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Enterprise Content Management key features


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Enterprise Content Management enables users to maximize ROI by managing documents on mobile. More details at:

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Enterprise Content Management key features

  2. 2. 3 Executive Overview Challenges of Managing Content Definition: Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Enterprise Content Management Lifecycle Mobile ECM – Manage documents from your mobile device Mobile ECM with Softweb Solutions Sneak Peek at Key Features Benefits of Content Workflow Management Conclusion 3 3 4 5 6 7 7 11 11 Table Of Contents
  3. 3. EXECUTIVE OVERVIEW Who does not want to be organized (indeed well-organized)? Likewise, every company has to organize and manage important documents, emails, scans, electronic faxes, etc. in some fashion, because spreadsheets, presentations and other documents are created faster than we can count them- no matter how often we use them. Web pages, emails, documents, images, etc. are unstructured content. With the rising amount of content within organizations, enterprises face more challenges with creation, management, and distribution the content. As a result, organizations are widely adopting a solid content management technology across multiple industries. This whitepaper presents the concepts of workflow management and document management leveraging the capabilities of ECM, challenges associated with it, its solutions and benefits. CHALLENGES OF MANAGING CONTENT Employees may need to access corporate content anytime, anywhere, in order to stay productive and get the job done effectively. In fact, many companies out there use free file sharing services to provide their employees access to important company documents, but don’t forget that such approach may put your company’s sensitive data at risk. Over the past few years, the concept of content management has matured radically and that’s the main reason behind widespread adoption of unified content management solutions. It includes some challenges that revolve around content creation, management and distribution- be it paper-based content or digital asset. Traditionally, the documents (which normally include spreadsheets, word files, images and video, Microsoft PowerPoint files, email, ZIP files, etc.) are stored on employees’ laptops, websites, shared network drives, FTP sites, customer applications, or even on hosted servers. Such a discordant content management system is more likely to duplications; and your company may fail to reuse the content for multiple purposes. Additionally, it also makes it difficult to share content further with your clients and partners, outside the firewalls. Risk management is another important factor in content management that has become important to consid-er with increasing use of digital content. ACCORDING TO AIIM’S 2011 ECM SURVEY, BIGGEST FACTORS BEHIND WHY ORGANIZATIONS CONTINUE TO DEPLOY AN ECM SYSTEM ARE AS SHOWN BELOW:
  4. 4. 0% 5% 10% 15% 20% 25% Improve Efficiency Optimize Business Processes Compliance Reduce Costs Mitigate Risk Enable Collaboration Improve Customer Service Faster Turnaround / Improved Response Competitive Advantage DEFINITION: ENTERPRISE CONTENT MANAGEMENT ECM The term ECM itself has a great many facets and its definition is just one of the terms used in the context of Content Management, which includes web content management, Digital asset management, content syndi-cation and naturally Enterprise Content Management as well. ECM can be termed as: the methods, approaches and tools used to capture, manage, store preserve, and deliver documents and other digital asset related to organizational processes. The effective Enterprise Content Management solution allows enterprise to organize and manage company’s unstructured informa-tion proactively, wherever that information exists. Document management systems (DMS) today categorized in size and scope from small, standalone systems to large scale enterprise-wide structures serving a global audience. Many Document management systems provide a means to integrate standard physical document filing processes digitally. There’s a great need of transparent and ubiquitous content collaboration solution in order to capture, store, secure and retrieve company documents and content you work with daily.
  5. 5. Figure 1: Enterprise Content Management (ECM) “ ” A UNIFIED ENTERPRISE CONTENT MANAGEMENT PLATFORM ENABLES ENTERPRISES TO MAXIMIZE ROI. ENTERPRISE CONTENT MANAGEMENT LIFECYCLE From creation to retention/destruction, ECM technology supports for users during each phase, meaning your company’s content is managed during creation, capture, and storage. ECM can also be used to ease publish, distribute, classify and retain, expire, and delete content. Create Capture Store Version Index Manage Cleanse Distribute Publish Search Retain Figure 2: ECM lifecycle: from creation to retention
  6. 6. THE FIVE MAJOR ECM COMPONENTS ARE AS BELOW: 1 2 CAPTURE Create, find and organize information. MANAGE Process, modify and use information. STORE Temporarily back up regularly changing information PRESERVE Back up rarely used/changing information DELIVER Share requested information with end-users and clients 3 5 4 MOBILE ECM MANAGE DOCUMENTS FROM YOUR MOBILE DEVICE With the evolvement of enterprise mobility and widespread acceptance within organizations, it has become possible to create, store manage and track large quantities of documents and other digital asset right from the mobile devices.
