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Fuel Management Benefits a Variety of Companies


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Fuel management helps companies reduce costs, improve productivity and enhance safety. A fuel management service tracks several types of data and can also help get your company competitive rates on fuel.

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Fuel Management Benefits a Variety of Companies

  1. 1. Fuel Management Benefits a Variety of Companies
  2. 2. Overview Fuel management derives from fleet management, which refers to the management and oversight of vehicle fleets for businesses, typically automobiles. Fleet management services track a variety of data to improve the productivity of fleet resources and reduce costs. Fuel management drills down to closely monitor fuel usage, examining purchasing, usage and other factors to achieve optimal efficiency.
  3. 3. How Fuel Management Can Help Fleet management and fuel management can help companies improve profitability by increasing worker and resource productivity and reducing costs associated with their vehicle fleets. These are some of the benefits good fleet management can provide: • • • • • • Reduced fuel costs through more efficient practices Carbon footprint reduction Better planning and analysis Better control of costs Better employee productivity Increased compliance with safety and government regulation
  4. 4. What Businesses Can Benefit From Fuel Management Any business with a fleet of vehicles can benefit from good fuel management practices. Companies that hire fleet management services can often see a return on their investment from greater productivity and reduced costs in less than a year.
  5. 5. Companies that can benefit from fuel management services include: • Courier services. • Delivery services. • Transportation companies. • Municipal government. • Utilities and other services with vehicle fleets. • And more…
  6. 6. Employee Accountability Fuel management services can help companies improve employee accountability and productivity. Good fleet management can ensure employees do not deviate from routes or use vehicles for unauthorized purposes. With regard to fuel management, studies show that about 4 percent of all fuel transactions are incorrect and that 81 percent of fuel theft is internal. Fuel management can help you more closely manage your employees, reducing theft and error.
  7. 7. Maintenance Fuel management programs can help keep maintenance records organized and ensure that vehicles get the regular upkeep they need to avoid the necessity of major repairs later. Good fleet management and maintenance management can lower fuel costs, as well-maintained vehicles are more fuel efficient than vehicles with underinflated tires, filter and pump issues.
  8. 8. Safety First Safety is an important component of any business, not just because it reduces the risk of employee injury, but also because it can help cut insurance costs and reduce exposure to government penalties. Fuel management can help ensure employees are following your rules concerning vehicle speed and a variety of other vehicle-related risks.
  9. 9. About Sokolis Group Sokolis Group uses proven technology to monitor and analyze fuel usage, allowing the company to recommend new policies to optimize clients’ fuel usage. Sokolis also can help negotiate lower fuel prices for clients. Companies seeking a competitive edge through greater efficiency should turn to Sokolis for their fuel management and fleet management needs. For more information visit