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Xenadrine Review


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Weight loss formulas are all the rage, especially for busy people who want to start losing weight without having to go through an exercise routine or strict diet. Xenadrine is one such weight loss formula that promises quick weight loss. But how effective is Xenadrine, and is it safe?

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Xenadrine Review

  1. 1. Top 10 Diet Pills~ By Global Sales GravityUpdated 01 April 2013#1. Acai Berry Select~ Weight Loss PillUp1#2. Phen375~ Fat BurnerUp5#3. African Mango Plus~ Weight Loss PillDown1#4. Slim Weight Patch~ Weight Loss PatchN/C#5. Caralluma Actives~ Weight Loss PillUp5#6. Proactol Plus~ Fat BinderUp4#7. Goji Berry Advance~ Weight Loss PillUp1#8. Meratol~ Carb BlockerDown2#9. Hoodia Gordonii Plus~ Appetite SuppressantDown6#10. Nuratrim~ Appetite SuppressantUp8Top 10 Diets Updated 01 April 2013Rank #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 #8 #9 #10The DietSolutionEatingForEnergy31 DayFatlossCureTruthAboutAbs7 DayBellyBlastFatloss 4IdiotsFatBurningFurnaceBurnThe Fat24/7FatlossXtremeFat© ‐ Ultimate Diet and Weight Loss Review SiteEffectiveness > Side Effects > Results > What Is It? > Who Makes It? > Comments > ReviewsDiets Weight Loss Surgery Drugs Exercise AppsTweetFollow @dietopiaDietopia on PinterestIs It Effective For Weight Loss?Xenadrine gains the most following from body builders, who use a version of it that is specifically designed to meetthe protein and nutrient needs of body builders, while providing them with calories for exercise. However, there is noclinical research to back up many of the health claims put forward. Even the official website of Xenadrine is notworking, so there is no complete information provided on the product.Xenadrine does not work on its own: it provides a boost of energy and can speed up metabolism in order to makeexercise more efficient. Drinking Xenadrine alone will not result in weight loss or fat burning. What Xenadrinepromises to do is to raise the bodys energy level so that it will want to engage in exercise.Side EffectsEphedrine acts like an amphetamine on the body by increasing the bodys energy levels. It does so by increasing theblood pressure and heart rate, which can be dangerous for people with heart conditions or who suffer from high bloodpressure. The use of ephedrine has already been linked to heart attacks and strokes, and, according to public records,has resulted in over 80 deaths in the years 1993-2000.Ephedrine can also alter the mind, so Xenadrine should not be used by those who are at risk for mental illness, as wellas those who are taking medication to treat mental illness. Some reviewers also complain about stomach painsfollowing Xenadrine. Others have reported headaches, increased sweating, and therefore increased thirst after aworkout.ResultsSome reviewers have reported losing 4-5 pounds a month while taking Xenadrine and engaging in exercise. Thisroutine was supported by a balanced diet that was free from sugars, processed foods, and fats. Reviewers claim thatthe Xenadrine supplement does work as long as it is taken with the warnings in mind, and with a balanced diet and alot of exercise.Continued below....XenadrineProduct XenadrineVerdictWeight loss formulas are all the rage, especially for busy peoplewho want to start losing weight without having to go through anexercise routine or strict diet. Xenadrine is one such weight lossformula that promises quick weight loss. But how effective isXenadrine, and is it safe?What Is It?Xenadrine is a weight loss drug that is marketed as a nutritionalsupplement. Its main ingredient is ephedrine, an extract fromthe ephedra plant which speeds up metabolism and shouldlead to the breakdown of fats as a source of energy. Ephedrine isalso known to suppress appetite. There are also new forms ofXenadrine that are marketed as ephedrine-free.Who Makes It?Xenadrine is manufactured by Cytodyne Technologies, whichis based in New Jersey. The drug itself gained some infamy inthe late 1990s, when a woman who had been taking Xenadrinecrashed her car into two teens, causing their deaths. She wasjudged as not guilty due to mental illness, in particular, psychosiswhich her defense lawyers claimed had been caused by takingXenadrine.Generated with Page 1 / 3
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