Google Glass in the workplace


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Google Glass is a consumer oriented wearable device that aims to be a smartphone in the form of glasses.

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Google Glass in the workplace

  1. 1. Google Glass In the workplace
  2. 2. A consumer oriented wearable device Aims to be a smartphone in the form of glasses Glass Basics
  3. 3. Voice/data inputs through voice commands or a touchpad on the right side of the device. A tiny screen projection in the upper right-hand corner of the user’s field of vision. Voice response relayed using bone conduction through a transducer that sits beside the ear. Data connectivity through Wi-Fi or tethering via Bluetooth to an Android device or iPhone. Glass Basics How it works
  4. 4. Glass Basics 5-megapixel camera, capable of 720p video recording. Display of 640x360p, equivalent to viewing a 25-inch TV from a distance of eight feet. Ambient light sensing and proximity sensor. 3-axis gyroscope, 3-axis accelerometer, 3-axis magnetometer. 12 GB of usable memory, synced with Google cloud storage. 16 GB Flash total. Hardware
  5. 5. Glass Basics
  6. 6. Glass Basics – Voice Commands
  7. 7. By 2018, sales of Google Glass could reach Source: BI Intelligence Glass Basics – Future of Google Glass 21 million units
  8. 8. Google Glass in the Workplace The aim is to attract enterprises who are interested in trying out the device in the workplace. Glass at Work Explorer is the Google initiative launched in April 2014. “ “
  9. 9. Schlumberger, the world’s largest oilfield services company, is using Glass to increase safety and efficiency for their employees in the field. The company’s field workers can use Google Glass to access safety checklists, trace pipeline routes, and update inventory while their hands are covered with oil or holding equipment. Workers can also receive warnings about dangerous problems. Google Glass in the Workplace
  10. 10. Patrick Jackson, a firefighter in Rocky Mount, N.C., has developed an app for Google Glass that firefighters can use while working. The aim is to have an app capable of providing maps, floor plans and even extraction diagrams to firefighters who are in unfamiliar surroundings. Google Glass in the Workplace
  11. 11.  Interact with relevant data, in real-time  Collaborate in ways that have not been possible before Google Glass in the Workplace The biggest opportunity lies for the Manufacturing sector, especially at the floor level. Google Glass is an opportunity for businesses to
  12. 12. Glass can be used to push alarm notifications to Glass-wearing workers anywhere on the factory floor. The alerts can be to warn workers of high temperature in a particular tank, or miscalibration of a particular machine. Google Glass – Opportunities for Manufacturing Companies Possible Uses - Alarms
  13. 13. Images and text can be sent to workers to help them recognize the machine tool and retrieve appropriate information. The user will be able to see power status, emergency stop, alarm/messages, block, controller mode, line, program, execution, path feed-rate, spindle, machine location and other parameters as per his needs. Google Glass – Opportunities for Manufacturing Companies Possible Uses - Training
  14. 14. A camera placed inside the machine can stream the video to the user, and overlay it with the machine data for comparison and analysis. The information being received can also be recorded and shared. Google Glass – Opportunities for Manufacturing Companies Possible Uses - Training
  15. 15.  The picker’s both hands are now free to access products in the shelves.  A step towards a paperless life: No need to print and sign orders.  Faster processing by sending orders directly to the Google Glass.  Error reduction: With the orders appearing one by one on the Glass, orders will not be mixed up or forgotten.  Product images: This will make the process even more efficient and a higher rate of error reduction Google Glass in the Warehouse Google Glass can be used by stock pickers to cut down on the error rate and speed stock picking. Advantages
  16. 16. Google Glass in the Field Google Glass and similar devices could save the field service industry $1 billion per year by 2017. “ “ Source: Gartner
  17. 17. The device has tremendous potential as a tool in field service Increased safety for field technicians. Field technicians can wear Glass while carrying out installations to access all the specs and plans of the job. Instead of carrying papers or laptops in uncomfortable places such as rooftops, the techs can browse documents through Glass. Customer satisfaction and trust-building Companies can offer to send out technicians wearing Google Glass and give customers the option of “watching” them work via a live video stream. Google Glass in the Field
  18. 18. The device has tremendous potential as a tool in field service Better training and monitoring Experienced technicians can record or live stream their work to new technicians as part of a training program. The new technician can also do the same to ask for advice or as part of his evaluation. Extending self-service to customers Companies can also offer their customers the option to carry out repairs on their own by providing them live support as part of a “hands-on” approach. Google Glass in the Field
  19. 19. Google Glass in Healthcare Doctors are also experimenting with using Glass for enhancing patient care, collaborating with far off colleagues and as a teaching tool. “ “
  20. 20. Dr. Pierre Theodore, a lung surgeon at U.C.S.F. , uses Glass when he performs minimally invasive surgery that requires the doctor to rely on imagery to guide the surgical instruments. With Glass, Dr. Theodore can see the images from scans and the live images at the same time. Dr. Pierre Theodore Google Glass in Healthcare
  21. 21. Dr. John Halamka Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston has been testing Google Glass with some of its ER doctors. The Glass allows doctors to get summarized real-time information about patients. The doctors can access the hospital’s internal web-based ER dashboard while ensuring that all patient data stays secure within the center's firewall. Medical personnel can also use Glass to scan a QR code on the wall of a patient’s room. This provides a comprehensive file of patient data and helps protect patient privacy. Google Glass in Healthcare
  22. 22. Google Glass in Banking Glass can be used to help customers pay bills, deposit checks and carry out their other banking needs via voice commands and pay for purchases by scanning QR codes. Google Glass has the potential to be the next step in mobile banking. Several American banks are already experimenting with developing apps for Google Glass.
  23. 23. Google Glass in Insurance Insurance companies could give their customers the option of sharing a first-person view of the accident with the claims department to expedite the claims submission process. Risk engineers will also be free to record images and video whenever they are in an uncomfortable and dangerous position, whether it’s a scaffold or a factory floor. Insurance adjusters would be free to take photos and videos using voice commands while carrying out their investigations.
  24. 24. Travel Google Glass can be used by airline staff to check in passengers without having to look at the computer screen. Google Glass in Other Industries Retail Companies selling furniture, home decorations and painting homes are ideally suited for taking advantage of Google Glass. Real Estate Realtors can shoot videos on Glass and share them with potential customers via Glass. The videos viewed on Glass gives the user an incredibly up-close and personalized view. Media Ideal for journalists who cannot afford to miss out on the action. Google Glass could even replace the traditional cameraman.
  25. 25. The Washington Capitals, the D.C.-based ice hockey team, used Google Glass to create a fan experience where real time stats, instant replay and different camera angles can be viewed by fans through their Glass devices. Three NBA teams have also experimented with Glass – Google Glass in Sports
  26. 26. “Ok glass”
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