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In the end, the saying

“Content is King” is the most important thing to remember. Creating

valuable, creative, and engaging content is the best way to acquire backlinks.

We hope these ideas get you moving in the right direction toward the #1 spot on

the search engines.

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Backlink building-the-smart-way

  1. 1. Backlinks Building: The Smart WayIn the end, the saying “Content is King” is the mostimportant thing to remember. Creating valuable,creative, and engaging content is the best way toacquire backlinks. We hope these ideas get you movingin the right direction toward the #1 spot on the searchengines.This Report Brought To You By:
  2. 2. Backlinks BuildingIncreasing search engine ranking is the talk of the Internet.Everyone wants their page to rank the highest and targetedtraffic zooming straight to their direction, and the secret to thisis successful backlinks building.Whether individuals or businesses are selling services, products,or advice, they are wondering how exactly to make theirwebsite a traffic magnet, dominating the search engines willtake some time. However there are simple and successfulbacklinks building techniques that can be used to effectivelyobtain the traffic flow desired.This Report Brought To You By:
  3. 3. Backlinks BuildingHere are eight methods for successful backlinksbuilding that truly work:This Report Brought To You By:
  4. 4. 1) Guest Blogging:One of the largest growing sectors of Internet networking andsuccessful backlinks building is guest blogging. The conceptbehind this idea is to find an authoritative website in yourniche and write some great blog posts for them to obtain aspot to add your links.Some sites are extremely picky in their selection of guestbloggers, however there are most likely many others to choosefrom. Simply get in touch with the site owner, quite oftenemail is the best medium, and request a spot to guest blogwith the option of back links.Most guest bloggers receive an author byline, a short bio andthe site may even offer a spot for a photo on top of the backlinks.This Report Brought To You By:
  5. 5. 2) Commenting on Blogs:This method of successful backlinks building is a bit tricky. It isimportant to comment on blogs that have Google pagerank 3or higher allowing dofollow links. Use a conservative, yetfriendly way in order to leave back links.Read the post that you are leaving a comment on and thinkabout what can be said about the post that would add qualityto the site.Many blog owners moderate the comments that people leaveon their blogs, so always be sure to leave comments that arerelevant to the site and post so that you do not come acrossas a spammer and have your links removed.This Report Brought To You By:
  6. 6. 3) Hire A Company:Hiring a company or individual to do some backlink building isdefinitely a way to increase your backlinks. Again, this issomething that should be investigated tremendously; checkinto the company and request samples of their work.Ensure that quality backlinks will be built by asking for a list ofsites and double checking that the back links work was done inan appropriate way. Check around on pricing – there arehundreds of companies that provide back links services.There are also freelance forums where freelancers who knowhow to build backlinks can be found.This Report Brought To You By:
  7. 7. 4) Socialize:Social bookmarking to create back links in online communitiescan be time consuming, but is definitely worthwhile. Many ofthese communities also offer a free blog that can be utilized asa resource for building links.Definitely use the blog to get more exposure for your site andpost links for people to easily click on.Another way to build some links would be to use profile pages. Postlinks onto your profile pages on a continuous basis to attractthe attention of the search engines.This Report Brought To You By:
  8. 8. 5) Articles:Successful backlinks building through article marketing isanother great way to promote your site.Providing content that is enriching and engaging is imperativein order to get people to follow your links.In addition, it is vital to contribute the articles to only highranking authority article directories.This Report Brought To You By:
  9. 9. 6) Recommendations: Providing quality content on a consistent basis that people like and recommend is another great way to get backlinks. People will recommend your blog on several different mediums, whether they mention it on their blog or website or in the social media forums, recommendations come from someone else and are likely to be followed by people that trust the person who is doing the recommending. This Report Brought To You By:
  10. 10. 7) Twitter/Facebook Buttons: Add Twitter and Facebook buttons to blog posts. This is an easy way to get your content to spread like wildfire. These buttons take less than 3 seconds to click on and people are already used to “Twitting” and “Liking” articles and blog posts that they enjoyed reading. Once the button is clicked by someone, everyone on their friends and followers lists immediately see the link to your post and are invited to read it, leading to an enormous possibility that your links will end up backlinked in one form or another. This Report Brought To You By:
  11. 11. 8) Press Releases: Submit monthly press releases that promote your blog in a news-worthy and exciting way. The idea of press releases is to “release some news” about something that people will think, “Oh! I need to read about that!” or “I’ve been looking for that information/service”. Be sure to add two or three links to the site within the body of the press release so that people can click right through to the blog. The general rule of thumb with successful backlinks building is to be sure that banklinks are created on high authority sites. Creating backlinks on several high authority sites weighs far more than adding links to hundreds of low authority sites. This Report Brought To You By: