Mobility Transforms the B2B World


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Mobility is the most influential tool for the sales and marketing professionals. It has transformed the sales and ordering process in ways more than one.

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Mobility Transforms the B2B World

  1. 1. SolutionsMobility Transforms the B2B WorldB2B World Receives a New Dimension with theincreased use of Mobile Devices
  2. 2. IntroductionWireless technology is everywhere and it has enabled businesses to leveragemobility for higher gains. Mobility is the latest trend in the business world andorganizations are keen on building a mobile enterprise. The explosion of tabletand mobile devices has accelerated performance to a great extent in thebusiness world. Mobility is the key driver of innovation, enabling businesses toincrease efficiency and productivity.Mobility has definitely played a transformational role in B2C transactions, but it is now keen on creating a profoundimpact on B2B interactions. Businesses today cannot ignore the importance of smartphones and tablets to enhancemarketing goals, increase sales, and provide the best means of customer engagement. With this paper, we will delvedeeper into the following points:How mobility has changed the face of B2B dealings and has become a necessity for B2B brandsHow B2B brands leverage mobility for achieving their targeted outcomesHow the marketing/sales team can be mobilized to produce the expected resultsThe Mobile RenaissanceToday, it is impossible to imagine a world without mobile devices as mobility has become a part and parcel ofeveryday living. Although the use of mobile devices had begun many years back, but mobility is realizing its fullpotential in the recent years.The mobile trend has contributed to making both - life and work easy and more comfortable. The figures of this risingtrend are interesting to watch:By the end of 2012, there were 6.8 billion mobile subscribers worldwide and the numbers are expected to riseAccording to the Pew Center for Research, some 85 percent of adult Americans own a cell phone160% of the top retailers have a mobile interfaceAn estimated 25% of the business brands have a mobile strategy
  3. 3. These figures clarify the increased use of mobile devices among the masses and the opportunities business housescan tap into for gaining additional market. Mobility extends unlimited opportunities for B2B brands to increase theirprofits and widen their reach. It is changing the way B2B brands interact and reach out to their client base, the waythey provide sales services on the basis of real- time information, and how effectively they engage with their targetaudience. Those B2B brands that lack to have faith in the mobile revolution for bringing them additional benefits areexpected to lag behind in this competitive market scenario.The Importance of B2B MobilityAlmost every business executive makes use of mobile devices to remain informed and entertained. Mobility haspenetrated into every aspect of human life and leveraging it for gaining higher levels of productivity has becomeimportant. B2B brands make use of mobility to target their business audience and keep them entertained. With thehelp of mobile websites or mobile applications businesses keep their customers engaged with their brand.Mobility is important for B2Bs for three main reasons:Consumer preferences"Mobility is rapidly transforming the way business professionals communicate with each other and how B2B brandsinteract with their client base."B2B brands need to be vigilant to and adopt the rising trends of B2C marketers. The sales process in the B2Bmarket is complex as it involves multiples players in the decision making process. B2B brands need to be incongruence with the changing needs of the customers and plan their business strategy accordingly. Mobilityenables B2B businesses to keep a record of consumers behavior in real time.Enhance Brand imageMobile marketing is in vogue and a mobile website has become the order of the day. Businesses need to optimizetheir web experience for the mobile to build a strong brand image and also to remain in-touch with other businessprofessionals. Computer tablets provide a quick means of showcasing their entire product range of the businessand acts as a convincing marketing tool.Communication deviceSmartphones enables B2B marketers to interact with their stakeholders in newer ways. Executives can check theiremail on the go and keep a close track of the order that is placed by other business professionals. It makes theprocess of taking decisions quick and provides all the necessary information for the same."Theres just a lot of things about mobile that are amazing opportunities for advertisers and forbusinesses. So I expect tablets and smartphones to revolutionize how people do marketing."Larry Page, CEO Google
  4. 4. Impact of Smartphones on B2B MarketingSmartphones have played an important role in mobilizing the marketing team and producing the desired outcome.Mobility provides richer means of generating leads, increasing conversions, and improving customer loyalty.There are varieties of modes of communicating to the audience through the mobile platform - mobile websites,email alerts, mobile messages and many more.2012North America 3,181.5Table 1 Mobile Advertising Revenue by Region, Worldwide, 2012-2016 (Millions of Dollars)20133,825.720144,694.920168,866.2Western Europe 1,600.5 1,941.4 2,367.8 4,445.4Asia/Pacific and Japan 4,333.0 4,864.9 5,506.7 9,480.2Rest of the World 644.1 788.0 960.6 1,768.3Total 9,759.1 11,420.0 13,530.0 24,560.1Source: Gartner (November 2012)Mobile advertising is an effective way of reaching out to businesses and enhancing opportunities. Mobile messagescommunicate the information quickly and almost immediately to the targeted audience. Every business executivemakes use of mobile devices and they are more likely to read the mobile messages. It provides a personalized touchand attracts more customers to the brand."According to a forecast by eMarketer, U.S. mobile ad spending will reach $7.3 billion this year, which is over 77.3%from last year."Businesses are willing to invest in mobile advertising as it reaps benefits and increases business ROI. It helps toattract attention and does not go unnoticed by the user. Delivering relevant content is important for marketing on themobile platform. It is important to make the content attractive and precise for quick attention. No business man willtake the time to go through heavy texts.Mobility has transformed the sales and ordering process in more ways than one. Businesses have a strong tool toshowcase their products, communicate effectively and quickly with each other, and explore newer horizons. It is foundthat B2B buyers purchase B2B goods on the mobile platform. Mobile device is used to research information of theproduct, compare product prices with other B2B sellers, and to figure out the best deal in the bargain.
  5. 5. Product Catalog Apps and MarketingMarketing has gained a different perspective with the introduction of product catalog apps. It is an enhanced toolfor direct marketing that enables the business to effectively showcase its entire product range to its potentialcustomers.We, at Softweb, have developed an innovative product called Zuna. It’s a business sales app that organizations canleverage to build their customized product catalogs for their clients. It can be used on any mobile tablet device andenables to showcase products on the go. It’s a powerful tool for marketing and sales professionals, which enablesto make the best presentation before the clients.Smart Mobility for your B2B BrandWe have already seen how mobility has changed the dynamics of buying and selling process within the industry.Organizations can effectively leverage mobility for enhancing their business prospects and generating more ROI.Adopt mobility:The sooner B2B brands recognize the value of mobility for their businesses the better will they be able to reappositive results. Resisting the mobile trend is to stay behind in the competition. Accepting and incorporatingmobility in their strategy will enable them to grow by leaps and bounds.Research:Business houses need to research to find out the strategy that fits them the most. Blindly following the trend mayresult into unsafe investments that may not work for the firm. It is important to do the necessary homework beforeembracing mobility.Mobile Capabilities:Mobiles and smartphones have increased capabilities. It is for businesses to decide how to leverage all thecapabilities of the mobile platform for increased profits. With onboard cameras, multi -touch screens, GPScapability – the mobile platform can work wonders for their B2B brands.ConclusionMobility should be the top-most priority for B2B brands as it opens multiple opportunities to increase sales andrevenue. Investing in mobility in a smart fashion is essential to produce the maximum benefits. The mobile trend has abright future and businesses can exploit it fully to widen their reach and gain more customers.About Softweb SolutionsSoftweb Solutions is a leading Mobile Application Development company. Our team of adroit developers strives todeliver the most innovative mobile solutions to match business requirements. For more information, contact us ator visit us