Four New Features of iPad with Ios 4.2 Software Update


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Four New Features of iPad with Ios 4.2 Software Update

  1. 1. Four New Features of iPad with Ios 4.2 Software Update During the official launch of iPad there were speculations that the device was not appropriate for business use or as a net book replacement. But with the rumors floating aboard that iOS 4.2 update on iPad will come on 12th November, 2010 at 10 am PST iPad would be an even better option for business. Some of the interesting enhancements to iPad would include: an extremely simple print and audio streaming feature, multi-tasking, folders, cohesive inbox for emails and support for wireless printing and Airplay. But it seems that Apple might have pulled out Airplay from this release. The new features of iPad with iOS 4.2 software update would have:  Multi-tasking: With the help of multi-tasking feature, users will be able to able to use iPad quite easily and conveniently. The multi-tasking bar gives a new dimension to iPad. Just like in iPhone and iPod Touch, a double click on the home button will take users to the bottom of the screen. The users will be able to see last six applications opened earlier and also easy access to iPod functions with one flick. Users will be able to control the volume settings by swiping on the right of the multi- tasking panel.  Folders: iPad users can now organize their applications into folders that can hold up to 20 applications.  Cohesive inbox for emails: Users can see all their emails in one inbox, irrespective of multiple email accounts. Users having Gmail account would have an option to archive their emails instead of deleting them.  New features in Safari browser: Safari browser would have a sharing icon instead of “add bookmark” button. The sharing icon will help the users to email a link, add the URL to the home screen or create a bookmark. It also lets the users know the number of web pages opened by them. Users will also get an in-built safari search feature which will help them to search for specific words on webpage. These new features if added to iPad would create a revelation in the tablet market. It would also give new dimension to the developers to expand their perspective and develop enriching applications for the users. If you wish to be a front-runner in reaping the benefits of customized iPad Application Development contact us now at:
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