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Smm group16 social_graph

  1. 1. FACEBOOK SOCIAL GRAPH Presented by – Group 16 FT13394 Aakash Kohli FT13333 Harnek Singh FT13227 Jyoti Aggarwal FT13373 Sohel Taiyab Golwalla FT13406 Amritava Deb Roy
  2. 2. WHAT IS FACEBOOK’S SOCIAL GRAPH???A diagram that illustrates search resultsinterconnections among people, groupsand brands.• Individuals/groups/brands are called nodes and the interdependencies are called ties. These ties can be relationships, transactions, ideas, memberships etc.Because of the complexity involved in theinterconnections and the amount of userspresent, Facebook requires even morepowerful servers to dispense theseresults.
  3. 3. SALIENT FEATURES OF FB SOCIAL GRAPH• Purpose - designed to return an answer not links• 4 use cases in search - people, photos, places and interests• Beta phase• A new way for people to see information• Monetization - Potential Business• Current focus - User Experience
  4. 4. HOW DOES SOCIAL GRAPH WORK?• Instead of entering specific keywords, users can utilize natural language to combine phrases.• The links between people in social networks are of different types. These need to be identified for further mapping.• There are very fine grained relationships already identified by the user to Facebook.• Additionally, search results change dynamically as users type.• Results are then personalized for the user depending on variables such as their friends, locations, Likes, and other interest connections.• Users also have the opportunity to further refine their query with specific filters.
  5. 5. How Social Graph will help you find a Date?• Though it is evident that Social Graph search will not show any new information that was previously private, but what it does is that it makes this information easier to find.• For example, if Aakash searches for “Single females who live in South Delhi, around Saket, who like eating at Dominos Pizza, listen to Justin Bieber and Backstreet Boys, play lawn tennis and are between 23-25 years of age, he is sure to find a list of probable dates (quite easily).
  6. 6. • Find people who share your interests • Discover your choice of restaurants, music and BENEFITS more • Explore your world through photos clicked or liked by your friends • Invasion of privacy • The service is limited by a variety of factors like the number of friends you have, how they (and everyCHALLENGES other Facebook user) have defined their privacy settings and what they talk about. • Only available in laptops/PCs and not mobile phones
  7. 7. PRIVACY ISSUE’S• Making shared information discoverable when previously it was tough to find at a large scale.• Even when youve set all your settings to "Friends" only, it turns out you can still appear in strangers search results.• Graph Search is being used to prey on children,an example we read was: “women under 18 years old who live nearby and are not in a relationship.”
  8. 8. MONETIZING FB GRAPH SEARCH Charge more per search Drive revenue through ad as it can deliver highly associated Business targeted results Search FB GRAPH SEARCH FOR BUSINESSSearches can be targeted by location, interests, expereince, preferencesProvide reference and experiences of Friends for local businessesTap on communications, discussions and comments to drive precision results
  9. 9. CURRENT STATUS OF FB GRAPHLaunched in January, 2013Currently at 1% development stage of its full blown versionFew hundred thousand English-speaking usersWhat we have right now is a “baby demo” of what graph search may eventually becomeUser have to join a waitlist List to use Graph searchMore than 30 million users have joined the waitlistNo confirmed date available for a Final launch.
  10. 10. FUTURE OF FACEBOOK GRAPH SEARCH• Todays Graph Search beta is just the beginning and is only one percent complete.• Currently focuses on people, photos, places and interests, but in future incorporating posts and Open Graph actions.• Also making Graph Search available on mobile and in every language.
  11. 11. Thank You