  7. 7. MOBILE ECM WITH SOFTWEB SOLUTIONS It has now become very simple to create and maintain large amounts of data and retrieve them back whenever needed with Softweb’s Mobile Document Management solutions. Our document management solutions eliminate headache to maintain large amount of information in an office cabinet and facilitate employees to access files anywhere, anytime. SNEAK PEEK AT KEY FEATURES It has now become very simple to create and maintain large amounts of data and retrieve them back when-ever needed with Softweb’s Mobile Document Management solutions. Our document management solu-tions eliminate headache to maintain large amount of information in an office cabinet and facilitate employ-ees to access files anywhere, anytime. FILE DELIVERY Edit and Push updated documents to all users for immediate use. ACCESS STORAGE Eliminate office filing by storing and managing all documents on a mobile database. DIGITAL ANNOTATION Highlight, edit, bookmark and comment onto PDFs and files. CLOUD STORAGE Sync, manage, and read files through a cloud server. GROUP USER CONTROL Define and manage the access and security of single users and groups. OFFICE ACCESS Store business documents on local devices without connectivity and upload onto the server later DEVICE MANAGEMENT As an administrator, manage all users and devices based on specific and sensitive needs.
  8. 8. FILE SECURITY Protect and encrypt vital information from unauthorized users and access. You can instantly configure document storages, may it be a Cloud Storage or a Private network Storage. You can also collect customer feedback, requirements, fill forms, conduct surveys and send recorded data in real time to enterprise server for further analysis.
  9. 9. With any saved document, a user can highlight key information, make notes, and edit any changes, making this tool perfect for proposals and contracts. Employees can also correspond with colleagues with multiple edits and notations, and push files through the network for easy access. Edit Flat PDFs Digitally Sign PDF Contracts, Agreements, etc. Efficiently Manage Documents on iPad Quick Access to Recent Documents
  10. 10. Secure Access and App Lock Mechanism ensures the safety of app and its content from unauthorized access. SSL Connectivity between Network and Cloud Storages ensure the safe exchange of data between app and servers. To know more about features of the document management tool, click here.
  11. 11. BENEFITS OF CONTENT WORKFLOW MANAGEMENT Organizations benefit in a number of ways by deploying ECM technology. With document management and workflow management solutions, organizations get control on access to content, maintain review histories and automate the disposition of content based on consistent policies. It not only reduces the risk but also gives you control around the content lifecycle. ECM enables organization to deliver content at the right time to the right people. Manage information flows across the organization Deploy consistent governance policies Maintain compliance and security Provide users with quick and seamless access to any type of content Deeper insight into your information Effective records management Faster and better decision making processes Reduce operating costs CONCLUSION Just ‘managing’ content isn’t enough. These are many other forces driving the widespread adoption of ECM system and workflow management in enterprises. Version control, ability to keep the track of document sharing and avoid duplication, manage access and ability to correct version of documents are some of the features that are required by every organization to proactively manage documents and other digital assets. With a surge in mobile device usage within organization, every company is jumping on the mobile bandwagon and thus, every company is looking for robust content management solutions that not only boast multiple content management capabilities but also facilitate access to documents on-the-fly. Softweb’s Mobile Document Management and Workflow Management solutions provide the full benefits expected of an ECM implementation that leverage a common IT infrastructure and reduce operation costs.
  12. 12. ABOUT SOFTWEB SOLUTIONS Softweb Solutions is a renowned name in offering top-notch software development services for Large Enterprises and SMEs, specializing in Enterprise Mobility, content management system (CMS), Custom Application Development, Legacy Application Migration, Cloud Services, Website Development and Quality Assurance. It has an extensive experience in providing the most sophisticated, high-end enterprise grade solutions to a range of industries including health and life science, construction, manufacturing, automotive, IT, financial services, entertainment and many other sectors. To learn how Softweb can help you outperform, reach us at: E-mail: Call US: 1-866-345-7638 Expert Developers for iOS, Android Windows Softweb Solutions 2531 Technology Drive, Suite 312, Elgin, Illinois 60124 US Toll Free Number: 1-866-345-7638 Email: | WHAT'S NEXT? 300+ Years of Software Development 10+ Successful Projects Delivered 1000+ Satisfied Clients Growing 500+ OUR CLIENTS