Ruby On Rails Development


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Ruby on Rails is an open source programming language which ensures agile web development process. It can be implemented in all web solutions.

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Ruby On Rails Development

  1. 1. A Three Step Guide to Set Up Ruby on Rails and Gems in WindowsSoftweb Solutions a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and Global IT Solutions Provider having strong performance record in Custom Software Development and expertise in Technology, Financial, Healthcare media sectors offers services like Custom Application Development, website development, software testing and quality assurance with industry-specific software expertise in Technology, Financial, Healthcare media sectors.Softweb Solutions.Inc<br />Ruby on Rails is an open source programming language which ensures agile web development process. It can be implemented in all web solutions. The environment of RoR is much easier compared to other programming languages. But still, the novice developers find it tough to install Ruby on Rails. The reason for this is quite simple. <br />51130201466850Installation of Ruby is not an easy task; because it does not come in package wherein, you are required to click “Next” and the program is installed. But there is a packaged installer for Windows users. The only glitch is that, its Ruby is not in the updated version and is not compatible with Rails. The installation process is quite tedious since; even the duplication of files results in errors. Let us now look at the steps which will guide you in installing RoR framework and gems in windows:<br />Download and install Ruby:<br />The first step is to download Ruby framework. Please note that 1.8.6 version of Ruby does not support Rails hence; it is better to opt for 1.8.7 or 1.9.2 version. Download file with the name “rubyinstaller” and data type of “.exe (Windows executable)”. Then follow the instructions given below:<br />Run the downloaded file<br />Click on “Next”.<br />You will be taken to another page. Accept the license agreement and click on “Next”.<br />Choose the desired location of Ruby. But if you wish to run the program faster, choose the default location for Ruby.<br />Check “Add Ruby executables to your PATH” and “Associate .rb and .rbw files with this ruby installation” options.<br />Click “Install”.<br />Click on “Finish” tab when the set-up has finished extracting your files.<br />Download and install RubyGems:<br />RubyGems is the packaged manager of Ruby. In simple parlance; it is a library for Ruby applications. Download RubyGems. Then follow the steps given below:<br />Download any version of RubyGems. Choose the file with the extension of either .tgz or .zip. <br />After you have successfully downloaded RubyGems, extract the file and run the file in either of these two options “setup.rb” or “rubysetup.rb”.<br />A prompt will appear on the monitor confirming that RubyGems has been installed.<br />Install Rails: <br />Rails are the web application framework for Ruby programming language. You can install Rails by following the steps given below:<br />Go to “Start” Menu.<br />Find start command prompt with Ruby. This will be found in Ruby folder.<br />Right-click on it and choose the option “Run as administrator”.<br />You will see a command prompt on the monitor. Enter “cd”. Please remove the quote as you enter it in the command prompt.<br />After that, click on “gem install rails” and wait until the installation is completed successfully. <br />If you follow these steps you will be able to install RoR framework and RubyGems in Windows very easily. If you wish to learn more about agile web development with Ruby on Rails framework, contact a professional Ruby on Rails Chicago Company now at: <br /><ul><li>Contact Us:</li></ul>CHICAGO (US)  Softweb Solutions Inc.2531 Technology Drive,Suite 312,Elgin, Illinois 60124Toll-Free Number: 1-866-345-7638Fax: 866-345-7638<br /><br />