Enhanced Mobile Apps with Sybase Unwired Platform


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This article discusses about the Sybase Unwired Platform which is useful to develop and deploy enterprise mobile apps for various mobile platforms. The key benefits and features of SUP are being discussed here.

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Enhanced Mobile Apps with Sybase Unwired Platform

  1. 1. Enhanced Mobile Apps with Sybase Unwired PlatformThis article discusses about the Sybase Unwired Platform which is useful to develop and deployenterprise mobile apps for various mobile platforms. The key benefits and features of SUP arebeing discussed here.The demand of mobile applications and mobility concept amongst the Enterprises is growingrapidly worldwide. With this growing trend – Sybase Inc. – An SAP Company and industryleader offers Sybase Unwired Platform that enables enterprise developers to simply and quicklydevelop mobile apps connecting business data from different sources to the mobile workers ontheir mobile devices. SAP has partnered with Sybase to deliver mobile solutions to their millionnumbers of users worldwide.SUP is a comprehensive mobile enterprise application development platform that allowsdevelopers to build native as well as hybrid mobile apps. SUP also allows developing native appsusing familiar tools like visual studio or eclipse.Most of the enterprises and developers believe that SUP is the most secured and open platformfor building customized mobile apps. It is flexible and scalable enterprise apps and servicesplatform that is built on proven technologies. It seamlessly supports industry standard database,service-oriented architecture and web services protocols to deliver mobile apps and services tovaried organizations. Moreover, it securely delivers data and services to all major mobile deviceslike iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Windows Mobile, Symbian, and Android based Mobiles.The key benefits obtained by enterprises from Sybase Unwired Platform are – - The complexity for developing a customized mobile application is less because of the comprehensive and integrated infrastructure of SUP - This platform provides high quality tools and services that easily integrates with the existing infrastructure, business process and apps of the enterprises - There is no. of development resources for developing apps using SUP and so the cost of ownership is less
  2. 2. This platform offers innovative mobile solutions for task and knowledge workers who need to accessenterprise information from their mobile devicesAlong with these important benefits, some other attractive features of this platform are – - It has feature-rich SDK - Seamlessly integrates with varied back-ends - It has heterogeneous data environment which means business data can be obtained from many databases, web services and other apps for integrating into one single mobile app - It enables strategic mobile deployments - It has capabilities to protect the enterprise dataWith all features and capabilities, SUP is the most consistent and highly adaptable platform thatenables to embrace mobility across the whole organization.Softweb Solutions is a leading provider of Sybase Unwired Platform for Enterprise Mobile AppDevelopment services related to field services, business intelligence, location-based services,
  3. 3. CRMs and many more. Contact us at info@softwebsolutions.com for your customized mobilesolutions requirements.