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2014-04-24 A dip into Research Objects


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Technical dive into the serialization of Research Objects (RO) as RO Bundles, a Adobe UCF based ZIP-format with a JSON-LD manifest.

Presented on 2014-04-24 at COMBINE HARMONY 2014

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Published in: Technology, Education
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2014-04-24 A dip into Research Objects

  1. 1. A dip into Research Objects Stian Soiland-Reyes myGrid, University of Manchester HARMONY 2014, Manchester, 2014-04-24 This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License
  2. 2. Saving a research object: RO bundle Single, transferrable research object Self-contained snapshot Which files in ZIP, which are URIs? (Up to user/application) Regular ZIP file, explored and unpacked with standard tools JSON manifest is programmatically accessible without RDF understanding Works offline and in desktop applications – no REST API access required Basis for RO-enabled file formats, e.g. Taverna run bundle
  3. 3. ZIP-based format (Adobe UCF, ePub)
  4. 4. Workflow Results Bundle workflowrun.prov.ttl (RDF) outputA.txt outputC.jpg outputB/ intermediates/ 1.txt 2.txt 3.txt de/def2e58b-50e2-4949-9980-fd310166621a.txt inputA.txt workflow URI reference s attribution execution environment Aggregating in Research Object ZIP folder structure (RO Bundle) mimetype application/vnd.wf4ever.robundle+zip .ro/manifest.jso n
  5. 5. RO Bundle What is aggregated? File In ZIP or external URI Who made the RO? When? Who? External URIs placed in folders Embedded annotation External annotation, e.g. blogpost JSON-LD context  RDF RO provenance .ro/manifest.json Format Note: JSON "quotes" not shown above for brevity
  6. 6. <> <> "John Lennon" . <> <> "1940-10-09". <> <> <> . Defines RDF triples:
  7. 7. RO Bundle manifest as RDF
  8. 8. API for RO bundles