How to appear in an interview by sohail ahmed solangi


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How to appear in an interview by sohail ahmed solangi

  2. 2. An interview • An interview is a conversation between two or more people (the interviewer and the interviewee) where questions are asked by the interviewer to obtain information from the interviewee. Sohail Ahmed 2
  3. 3. Before The Interview Get your career goals in focus • Identify your main strengths related to the job • Gather specific accomplishments to back up your skills Research the company Find out the dress code in advance and dress accordingly Practice with yourself or with a friend Sohail Ahmed 3
  4. 4. Few Items You Should Bring On An Interview You should bring at least one spare copy of your resume. If you know that you will be interviewed by multiple people, you should bring a copy of your resume for each. Sohail Ahmed 4
  5. 5. Few Items You Should Bring On An Interview (cont…..) If you are applying for a job that has specific certification or licensing requirements. you should bring proof of your eligibility. employers are more likely to choose a candidate whose paperwork is already in order. Sohail Ahmed 5
  6. 6. Dress code for job interview in Pakistan • Dress code should be followed accordance of Culture • General guidelines for job interview dress code are: – Dress should be clean . – Dress should be properly pressed or ironed .(Make sure that during travelling don’t mess with your cloths ) Sohail Ahmed 6
  7. 7. Dress Code Cont… – Avoid skin tight and too loose dresses. – Your shoes should be polished and clean. – Teeth your teeth properly before coming to interview. – Shave before coming for job interview. (If you are a shaved person other wise balance your breed and comb it properly ) – A nice perfume will help (But make sure that perfume smell is very light and in not annoying) Sohail Ahmed 7
  8. 8. Dress Code for Men • Dress pants and shirt with tie. • Two piece suit with tie. • Shalwar kameez with wasket. – Use Light color shirts and Dark color pants (Special Reference to Pakistani dressing) Sohail Ahmed 8
  9. 9. Dress Code for Women • Women should follow the new day fashion but in professional way. – Shoes with traditional heels – No purses or small one. – If you wear nail polish (not required), use clear or a conservative color • Minimal use of makeup (it should not be too noticeable) • No more than one ring on each hand • One set of earrings only Sohail Ahmed 9
  10. 10. Sohail Ahmed 10
  11. 11. Be On Time • It's important to arrive a few minutes early, or on time • Giving yourself a bit of extra time will give you an opportunity – to stop in the rest room and freshen up – to catch your breath and stay calm Sohail Ahmed 11
  12. 12. Body Language • First impressions very powerful – Halo effect or Devil effect • Entrance, introductions & handshake • Smile and make eye contact • Be aware of own movements • Watch body language of interviewer Sohail Ahmed 12
  13. 13. How to Greet the Interviewer • Greet your interviewer with a firm handshake • Introduce yourself. • Follow the interviewer's lead Sohail Ahmed 13
  14. 14. During the Interview Listen carefully to the questions Take time to phrase your responses Speak clearly and concisely – Keep your responses specific Sohail Ahmed 14
  15. 15. Questions you may Ask? Ask relevant questions to increase your understanding of the job – This also shows the interviewer that you have done your research on the company as well. “What’s Your Ideal Employee Like?” This question will give you an idea as to the working style of your boss, and whether or not your styles are similar Sohail Ahmed 15
  16. 16. What to Give the Interviewer • Extra copies of your resume • List of three references (if required) Sohail Ahmed 16
  17. 17. Closing the Interview • Towards the end of the interview let the hiring manager know that you think the job is an excellent fit and that you are very interested in the job. • Thank the interviewer for the time they spent interviewing with you. Sohail Ahmed 17
  18. 18. After The Interview • Write a THANK YOU Letter or E-mail – Add relevant information you might have left out during the interview. – Reiterate your interest in the job Sohail Ahmed 18
  19. 19. Hope So This Will Work For You Sohail Ahmed 19