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How to Take the EPOP Entrance Exam or Diagnostic Test Online


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How to Take the EPOP Entrance Exam or Diagnostic Test Online

  1. 1. Welcome to “How to Take the EPOP Entrance Exam or Diagnostic Test Online”
  2. 2. Go to:
  3. 3. Put in your assigned Username & Password. Then, click Login.
  4. 4. After you login, you will see the main page of the EPOP Portal. To find the exam, scroll down to find My Courses as shown below.
  5. 5. Look for the EPOP Entrance Exam Section and click on the Diagnostic Test to which you have been assigned
  6. 6. After clicking on the assigned diagnostic test, you will see this page. Enter the Enrolment Key that has been provided to you and click on “Enrol me”
  7. 7. After entering your enrolment key, you will see this page. You can see these two sections: “Structure and Written Expression Section” and “Reading Comprehension Section” Click on the link for the “Structure and Written Expression Section”
  8. 8. After clicking on “Structure and Written Expression Section”, you will see this page. Read all the instructions carefully and click “Attempt quiz now” to begin the test.
  9. 9. After clicking on “Attempt quiz now,” this message will appear. Click “Start attempt”
  10. 10. After clicking “Start attempt,” you will be instructed to enter a “Quiz Password” – The Quiz Password is the same as the Enrolment Key you used to join the course. Enter the Enrolment Key and press “Continue”
  11. 11. Read the instructions and answer the questions. Once you have answered all of the questions on the page, click “Next”
  12. 12. When you reach the end of the test, you will see a summary of your attempt. Scroll to the bottom and click “Submit all and Finish”
  13. 13. After you submit your test, you will see this page. You still need to complete the “Reading Comprehension Section” – To access it, click “Back to the course”
  14. 14. Now that you are back to the course page, click “Reading Comprehension Section” To complete the Reading Comprehension Section, follow the same steps you used to take the Structure and Written Expression Section
  15. 15. Good Luck! If you have any concerns or technical problems, do not hesitate to contact the EPOP team: Michael: Sokha: KMH: Sandar: