Why android is so popular in business world


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Usage of Smart phone keeps growing extra rapidly. Related statistics can be astonishing to a layman and tempting to business owners.

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Why android is so popular in business world

  1. 1. Why Android Is So Popular in Business World? Catch important factors in this slide
  2. 2. • Usage of Smart phone keeps growing extra rapidly. • Because of its high-tech functionality, it represents the new frontier for accessing the Internet and World Wide Web. • Smart phone content includes ring tones, games, movies, video, images, GPS navigation, and applications or apps that perform a variety of functions and much more. • Smart phone users can use this devise for handling day to day activities and work activities both. • User can send and receive messages and photographs, make appointments, redeem coupons, get driving instructions, and check in for flights and view websites while on-the-go and lot more. Usage of Smart Phone...
  3. 3. Development Platform Revolution No wonder, technologies for such smart phones need constant advancement to cope with these advance functionality Everyday technology providers come up with latest innovative and revolutionary ideas for computers and smart phones. Android is one of those revolutions. It is a Google product that presents a software stack for mobile devices constituting an operating system, middle ware and key applications. It is one of the most successful and popular technologies used for smart phones and tablets as it offers a perfect platform for developing a wide range of mobile applications.
  4. 4. Robust your Business by Using Android Apps • Experienced android developers enjoy working this highly flexible technology and its endless possibilities of developing robust applications. • It supports GSM, EDGE, CDMA, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, EV- DO and UMTS technologies to send/receive data across mobile networks and offers wide range of libraries for 2D, 3D graphics, audio-video files and images. • Receiving automatic, unattended updates to the OS and applications as well as making multiple aliases for apps are the features loved by developers.
  5. 5. Why Android for Developers? Following are the categories of apps for which Android is the first choice of professionals.  Business Applications  Finance Applications  Applications related to Health and Fitness  News and Magazine Applications  Interactive Applications for Education  Games Applications  Entertainment Applications  Social Networking Applications  Sports Applications  Custom Applications
  6. 6. Advantages with Android Being competitive in terms of hardware, accessibility and pricing android smart phones are one of the market leaders. High speed and multitasking functions are another features making them even more popular. Business owners also love to fetch the business advantage of this technology for their own organizational use of for other commercial reasons. They search for the developers who have strong expertise in Google Android SDK, OpenGL, Android Media API’s, Android Security Architecture, and SQLite database Java etc. With the help of correct technology provider; a brilliant concept can be converted into life time opportunity.
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