‐up  Google  Translate  via  RCS-­‐e:  hip://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bt7CKoCHl_s    CRM  m-­‐banking  demo:  hip://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DQGINTJEEmY    Social  Plug/connector  (FB  y  Twiier):  hip://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BatGfIpjMHA  
  12. 12. RCS  SoluNon  Gateway  schemaNcs   RCS Solution UNI  (user  to     Gateway Carrier XDM network   core IM interface)   MSRP MSRP SIP SIP XDM XDM Video share IMS MSRP SIP XDM MSRP MSRP SIP SIP XDM XDM virtual MSRP SIP XDM Presence RCS clients RESTful  and  web   push  APIs  UNI  (user  to  network  interface)   mobile Enterprises and fixed Internet RCS ecosystem clients Developers
  13. 13. Example:  Mobile  CRM  •  Ride  the  wave:  from  IVR  to  texAng  •  Users  prefer  a  chat  to  calling,  waiAng  to,  arguing   with  an  IVR  •  File  transfer  to  send  or  receive  addiAonal  contextual   info  •  Operators  backing  idenAty,  confidenAality  and  messy   tech   Mobile  CRM  and  RCS-­‐e:  perfect  match?  
  14. 14. Example:  OTT  mash  up  •  Foursquare  checkin  triggers  file  transfer   –  Mall  -­‐>  voucher   –  Airport  -­‐>  boarding  pass   –  Fair  -­‐>  agenda  or  map  •  All  intelligence  in  the  network.  Developer   knows  nothing  about  “telco  stuff”  
  15. 15. RCS-­‐e  Thin  Client  Server  Enables  RCS-­‐e  “ubiquity”,  making  feasible  to  integrate  RCS-­‐e  with  corporate  web   portals,  in  a  web  browser  anywhere,  or  as  a  TV  or  STB  widget.  Can  create  embedded  use  cases  of  RCS  in  apps;  and  RCS  clients  in  different  pla[orms   without  implemenAng  telco  protocols:  using  HTTP  APIs  is  enough  to  deliver  RCS.  Clients  are  cloud  based  and  the  "look  &  feel"  becomes  highly  customizable.  Supported  cases  include  highly  customizable  RCS-­‐e  Web  clients,  ranging  from  very   sophisAcated  (JQuery)  to  simple  html.  RCS-­‐e  clients  using  TV  Widget  and   embedding  RCS-­‐e  communicaAons  in  apps  (games,  adverAsement,  etc)  are  also   possible.    UNI  based:  Clients  are  IMS  clients:  no  need  to  reinvest  on  BSS,  OSS,  security.  Totally   independent  from  IM  server  and  core  vendor.  Examples:    RCS-­‐e  WebClient  JQuery:  hip://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tY8M1t1F2P4    RCS-­‐e  WebClient  tablet/smartphones:  hip://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ChtNiiWg93k    History  Feature:  hip://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LmFnSndUx64  
  16. 16. ApplicaNon  to  RCS  TV  Widget   RCS Solution Gateway RCS widget virtual backend RCS MSRP SIP XDM MSRP MSRP SIP SIP XDM XDM clients RCS  APIs  (presence,   UNI   messaging,  picture   transfer)   Presence Carrier IM core IMS Widget XDM Widgets enabled TVUNI   server RCS  Widget  management  (widget   mobile and fixed catalogue,  download  …)   RCS clients
  17. 17. RCS-­‐e  End  User  ConfirmaNon  Request  Server  RCS-­‐e  End  User  ConfirmaAon  Request  Server  allows  a  carrier  to  open  EUCR  capability   to  selected  3rd  parAes,  becoming  a  new  revenue  stream  for  telcos.  It  moneAzes  the  value  from  user  idenAty,  a  valuable  asset,  and  improves  on  the  now   common  SMS  mechanism  (popular  for  banks,  credit  cards,  etc.).  End  User  ConfirmaAon  Requests  are  more  interacAve,  real  Ame,  and  the  telco  can   become  a  neutral  witness  and  notary,  cerAfiying  the  noAficaAons,  acceptances,   rejecAons.  One  of  the  best  RCS-­‐e  moneAzing  approaches    Demo:  internal  /  external  cases:  hip://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5wR9SeM3WE0    (EUCR  adds  a  standard  mechanism  to  ask  for  explicit  subscriber  confirmaAon,  it  will  be  available   across  all  RCS-­‐e  compaAble  mobiles)  
  18. 18. Example:  transacNon  brokerage  •  RCS-­‐e  ships  with  user  prompAng  facility  •  SMS-­‐pin  on  steroids  •  Use  it  for  3rd  parAes  !!!  
  19. 19. RCS-­‐e  LiveServe  LiveServe  RCS-­‐e  provides  APIs  to  make  very  easy  to  create  video  use  cases  on  top  of   RCS-­‐e,  using  the  carrier  enablers,  not  bypassing  them.  Developers  can  create  mass  market  use  cases,  like  real  Ame  video  from  mobile  to  web   so  your  friends  can  see  what  you  are  seeing  from  a  social  network.  For  enterprises,  just  an  unexpensive  mobile  phone  makes  possible  real  Ame  field   reporAng,  data  acquisAon,  informaAon  broadcasAng  to  employees  in  key   situaAons,  etc.  Also  mulAmedia  self-­‐service  and  voice  triggered  video  on  demand   can  be  implemented.  Telco  alternaAve  to  OTT  soluAons  LiveServe  RCS-­‐e  is  built  on  Solaiemes  LiveServe  pla[orm,  in  producAon  in  911   emergency  centers.  Example:    Personal  live  videostreaming/blogging  site  using  Google  Blogger  &  RCS-­‐e      hip://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kit6lcWsSQA  
  20. 20. RCS-­‐e  XMPP  Gateway  RCS-­‐e  <-­‐>  XMPP  Gateway  is  an  extension  on  top  of  RCS  SoluAon  Gateway   allowing  smooth  integraAon  with  messaging  systems  based  on  XMPP.   Over  the  top  as  Google  Talk,  Facebook  Chat,  Jabber.  Or  enterprise.  Uses  UNI  approach,  combining  in  a  scalable  way  RCS  SoluAon  Gateway  API’s   and  XMPP  API’s.  Avoid  communicaAon  silos,  help  carriers  to  link  customers  to  their  social   networking  sites  contacts,  keeping  them  relevant  and  without   surrendering  subscriber  ownership.  Making  carriers  part  of  the  "game".  Demo:    Chat  between  RCS-­‐e  &  Facebook  Chat  and  Google  Talk  users    hip://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zF_roI2IOA0  
  21. 21. Ahead  of  OTT:  “RCS-­‐e  Personal  Manager”  •  Allow  subscribers  to  manage  their  personal  communicaAons   (supplementary  services  for  messaging)  •  Set  filter  &  auto-­‐responders  (based  on  originaAng  contacts  &  Ame   intervals)  •  Create  event  to  be  triggered  on  behalf  of  the  user  even  when  offline,   based  on  chat  &  file  transfer  •  Includes  a  personal  media  library  to  store  texts  and  media  to  be  used  in   auto-­‐responders,  filters  and  events  •  AddiAonal  features  as  WebApp  to  manage  personal  configuraAon  using   the  user  mobile,  and  enabling  videoshare  based  events  DemostraAon:      hip://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f7tMKVDdoes  
  22. 22. Solaiemes  TesNng  SoluNon  Same  technology,  different  use:  put  the  APIs  to  work  on  tesAng   the  client,  server,  connecAvity,  availability,  quality,  …  Focus  on  protocol  and  funcAonal  tesAng,  not  in  load  Web  based  interface  to  create,  execute,  control,  audit,  report   RCS-­‐e  test  cases.  Built  for  the  average  non-­‐expert  tester  Separate,  independent  product  Sample  usages:   Client  tesAng   End  to  end  tesAng   Server  availability  and  quality   InterconnecAon  agreements  
  23. 23. TesNng  soluNon  as  a  glance   RCS-e Solution Gateway Mini IMS Carrier 1 RCS-e RCS-e EUCR Server Mini TS LiveServe RCS-e Mini UNI IMS Carrier n
  24. 24. www.solaiemes.com   www.rcse.tv  AddiAonal  info:  youtube.com/solaiemes  slideshare.net/solaiemes  blog.solaiemes.com