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How to Check for Resources


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How to Check for Resources

  1. 1. Welcome to “How to Check for Resources”
  2. 2. Each course in the EPOP Portal contains links to resources including additional learning material and practice, as well as the answer keys that you will use to check your work on the weekly assignments.
  3. 3. To access these resources, go to your enrolled course page and scroll down to the appropriate week.
  4. 4. Here are the resources that you can see and download as references: Answer Keys & Extra Documents
  5. 5. Go to your enrolled course page. On the right-hand side you will see several menus: “Latest News,” “Upcoming Events,” etc.” Scroll down until you see the menu titled “Navigation.” Below that, you will see the name of your course and each week of the semester listed by date. Click the appropriate week for which you would like to see resources.
  6. 6. After clicking on the appropriate week, you will see all of the answer keys and additional practice documents for that week. You can download these extra resources here as well. All of the quizzes, forums, and essay assignments will also be listed here also, but of course you cannot download quizzes, forums, or essay assignments.
  7. 7. Good Luck! If you have any concerns or technical problems, do not hesitate to contact the EPOP team: Michael: Sokha: Kyi Min Han: Sandar: