Google Releases New Cloud Development Tools for iPhone Developers


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In this Slide, we have shared information regarding cloud development tool introduced by Google. Go through the slide and do not forget to share your opinion via comment...

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Google Releases New Cloud Development Tools for iPhone Developers

  1. 1. Google Releases New Cloud Development Tools for iPhone Developers
  2. 2. Google in its new initiative iPhone has rocked the technology market since its inception. Being the first of its kind it has awed users worldwide with its unique capabilities and extended functionality. Once an iPhone user, always an iPhone user seems to be a true saying. Google in its new initiative, has made things easy for iPhone Developers and it has launched new Cloud Based Development tools for iOS. Apple Developers can now easily add cloud storage or deviceto-device push notifications to their incredible iPhone apps. This enables to increase the capability of the app and gives it a new touch with a cloud storage facility. Google has put in extra efforts to release the Mobile Backend Starter for iOS. It is aimed to provide notifications, data, status, and authentication services for iPhone and iPad apps.
  3. 3. How to Get Started The procedures involved are kept simple by Google. First, developers need to fill up a web form in order to deploy a backend for the specific application. Second, they need to set up an application in Apple’s Xcode development tool and they need to make sure to do it with suitable Google connections and authentications. Once the whole set- up is arranged in place, the Backend Starter provides Cloud Based Services for free. This program is a boon to developers. It enables them to keep their minds free of the mobile backend of the app and concentrate on developing the application itself. It is an easy, free, and quick way to connect to Google’s cloud services.
  4. 4. How it Benefits the Developer Community Free Support Flexible Secure  The Mobile Backend Starter has its foundation in Google’s App Engine platform. It empowers developers to handle and manage innumerable users, totally free of cost.  The source- codes for the backend are easily available over the internet, for both – Android and iOS. This provides developers the flexibility to explore it and create customizations for the same.  It saves the developers time spent on writing backend codes and enables them to accelerate their performance levels.  It supports cross- platform development with the same backend and the cloud based storage facilities, which is available to Android and iOS apps.  The key basic functions of data storage and processing is done on the cloud and not within the app itself. This makes it easier to create and maintain applications and also makes the app comparatively lighter.
  5. 5. Compendious Google provides free cloud storage services for Apple developers and it proves to be profitable in many ways. It opens plenty of capabilities for developers, facilitating them to focus their work on app development. Google extends its ecosystem to iOS Developers to enhance their productivity.
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