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Joomla development

  1. 1. Softweb Solutions Inc.2531 Technology Drive,Suite 312,Elgin, Illinois 60124Toll-Free Number: 1-866-345-7638Fax: 866-345-7638 ArticleTitle:Joomla Heads Straight for the EnterprisesKeywords:Joomla web designing, custom Joomla design, content management systemContentJoomla is a popularly used platform for designing web content and websites. It is one of the best contentmanagement systems for controlling and organizing all web related content. Reports show that 2.7% ofthe sites is developed and designed using the Joomla platform.Joomla is offered under the General Public Lincense (GPL) version 2.0. It is stronger and stable platformcompared to WordPress or Drupal. Joomla bridges the gap between WordPress and Drupal. The Joomlateam is working towards providing the Joomla platform for lay people and administrators maintainingwebsites; at the same time developing it as a strong tool for Joomla developers to enable them to createcomplex custom Joomla designs for websites.Joomla- Journey into the Enterprise MarketThe Joomla platform now makes its way into the enterprise section. With Joomla it is now possible tocreate a social network site suitable for the enterprise. Let’s take a look at how Joomla has evolved overthe years -Joomla for Small and Medium Sized BusinessesJoomla is the best platform for Content Management System (CMS) used successfully for smallbusinesses. Joomla platform provides hundreds of add-ons that make website functionality easilyaccessible. This feature attracts small businesses to prefer Joomla for web designing. It’s practically easyto create a Joomla website. The platform provides a five step tutorial to launch a Joomla website for smallbusiness. It’s quick and easy to design and launch a professional business site with Joomla. With allthese features Joomla now extends itself for the enterprise sector.Joomla for EnterpriseJoomla is most popular for small and medium sized businesses; but with Enterprise, Joomla will enter anew realm of web designing. It will remain to be a strong CMS tool and it will open immense possibilitiesfor Joomla developers to create attractive web applications for Joomla websites.
  2. 2. Open source software for enterprise is useful as it can be downloaded directly and checked for itsfunctionality. It doesn’t have to come through a vendor which accounts for easy accessibility. The Joomlaopen source CMS software for enterprise is easily visible in the market. Companies like Microsoft andeBay have helped Joomla to come out of the small-medium sized business reputation and make its markin the Enterprise market.The Technology for Joomla EnterpriseThe latest Joomla version includes the Multi-database support which makes Joomla function like“enterprise glue.” It acts as a glue to “connect proprietary systems data stores and allow companies tointernally display the data.” The latest version of Joomla facilitates the use of Azure cloud services,Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle or PostgreSQL. This multi-database support saves the time and moneyspent on getting additional software to integrate Joomla with the enterprise databases. Joomla isconsidered to have two important parts now: 1) CMS for websites, 2) Joomla platform for CMS which iskind of an operating system for CMS. This new system helps Joomla developers to use their Joomla skill-set to create attractive things with Joomla. For developers it is the same Joomla language and the sameway of functionality. But now they can do new and different things and go beyond the CMS. Developerscan exploit the Joomla platform for designing innovative Joomla applications.Joomla EcosystemJoomla ecosystem has a huge Joomla community of users, developers and businesses providing Joomlabased services. There is more than sufficient information on all Joomla platforms. There are ampleJoomla developers who provide great Joomla web designing and Joomla development services.Softweb Solutions is a leading company in Joomla web designing and web development. We at Softwebhave a team of expert Joomla web developers who can develop customized Joomla websites. For moreinformation contact us at info@softwebsolutions.comSummaryJoomla platform is no longer meant for small and medium-sized businesses only. The latest version ofJoomla is made Enterprise-friendly and the platform can now be easily and innovatively used forEnterprise requirements. It opens new possibilities for the developer community as well, wherein they candesign attractive apps with Joomla and do things they have never done before with Joomla.