Top Trending Strategies for Mobile Field Services


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The Field Service mobile app provides your employees with all necessary information and knowledge at any remote location, and so increasing their productivity and performance too. Top Trending Strategies for Mobile Field Services are specified in slides.

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Top Trending Strategies for Mobile Field Services

  1. 1. Top Trending Strategies for Mobile Field Services Improve Productivity of Your Field Workers with our Apps
  2. 2. The Services Industries has turned out to be on-the-go or in other words it has become mobile. To ensure customer satisfaction and in order to increase the efficiency of your field service team, businesses need to embrace Mobile Field Service Solution. The right strategy helps businesses stay competitive. The Field Service mobile app provides your employees with all necessary information and knowledge at any remote location, and so increasing their productivity and performance too. Remote workers, at any location, get full access to product / service, and customer information on the CRM. Importance of Mobile Field Services for Service Industries
  3. 3. Studies show that proper implementation of strategies for mobile field service give organizations a great return on investment, driven by reduced paperwork, increased productivity, reduced fuel and travel costs and increased customer satisfaction. The advent of smartphones including iPhone, Android and other handheld devices such as iPad has pushed all kinds of businesses to go mobile. Interesting Words from Mashable Mashable says that Total Mobile Phone Users Will Grow up to 5 Billion by 2017.
  4. 4. App-Centric Strategy  The research shows that 14% of the organizations follow the strategy keeping mobile device in the center. Whereas, about 60% of field service organizations believe that the app is equally important.  The organizations are required to make sure that the app they choose is in comport with their core functionality and then their mobile devices support the apps they selected. It’s needless to say that mobile computing is one of the greatest innovations in business processes and the Mobile Field Service Solutions have opened the doors for innovative ways to augment field service operations giving rise to a competitive advantage. In order to get the maximum advantage, a business needs to follow right strategies.
  5. 5. SmartPhones and Tables are in Vogue As per the study, 50% of the businesses at present use smartphones or other handheld devices as their primary device at work. Cellphones and laptops are next. Even if only 8% of companies are using tablets, 60% of them have set strategy to change or upgrade their current devices.
  6. 6. Who’s the decision maker? Who is responsible for selecting right mobile solutions in your organization? More than 50% of field service leadership plays active role in the selection of a mobile solution, as per the studies, 2/3 of the respondents say that the IT department takes the charge. It’s apparently clear that the device selection process in the organizations varies from one to another. The companies need various kinds of devices depending upon the nature of work they do in the field. Moreover, enterprises have already accepted BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) trend, which gives rise to both opportunities and challenges. Therefore, a careful planning becomes important in any field service operation. Before you choose a mobile strategy for your business, it’s imperative to have a clear understanding of all the issues related to Mobile Field Service Solutions and then ensure that mobile computing turns out to be the most beneficial alternative to your current practices.
  7. 7. Be Competitive With Mobile Field Services With all the benefits that mobile computing delivers, there is no doubt that more and more businesses are going to embrace it for their own field service operations, which ultimately help them to remain competitive.
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