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Born Supremacy Part 2


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Published in: Technology, Sports
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Born Supremacy Part 2

  1. 1. to VOH-EMO
  2. 2. Announcements • Out of Town! October 12, 2008 • 9:30am Planning Meetings. Every Sunday we meet at 9:30am to Plan or just to hang out • New blog:
  3. 3. Part 2 John 1:14
  4. 4. The Importance of the Incarnation kai« oJ lo/goß sa»rx e˙ge÷neto, kai« e˙skh/nwsen e˙n hJmi√n John 1:14: “And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us,”
  5. 5. What does “Incarnation” Mean? To become Flesh
  6. 6. Me Vs. My Niece WIN NER !!!!! Who win?
  7. 7. Reason#1 The Scriptural Reason