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SAP Integration Services with Magento for Ideal B2B Solution


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SAP is the most powerful, class-leading ERP platforms available in the market which offers an extensive range of solution to its users. Find SAP Integration Services with Magento for Ideal B2B Solution.

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SAP Integration Services with Magento for Ideal B2B Solution

  1. 1. Magento SAP Integration for Ideal B2B Solution
  2. 2. Potentials of Magento and SAP... SAP is the most powerful, class-leading ERP platforms available in the market which offers an extensive range of solution to its users. It streamlines every part of the sale process from purchasing to customer relations and brings tangible benefit to your business. It provides better management over finance, warehouse & production, purchasing, reporting and customer relationships. Magento is an ecommerce platform. It can be integrated with the System Application Product (SAP) to offer a huge boost to your company. Magento is a feature-rich, professional open-source ecommerce solution that has led the industry in innovation and service with features like mobile templates, intuitive administration interface, shopper segmentation, loyalty programs, extensive product display options, transaction options, and multi-site functionality. You can make the most of such Magento features and create a dynamic synergy for your business. Amongst 3 version of Magento (Magento Go, Magento Community, and Magento Enterprise), Magento Enterprise is highly sought-after due to the scalability the platform provides to retailers.
  3. 3. SAP Integration Mobility enables the medical professionals to cater to their patients effectively and at the point of need. The increased reliance on mobile technology is majorly attributed to the frequent innovations in mobility and also to the growing industry challenges. An estimated 1 lac Healthcare Mobile Solution is available in the app stores, and there is a huge market for these applications. When you combine these two tools, it forms in to a powerful entity. Implementing a two-way integration between SAP and a Magento eCommerce platform, would mean all the stuff stored in SAP can be provided to the customers in real-time, on an easy-to-use website/online portal.
  4. 4. Key Benefits with Magento SAP Integration SAP Magento Integration allows the businesses to shape highly scalable stores that add to sales and increased revenue opportunities.  Integrating Magento with SAP provides a powerful unification of your business channels, without stress or potential error of manual processes.  Integrating SAP with Magento provides streamlined business opportunities supporting both front and back-office functions.  It makes all real-time information available to your customers, which help leads to the better customer experience. 
  5. 5. How Magento SAP Integration Can Help Your Business? Imagine the supremacy you can have if you can pinpoint the ordering trends on a regular basis. Now it may sound like a sci-fi but if you are in the business such as offering items related to an occasion like Father’s day you can revise your tactic to make the best out of sales.  The tracking down of stocks at the right time is one of the main activities in managing an online store effectively. SAP turns out to be the right solution as the customer information is saved and sent to the procurement team to ensure that the stock meets the growing demands of the customers.  It also helps you to deliver the products faster to the customers. Once the sale is done, the distribution channel gets notified, helping in order process and early shipment of the products.  Sales businesses can automate almost all activities in an online store using SAP & Magento Integration This helps reduce the human effort in all the activities and substantial cut down on the operational cost and also help maintain the high-levels of accuracy with the shipment of goods or products to the customers on time.  SAP Magento integration increases the power and flexibility of ecommerce online stores. 
  6. 6. Advantages @ Softweb Solutions Softweb provides bespoke solutions for Magento SAP Integration that makes your complete sale process automated and makes all useful information accessible, including accounting details, real-time sales figures, and overall performance whenever required. Softweb’s totally scalable solution helps your business boost the efficiency while letting you cut costs. Unmatched experience in delivering top notch IT Solutions   Softweb Solutions Inc. 2531 Technology Drive, Suite 312, Elgin, Illinois 60124 Call us: (866) 345 7638 Email: Fax: 866-345-7638 Microsoft Gold Certified Partner  ISO 9001:2008 Certified  Technical Excellence  Results-Driven Infrastructure
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