Mobile CRM App for Sales Team


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We delivered a mobile application for sales executives to find out find out list of customers residing in same or nearby location.

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Mobile CRM App for Sales Team

  1. 1. UPDATE DETAILS EMAIL NOTIFICATIONS REVIEW INFORMATION GEOLOCATION BASED Background EMKAY is one of the top ten fleet management solutions/service providers in the fleet industry today. They are considered as a leader in coming up with innovative approaches within the industry. The company has won several awards for its online fleet dashboard and smartphone apps. The company offers vehicle leasing, vehicle management technology, mainte- nance control, fuel management, accident management, safety services, license renewal, and much more. ON-THE-GO ACCESS Case Study An Innovative Mobile App for Customer Relationship Management Challenges The client, EMKAY, wanted an app for strengthening customer relationship. They wanted a mobile app which can be easily integrated with their existing system and can provide a list of customers located in same or nearby location of sales teams. They needed an app which helps their sales team to visit their customers available nearby their location and provide the feedback to the client via emails. Solutions We delivered an innovative mobile app through which user will stay on top of the latest business growth, collaborate with sales-marketing team and take the right business decisions from any place. Our app provides sales professionals fast and secure access to customer information on the go. They can get the customer address and direction details on their mobile devices. This saves lot of time of sales teams and improves their efficiency and productivity. Additionally, we provided email templates. User can select any template and send email. Users can also update contact person or prospect information and send feedback to the client by filling Drop In information form.
  2. 2. Summary Emkay, a fleet management solutions/ service provider, wanted us to build a mobile app for their sales team to reach the customers. We delivered a mobile application for sales executives to find out find out list of customers residing in same or nearby location. This app will be convenient for sales executives to locate customers who are located in the same areas they reside. They can also send emails using different email templates. Contact Information Softweb Solutions 2531 Technology Drive, Suite 312, Elgin, Illinois 60124 US Toll Free Number: 1-866-345-7638 Email: Case Study Business Benefits Technologies Used Operating System: iOS Language: Objective C Architecture: Cocoa Touch Service: REST Tools: Xcode O O O O O Access CRM app solutions from anywhereO Improves sales follow-up accuracyO Create, View, and Update records from your handheld devicesO Instant email notifications to improve Customer’s satisfactionO Receive instant email notifications relevant to your sales activitiesO Enhances customer interactions and prospects nearby your current locationO User can find their nearby customers and get the directions from the address informationO