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How enterprise mobility changed the business scenario


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Enterprise mobility enables organizations to engage with their customers more effectively and establish a strong brand identity.

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How enterprise mobility changed the business scenario

  1. 1. How Enterprise Mobility Changed the Business Scenario Know importance of Mobility in Enterprise
  2. 2. 2 billion mobile devices will be shipped by 2016 33 billon apps were downloaded in 2011 which shall grow to 66 billion in 2016. By 2015, the worldwide mobile worker population will represent 37.2% of the total workforce. 77% businesses have empowered their employees with mobile devices. 66% of businesses have already deployed mobile applications. Facts and Predictions:-
  3. 3. Advantages of Mobility in Enterprise  Enterprise mobility enables organizations to engage with their customers more effectively and establish a strong brand identity.  It enables to boost productivity and drive the overall performance within the organization. Employees tend to work more with increased flexibility, which is a boon to businesses.  Mobility has redefined the way people approach work and it has opened new avenues for accelerating business performance.  Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) trend is catching up and organizations, both small and big, are supporting this trend for higher gains.  Enterprise mobility has been around for some time now and it has been profitable to businesses worldwide.
  4. 4. Why Enterprise Mobility is on the Rise?  There is an increased demand for enterprise mobility solutions, which allows organizations to safely deploy different types of mobile devices across their company.  Employees use their mobile or tablet devices to remain connected to work 24*7.  It provides them greater flexibility at work and enables them to effectively use their time even outside office premises.  This technology trend has broken the barriers of a fixed time period for work and has accelerated employee performance at every level.
  5. 5. Enterprise Mobility: Importance for Businesses  It opens new opportunities for businesses within different industries and has enabled to achieve higher levels of productivity.  Enterprise Mobility Solutions enable employees to work on important projects on the go.  It becomes easy to complete projects and access it whenever required for future reference.  Mobility breaks the barriers of time and location, enabling employees to raise their productivity.  It enables to extend improved customer service as it provides access to real- time data.  Research has found that employees work longer when they have access to mobile devices and remain committed to their work.
  6. 6. Enterprise Mobility: Importance for Businesses  It empowers the sales force to access corporate data through their mobile devices and get real- time updates on the sales data.  It also enables them to solve customer queries anytime, anywhere, which plays an important role in gaining customer loyalty.  Mobile solutions enable to streamline work processes and help to organize work.  It enables the organization to reduce operating costs and assists employees to utilize their time effectively.  It is also important to manage mobile devices so that the corporate data remains secure at all times. Therefore, the concept of enterprise mobility management has been trending around for quite some time.  It enables organizations to safely deploy mobile devices across the company and draw maximum benefits.
  7. 7. Opportunities with Mobility in Enterprise  Enterprise mobility brings fresh opportunities for organizations and it is important to consider this growing trend to survive the competition.  It boosts employee performance, providing them the flexibility to work at their pace and achieve their targets.  There are plenty of IT firms that can provide innovative enterprise mobility solutions to match your business requirements.
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