Enterprise Mobility Solutions: Challenges & Strategy Implementation


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Softweb Solutions innovations in mobility solutions try to help users to communicate with partners and customers, monitor key performance indicators and make decisions based on the visibility to the right information.

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Enterprise Mobility Solutions: Challenges & Strategy Implementation

  1. 1. Enterprise Mobility Solutions:Challenges & Strategy ImplementationThe growth of Mobility in the enterprise is rising day by day mainly because of the growing mobileworkforce. Other important factors responsible for growth in the mobile applications include theevolution of higher speed mobile networks, occurrence of smart phones in the market, user’sfamiliarity with mobile applications and mobile app stores, and decrease in the cost of development,distribution and maintenance of mobile apps. Enterprise Mobility solutions if implemented within theenterprise enable them to change the way they do business with their employees, partners, andconsumers. Softweb Solutions innovations in mobility solutions try to help users to communicatewith partners and customers, monitor key performance indicators and make decisions based on thevisibility to the right information. Solutions
  2. 2. Our comprehensive framework covers every stage for successful deployment of mobile solutions. This comprehensivepractice includes design, planning of strategies, security, management, implementation, integration, deployment, andsupport. The enterprise mobility solutions delivered by Softweb helps our clients to get most out of their investment.Our expert team has total knowledge of the latest technology and emerging trends that help to maximize responsetimes, productivity, and customer service levels.Enterprise Mobility ChallengesThe concept of mobility offers new dimensions to the enterprise, but the way towards adopting it is full of challenges.It can be challenging as the industry standards, government regulations, security threats, protocols, and customerdemands constantly evolve. The most important challenge is –developing an effective and productive enterprisemobility strategy. Once the strategy is decided, it is necessary to determine – how to manage, implement and securenew technologies in the wide range of devices and carriers.The important business challenges that are needed to be dealt with at the time of implementation of the mobilesolutions are – How to produce secured and robust architecture? Security of enterprise network, mobile devices and applications is a paramount. In addition with security, organizations also need to consider tools and functions to be used to extend their security policies to the mobile network. Data synchronization and Integration of mobile technologies or different mobile applications with other enterprise resources and systems. Developing an intelligent application to address multimodal interaction. Supporting different flashy mobile devices like Blackberry, iPhone, and others adds some complexity to the enterprise. Limiting the use of unauthorized and unsupported tools and applications on the mobile devices for the enterprise workers. How to provide enough coverage and capacity for multimedia services in an unpredictable signal environment? How to provide employees of the enterprise with the mobile devices they need to do their work without spending lavishly on communication products?Implementing a mobility strategy overcoming the challengesAs more and more powerful mobile devices like iPhone, iPad, Android based smartphones, Blackberry; and higherspeed networks are coming to the market gradually, the demand and need for business applications on the mobiledevices is increasing.Internet has greatly enhanced the accessibility of enterprise mobile applications. New evolving business applicationswill increasingly take advantage of the capabilities of new evolving mobile devices.For the purpose of taking full advantage of what mobility can do for business operations and to mobilize the totalenterprise, the organizations need to think outside the department. They need to consider mobility strategies that notonly provide access to business information across the enterprise, but also capture valuable business data at itssource. Selecting a perfect partner to design a customized strategy can help the organization in implementing mobilitysolutions overcoming the enterprise challenges.
  3. 3. Business ImpactMobile technology is evolving since early 80s which also included wired LANs, and much more. Later in the year2003, we were introduced to the wireless internet connection technology.Mobility totally changes the way of performing business activities. The way now customers and workers use thebusiness information is different. This is majorly because of the better access, deeper insight and convenience ofgetting information “at your fingers” with mobile solutions. Business information is the most important data that isrequired by everyone involved in the business for performing different business activities that mainly includes –remote operations, customer related activities, financial activities and taking financial decisions, field sales reporting,and others. With Mobile solutions, the core information and sources get immediately accessible to the relevant personwho is dependent on it for taking decisions or for performing some task.Enterprise Mobility solutions have a measurable impact on workforce flexibility, employee responsiveness, and theability to share knowledge or data with others.Mobility provides workers of an enterprise an edge. It permits them to do more and to deliver better services orresults. All this is possible with better information available to them at any point of time anywhere.Also, when enterprises provide their employees with right mobile technologies and tools helping them to workeffectively, they respond with healthier dedication and commitment. This in return reduces the staff maintenance andacquisition costs of the enterprise in addition to more productive and creative employees.Quick review of effective benefits obtained from Enterprise Mobility – Ability to access data from multiple sources simultaneously useful for making real time decisions Ability to access KPIs on the move Using the real time information for competitor analysis, market research and quality monitoring Presentation of data and information from multiple sources into easy to use, visually appealing and secure format Real time screening of news and updates Improvement in service quality and increase in the reliability of servicesNative Mobile Applications and Mobile Web ApplicationsThere is always a big debate when it comes to make a choice between the native apps and the web solutions. Mobilenative and web applications offer different benefits and serve different group of audiences. But now the differencebetween the capabilities of both of them is narrowing down rapidly.The only technical difference between the two is –Native apps are specially designed to run on the device’s operating system and machine firmware. It needs to bepersonalized for different mobile devices.While on the other hand, web apps that are also known as browser apps can be accessed from all web-capable mobiledevices.
  4. 4. Native Mobile applications are platform specific and that is why when its decided to build it, we need to select theplatform from various options that include BlackBerry, Android, iOS, Windows, Symbian, etc. But apps prepared forsome particular OS can make optimum use of the platform capabilities. The development and maintenance costs ofnative apps compared to web apps are also much higher.Web mobile applications are served from a central location that is, Web Server and is accessed thru a web browser. Torun a web mobile apps, technically we require only mobile devices enabled with GPRS or WAP and a mobile webbrowser that usually most of the mobile phones has these days.When do we opt for Native Apps over Web Apps? When do we opt for Mobile Web Solutions? When the application to be built requires high When the application to be designed has large graphics or some native capabilities like backend and it is necessary to take advantages Bluetooth, camera, etc from cloud technologies Audio and video capabilities requirements in the No need to download or upgrade versions of the application applications. Native apps can be run in offline mode too. So When there is a requirement from the company when there is a need to access the app without that it wants to develop a app once for all that using internet, building native apps is the only runs on any platform choice. Certain common apps like Banking apps, Online When there is a need that the app to be built has ticket booking apps, online reservations, etc are to interface with other native apps or basic usually desirable to be built under this category functionalities of the mobile device like calendar, contacts, etc.Benefits: Mobile Web Solutions provides immediateQuick benefits of Native Apps – advantages like – Accessibility even in offline mode Larger audience Fast access to the data of application Low cost and easy to maintain Rich graphics and animations due to direct deal Instant updates availability for users with hardware APIs Less time needed for marketing Speedy data communication Support for wide range of mobile devices Rich user experience and integration with native More making of revenue features like camera, contacts, address books, etc. No entry costs Easy to be found in the mobile apps store Access to dynamic data Improved performance Easy integration to other web contentHow to make a choice?If we think in terms of device and platform independent usage, mobile web solutions is the best. But if we want theapplication which can take full advantage of the platform and hardware capabilities than native apps should beconsidered.
  5. 5. In short, the selection to be made between them both totally depends on where actually the application trying to reachand what characteristics of mobile devices are important to make it work smoothly. But it should be always kept inmind that unless and until native apps are a requirement, clients should choose web apps so that the solution isaccessible on maximum mobile devices to reach maximum customers.Leading through examplesOur Enterprise Mobility solution covers multiple industries and domains. Our solutions start from the assessment tosolution conceptualization and implementation. Some areas concentrated by us are discussed below. These areas canbe addressed across different industries and domains. Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Industry: The mobile apps developed by Softweb for healthcare industry helps to optimize their productivity by managing information and resources. Mobile apps for healthcare industry can lead to faster diagnosis, better patient care, and higher standard of living. Education Industry: We have an experience of working on mobile apps that has online quiz, interactive learning, m-learning thru audio or video. Benefits obtained from education mobile solutions are students can browse courses; latest news or updates can be posted on the app, students information can be obtained and maintained, and many more. Finance Industry: Large financial firms have mobile solutions that help users to manage their online accounts, pay bills, transfer funds, and perform trading. We have developed many finance related mobile apps on different mobile platforms that also include one comprehensive banking application built on Android OS. Utility Industry: The mobile utility applications developed by us allow enhanced connectivity and increased productivity. With our solutions, simple as well as advanced tasks can be done with ease, speed and efficiency. Some advanced features like driving log book, management of incoming calls, scientific calculator, task manager, and many others can be also developed within the app by choosing us. Advertising Industry: Softweb Solutions has enabled few of its clients from advertising industry to create not only business apps but also some of the best productivity apps integrated with Mobile Ad platform such as Apple iAd and Google Admob for the mobile and tablet devices. We can also develop interesting games and integrated advertising networks.Softweb Solutions being a leading provider of wireless enterprise mobile solutions offers the best industry specificsolutions for all the industry verticals. We are globally recognized as the performance leader, proven in most of theareas and industries across all systems, networks and devices.To know more about our Mobile Enterprise Solutions, Mobile Enterprise Applications, Enterprise Mobility Consulting,Business Mobility Solutions, and Enterprise Mobility Management, contact us at info@softwebsolutions.com. www.softwebsolutions.com