Mobile Technology to Redefine the Manufacturing Industry


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Mobile Technology to Redefine the Manufacturing Industry

  1. 1. Mobile Technology to Redefine theManufacturing IndustryUnleash the full value of your manufacturing resources:Systems, People, Processes Solutions
  2. 2. Adoption of Mobility ConceptMobile technology can bring substantial efficiencies in businessoperations.Most of the firms believe that to sustain their competitive advantageand to increase the value for their shareholders, customers, suppliers,partners and employees they need to stay on the topmost zone ofindustry trends.Due to the growing popularity and demand for mobile devices, it hasbecome needful for enterprises to adopt mobility in their businessprocesses. Adopting Mobility helps organizations to always stayconnected with its employees, vendors and clients.Mobile technology completely redefines the world of work and bringswonders in all areas and functions of a business. “Mobile Applications help to automate the Processes”Whats the need of Mobility in Manufacturing Industry?Mobility plays the most important role nowadays in Manufacturing based organizations as it supports access ofenterprise data and information which is useful for improving and accelerating decision making process.Manufacturers need to increase operational skills and reduce costs to compete and stay forward in todays globalmarket. For meeting these requirements, there is a necessity of accurate and timely information of business tasks andwork orders.According to the research done in the year 2012 – More than 75% of Manufacturing enterprises desire to increasereliability on Mobility solutions adopted in their important manufacturing processes. Moreover, more than 70%consider mobility as the key factor of overall increase in employee and asset productivity and efficiency andautomation of the processes.The common reasons behind the need of mobility in manufacturing industry are – If Business Executives and Decision Makers have the right information, they can continuously monitor the performance and manage business operations. In case of emergencies regarding operational data or external events, concerned person can be always reached. Executives can provide the performance statistics to suppliers, partners and customers on the move. Decision makers can manage uncertainty of supply and demand, or other important issues immediately. Users can track orders, and monitor supply on the move and can also respond quickly whenever required. Employees of the company can document and track quality issues instantly whenever and wherever it occurs. Decision makers can be always updated with the latest updates on production planning and inventory status.
  3. 3. Adoption of Mobility enables timely and precise decision making as it provides latest and updated financial andoperational information and continuously supports real-time data access. Moreover, it offers greater visibility ofsupply chain that results in enhanced supply chain planning and management; enhanced efficiency and improvisedresponsiveness. “Mobile Applications can remove Paperwork completely”Mobilizing Manufacturing Industry Operational Supply Chain Marketing & Sales Management Inventory Administrative, IT, Management Mobile Solutions Finance & Controlling Product & Technology Human-Resource Procurement Development ManagementThe manufacturing industry is moving fast towards the adoption of mobility.Manufacturing domain is considered as a machine of productivity and growth globally. Adopting mobility inmanufacturing industry helps manufacturers to improvise on their overall productivity, capability, cost-effectivenessand efficiency.Manufacturing sector is a People-driven and Data-driven industry. Accurate and real-time views of operationalinformation are a basic necessity of this industry. And the employees of this industry which includes management,engineers and support personnel are responsible for the effective use of that operational data. With adoption ofMobility, manufacturers can reduce their operational expenditures, invest more in process improvements, utilizeresources optimally, and increase efficiencies.Click here to know more about How Mobility offers convenience to the Manufacturing Industry and drives businessgrowth “Mobile Applications help minimize non-productive time and minimize errors”
  4. 4. Uses and Benefits Enterprise Mobility in Manufacturing brings the benefits: Control waste and inefficiency from the manufacturing process Increase productivity Decrease in the cost of quality and re-work Efficient material tracking Increase on-time delivery Minimize process cycle times Improve decision-making capabilities Provides real-time critical business information which is useful for Inventory management, Warehouse management, Procurements, and Financial management. Provides real time information access to maintenance workers, which is helpful for maximizing productivity. Allows field service workers to collect real-time information to maximize the value of customer visits and for responding work requests timely and effectively. Gives access to plant, equipment, and tool availability and location information; as well as to manuals and inspection updates. Helps to reduce turnaround time, and increase the overall productivity, efficiency and customer satisfaction. Ensures on-time production, improves decision making, enhances asset inventory management process, and betters the quality. Helps to increase floor efficiency and streamline paper-based processes of the enterprise. Enables manufacturers to track labor and jobs at the time of activity which is useful to improve – payroll accuracy, job costing, customer reporting and invoicing, accountability and control, and product pricing.Mobile solutions can be easily integrated with existing enterprise systems such as CRM, ERP, or Work-OrderManagement System. This will support an enterprise to reduce overall operational cost and protect existinginvestments.Softweb’s Offerings for Manufacturing IndustrySoftweb Solutions provides a diverse range of service offerings to the manufacturing industry. We have wideexperience in building comprehensive mobile solutions that supports all the requirements of the manufacturer’s andhelp them simplify their work processes and increase productivity. We have a team of mobile experts who can developexcellent Manufacturing Mobile Solutions.
  5. 5. How our Mobile Solutions helped world’s leading ManufacturingEnterprises? 1. An iPad Catalog Application for world’s largest Manufacturing Industry – Rexroth Bosch Group We delivered an iPad Catalog Application to Rexroth Bosch Group that benefits them a quicker access of products information, reliable lead times, and easy browsing thru most popular collection of products for manufacturing, automation and machinery. The app also takes an advantage of Rexroth’s GoTo Focused Delivery Program that streamlines everything and puts their products at their fingertips.2. An iPad Catalog Application for Field Staff of GCAmericaThe iPad Application for GC America Firm enables its fieldstaff to exhibit their company’s products. The design andnavigation of the app are incredible and interactive thathelps the staff to showcase line of products in an enhancedmanner. Other features include – Offline mode access, andeasy to update or add new products directly in the app. “Mobility offers decision support tools”About Softweb SolutionsSoftweb Solutions is committed to forming a common To know more about us and how we deliverarchitecture to support mobility service products and to mobility solutions to the organizations across thedrive end-to-end integrated mobility solutions. The success world.of your mobility solutions depends totally on selecting theright partner, right processes and right technologies. We Contact our representative or e-mail us atwork with you to develop innovative, effective and,interactive mobile solutions using right technologies in aright way. You can also visit our corporate website –