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Internship at dalda foods


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Slide show of my recent Internship at Dalda Foods regional office Lahore, Pakistan.

Published in: Marketing
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Internship at dalda foods

  1. 1. Internship at Dalda Foods Regional office Lahore Sohaib Mirza MBA (Marketing) FAST School of Management Lahore
  2. 2. Preface Internship provides a business graduate with the platform to get some hands on experience of the real business situations and an opportunity to translate the theoretical knowledge learned in classes to the practical solutions in the market. I wisely chosen Dalda Foods Pvt Ltd for my Internship. Due to my growing interest in the field of Sales, trade, merchandising and related activities, I did 4 weeks internship in Regional sales office Lahore. I spent most of my Internship time with modern trade.
  3. 3. Acknowledgement I want to acknowledge the whole team of Dalda regional office Lahore, under whose guidance I was able to learn a lot about sales, distribution and merchandising. Extremely grateful to:  Muhammad Riaz (RSM Rural)  Yasir Javed (ROM Rural)  Farooq Chishti (ROM MT)  Awais Gaba (ASM MT)  Anam Tarif (AMSA MT)  Mukaram Ali (TSO LMT)  Mansab Ali (SO Metro)
  4. 4. Brief History  Dalda has its roots since 1930’s  In 1999 Unilever acquired International Technology to evolve Dalda Banaspati to Dalda VTF  In July 2004 Unilever Pakistan sold its "Dalda" brand to Westbury Group  The company entered the pure-oil segment in early 2007  Dalda added Planta and Manpasand into its portfolio  Dalda started to control operations of Tullo for Wazir Ali Industries
  5. 5. Mission & Principles Dalda’s culture strictly follows five Principles – Integrity – Fairness – Trust – Accountability – People reaching their full potential To make a positive difference in the lives of people with our products and services
  6. 6. Brands in the portfolio Dalda Manpasand Tullo Dalda Olive
  7. 7. Brands in the portfolio
  8. 8. Breakdown of Brands into Sub-brands Dalda • Dalda Banaspati • Dalda Cooking Oil • Dalda Canola • Dalda Sunflower • Planta cooking oil Manpasand • Manpasand Banaspati • Manpasand cooking oil Tullo • Tullo Banaspati • Tullo Cooking Oil Olive • Pomace • Extra virgin
  9. 9. Stock keeping Units (SKUs) The above mentioned brands and sub brands are available in different SKUs, that makes Dalda a portfolio of 44 SKUs in total. Pouches 2.5 kg/lit tin 5 kg/lit tin 3 lit bottle 4.5 lit bottle 10/16 lit jerry can
  10. 10. Ghee and Oil industry  Scale used for Sales: Tons  Yearly sales (Approximate): 30 Lac tons  Dalda’s sales for the year 2013-14: 135000 tons  That gives a market share of 4.5%  Highest market share among major brands
  11. 11. Basic Sales Channels in Dalda General Trade Urban (GTU) General Trade Rural (GTR) Modern Trade & Key accounts
  12. 12. Basic Sales personnel hierarchy Director Sales NSM RSM ROM ASM TSO SO DSR AMSA
  13. 13. Type of prices Invoice price • Distributors price Trade price • Retailers price Retail price • Consumers price
  14. 14. Stock replenishment procedure TSO update the DBR in collaboration with his distributors on weekly basis. AMSA at regional office receives the DBR convert it into volume (TONS) and ask depot to make DA against the DBR. After confirmation of the payment from the distributor, depot delivers the stock to the distributor.
  15. 15. Modern Trade & Key accounts Modern Trade • Local MT • International MT Key accounts • CSDs • USCs
  16. 16. My responsibilities • Timely provide ledgers and invoices of distributors to AMSA • Learnt about the stock replenishment procedure to the distributors. • Learn about the brands and SKUs of Dalda • Learnt about the payment procedure for both LMTs and IMTs. • Checking the display and merchandising SKU wise and SKUs availability • Prepared a sales report of IMT stores brand wise to compare the sales of June, July 2014 with that of last year. • Did a price analysis of Banaspati and Oil category brands to compare the prices with Dalda.
  17. 17. My responsibilities (Cont.) • Visiting 4-5 LMT stores daily • Checking SKUs availability, display, shelf space, expiry at stores • Prepare and send report to the ASM and TSO about the store visits • Daily checking stock position at LMT distribution • Point out any opportunities or threats to Dalda at LMT stores through SWOT analysis report
