RCS Developer Portal as a Service by Solaiemes


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The pdf explains a revolutionary offering for telcos, a plug&play RCS Developer Portal offered "as a Service".
The platform is cloud base, can be connected directly to the telco SBC, and does not need of painfuls integrations as the API behaves as "RCS clients".
The API Management layer is 3Scale, a leading vendor in the API Management space.
Developer portal look&feel fully customizable and API levels of access can be divided in tiered plans.
No excuses for telcos for not trying RCS API the day 1 or launching their services or internal RCS/joyn trials

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RCS Developer Portal as a Service by Solaiemes

  1. 1. RCS Developer Portal as a Service Cloud based RCS API exposure with API Manager Layer
  2. 2. The  story     q  RCS / joyn is taking-off finally. q  To get mass of users and create new revenues the API is key. q  Solaiemes pioneered the RCS network API exposure q  Solaiemes API exposure can be cloud based.
  3. 3. The  Challenge   q  The RCS API is here now & carrier grade. No need to wait. q  The API exposure is core network agnostic & plug&play on top of whatever RCS core. The API based services behave as clients (UNI). q  API exposure to be friendly to engage the developers needs API management that developers would love.
  4. 4. Keys  to  have  in  mind.   q  RCS deployments need a Developer Portal since day 1. q  Full self-service for developers and flexible to create different access plans. q  Easy to integrate with operator business
  5. 5. What  we  did   q  Solaiemes integrated the RCS API with 3Scale API Manager to create RCS Developer Portal. q  The solution is affordable for telcos and including all the needed features. q  Operator do not need to reinvent the wheel.
  6. 6. What  we  offer  to  the  telcos   Solaiemes will offer a cloud based RCS API exposure layer. The developer portal could be fully customized to each telco customer and with their defined tiered plans. RCS API Developer Portal as a Service
  7. 7. What  is  needed  from  the  telco  side     Just 2 simple things for initial setup: ü  IP connectivity to your SBC ü  A bunch of RCS users provisioned in your HSS/ Database to be assigned to the developers
  8. 8. 3Scale  API  Manager   3scale architecture source: www.3scale.net
  9. 9. 3Scale  API  Manager.  Features     source: www.3scale.net
  10. 10. 3Scale  API  Manager.  Features     source: www.3scale.net
  11. 11. 3Scale  API  Manager.  Features     source: www.3scale.net
  12. 12. 3Scale  API  Manager.  Features     source: www.3scale.net
  13. 13. The  architecture.  Plug&Play  connecCvity   RCS API Telco     RCS  core   internet   Dev   service   1   Dev   service   2   Dev   service   4   Dev   service   3   Joyn / RCS users & RCS API based services behaves exactly the same from the point if view of the network
  14. 14. Have  a  look  to  the  portal.  It  is  customizable  
  15. 15. RCS  API  PORTAL   The home tab explains what RCS API is and how to use it. In the upper-right corner you can sign-in / sign-up
  16. 16. The  plaPorm.  Signing-­‐in   Signing-in screen
  17. 17. The  plaPorm.  API  DocumentaCon   API Docs tab: you can find all the API calls ordered by section: chat, file tranfer, etc.
  18. 18. The  plaPorm.  API  DocumentaCon   Example of the interactive documentations, each call is explained with its parameters and examples.
  19. 19. The  plaPorm.  Dashboard   The dashboard allows to get the info user for developers and the credentials to start coding with the API. The API & the RCS users.
  20. 20. The  plaPorm.  Dashboard.  Devs  credenCals   Dashboard “API access” section details section you get the API Key and the RCS users to start building services with the API
  21. 21. The  plaPorm.  Dashboard.  Messaging  secCon   Dashboard messaging section.
  22. 22. The  plaPorm.  API  Usage  staCsCcs  secCon.   Dashboard: API Usage section with statistics.
  23. 23. The  plaPorm.  Test  Bed.   The testbed shows a RCSwebphone to test the services you created with the API Your “RCS users” to create services appear as contact and if you have your services up you can test them Dashboard: API Usage
  24. 24. The  plaPorm.  Test  Bed.   Example: testing a weather forecast service, a simple mash-up of RCS and Google Weather Example: testing a maps service, a mash-up of RCS and Google Maps
  25. 25. Summary  
  26. 26. Summary  of  the  offer   ü  As a Service RCS Developer portal to open RCS to the ecosystem since day 1. ü  OMA RCS REST API & also simpler REST & SOAP flavors available. ü  Fully customizable UX for developers. ü  Fully customizable pricing models for developers. ü  Works plug&play connected to whatever existing RCS core (IMS+IM AS, RCS in a Box or RCS hosted solution). ü  Could include RCS Advertising Platform and its API calls in the same portal. ü  Integration & customization with telco core in less than 2 weeks
  27. 27. Summary  
  28. 28. www.solaiemes.com Addtional info at: http://joyn.solaiemes.com http://blog.solaiemes.com http://www.youtube.com/solaiemes