  18. 18. Few Important learning at LMT PJPs DBR DA Margins Android App Order taking Claims & damages TEP CCR Merchandising Planogram
  19. 19. Few Important learning at IMT Secondary displays OPL SO’s responsibilities Pallets/Aisles Metro post DnR price HoReCa O&I Metro Store Orientation
  20. 20. LMT Distributor  Trust Business Solutions  Personnel (Director, Manager, KPO, Accounts manager, Store manager, DSR, Sales person, drivers, loaders)  Covers around 40 large grocery stores.  Get a margin of 3% from the company.  Work in closely with the TSO and ASM.
  21. 21. Summary of visits to LMT store SR Shop Names Address SKUs Available Shelf share among category Brand purchased by Customer during my visit Brand dominating on display Suggestions/Com ment 1 Sunstar Moon Market 23 30% Dalda Dalda Increase SKUs/Display is good 2 Victoria Link road 34 40% Sufi Dalda Rich in both availability & share 3 Euro College road 14 35% None No clear domination Increase SKUs 4 Umer Cash & carry Punjab society road 24 30% Dalda Dalda Increase SKUs 5 Sawera Punjab society road 19 20% Meezan No clear domination Low on SKUs 6 HKB Express Punjab society road 22 50% None No clear domination Better shelf share 7 National International Market 9 25% Not open yet for the customers Habib New shop with potential 8 Shop & Save Raiwand road 21 30% None Dalda Nicely set display 9 Akbari Thokar Raiwand road 27 15% Dalda Dalda Try to increase shelf share
  22. 22. 10 Rainbow EME sector road 21 20% Dalda & Sufi No clear domination An untapped store with potential 11 Fresh Suburban EME sector road 14 15% None No clear domination Low on both SKUs and S.S 12 Mallows EME sector road 16 35% None No clear domination Display needs to be set properly 13 Raheem Store Iqbal town 37 25% Manpasand, Dalda, Sufi Dalda Best display among LMTs (Y) 14 Akbari Kashmir B Iqbal town 22 17% None Equall space for all brands Display is concealed 15 Akbari Hunza B Iqbal town 22 10% Meezan Meezan Shelf space given is almost none 16 Decent Wahdat road 23 45% None Dalda Category display is less 17 Al-Fateh Liberty 35 18% Dalda Sufi Full rack/in store branding 18 Al-Fateh (DHA) DHA Y block market 27 18% Dalda Olive Dalda Set display properly/high foot fall Average 22.8 26.6% Dalda is the most purchased brand seen Dalda is mostly dominating Refer to the earlier files for SWOT analysis
  23. 23. Display at one of the LMT store
  24. 24. Credit Policy • Company do not provide credit to the distributors. • Burden of credit to the retailers is on the distributor. • Distributor provides credit to only few customers which provide large sales and are trustworthy. • Credit is reduced to zero once a year at the closing.
  25. 25. Competitors Dalda • Habib • Seasons • Soya Supreme Tullo • Meezan • Kisan • Sufi Manpasand • Kashmir • Sultan • Shahbaz Dalda Olive • Imported Olive oils
  26. 26. SWOT analysis of Dalda at MT stores Strengths • Presence of Dalda's Customer care representatives at POPs positively impact customer purchase decision. • Dalda Food's agreement with large grocery stores to provide 40% shelf space helps in high off take. • Modern trade stores are visited by SEC A and B people, who usually buy premium brands like Dalda Weaknesses •Despite the endorsement of Tullo by Amir Liaqat in Ramadan, Retailers are reluctant to buy it. •Due to the low off take of Planta, some of the its stock get expire. •There is not a clear positioning of Dalda, canola and sunflower cooking oil in the mind of consumers, who are unable to differentiate among them. Opportunities • Clear agreements with the retailers on merchandising might increase retailers cooperativeness in setting displays. • Implementing point of purchase promotional tools such as branded gondolas, wall posters and hanging displays can be effective. Purchasing space at front of the aisles at Metro would increase off take. Threats • Sufi banaspati and oil is the brand to watch out at MT stores. • Retailers high bargaining power is a threat, which restricts merchandising activities at stores. • Price offs and consumer promotional schemes provide by competitive brands are hurting Dalda's sales.
  27. 27. Conclusion I would conclude by saying that “Its been a superb experience working with highly talented Dalda’s sales team. It was a small session yet with immense learning about the Sales, trade and merchandising. If I am given with the chance, I would Love to offer my services to the firm.
  28. 28. Thank you for your time 