Digital Library iPad Application for Referring Documents


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Softweb solutions have developed digital library iPad application for referring documents; the key features are like indexing, searching, sorting data, data synchronization, reporting and more.

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Digital Library iPad Application for Referring Documents

  1. 1. SEARCH & SORT FUNCTION SECURITY AND DATA ENCRYPTION LOCKING MECHANISM PASSWORD AUTHENTICATION DATA RESTORATION Background Client is a well-known strategic consulting and brand building company having more than 10 years of experience in the field of pharmaceuticals and biotechnology. The client has provided numerous customized solutions to many of Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology companies for building their names in healthcare domain remarkably well. Company’s focused approach in creating solutions and brand images is based on combining the emerging sciences with potentials of marketing campaigns. Their clientele encompasses all sizes of companies in pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, healthcare, and medical equipment. Case Study Digital Library on iPad for Clinical Research Scientists Challenges As a strategic consulting and brand building company, client wanted to provide the researchers and doctors an iPad tool for referring publications, research papers available for specific disease, dugs used for the treatment of the same, and their implications under different circumstances and scenarios. The purpose of this iPad application was to provide a platform or a digital library, as a reference tool for their study or research related works, treatments, etc. The idea for this app is to provide its users a platform to make searches on the basis of various keywords, drugs, diseases, etc. followed by pulling out the search results from library in terms of relevant documents, publications, treatment options for their reference purpose. The solution consists of two main roles – mobile users and administrator. From the mobile user point of view, the user should be able to access the iPad app and also should be able to perform searches by entering desired keywords, and then able to access relevant documents for their study purpose. On the other hand, from the administrator standpoint, the administrator should be able to manage the users and documents in the system, which will include functions like adding new users in the system, resetting password for locked users, edit or delete details of users, lock or unlock users’access to app and documents related to various drugs, studies, publications, etc. After discussing with the client about the functional specifications and requirements of the digital library iPad application, Softweb has started working on the proposed solutions/features for them. Our solutions included: Solutions A suitable application nameO A complete login screen solutionO A home screen solution includes various categoriesO Advanced searchO Setting feature to set user name, designation, user ID, password, font size etc.O Comprehensive backend features and functionalities for administratorO A splash screen displaying app log, app name, company logo, loading animation, copyright statement etc. O
  2. 2. Summary The client, a strategic brand building company, has to carry out researches on the respective topics and hence required an application that helps the researchers. They wanted a digital library iPad application for referring documents as part of their research work. The application we created allowed the users to perform search on the basis of multiple keywords as well as to sort the search results. The iPad application acts as an apt solution for them to perform search on the basis of multiple keywords as well as to sort the search results. Contact Information Softweb Solutions 2531 Technology Drive, Suite 312, Elgin, Illinois 60124 US Toll Free Number: 1-866-345-7638 Email: Case Study Technologies Used Database: SQLite Operating System: iOS Architecture: MVC Language: Objective C Web Technologies: PHP Service: REST Tools: Xcode O O O O O O O Features Digital libraryO Business Benefits Digital library acts as the document repository for the users which can be accessed on iPad device while on move. O Indexing and search functionalities ensure the documents are readily available for the users. O The unique locking mechanism helps preventing unauthorized access.O Standard iOS encryption methods to secure the documents and other application data secure. O Document Management feature helps the administrator to upload the published documents in PDF format. O User Management feature to manage the users for iPad which involves user creation, user deletion, and user blocking. Admin can even block a user in case of any loss of device. O Data Synchronization feature helps the user to sync the data in order to keep the documents updated inside app. O Reporting at Backend feature enables the administrator to generate the reports at the backend which gives an idea about the trend for the different documents being most read or least read by the app users. O Search sort functionO Security and data encryptionO Document managementO Restoration of user dataO Locking mechanism includes flag updates at app side as well as at backendO Password authentication and syncing to appO Advanced search screenO Setting feature to update user name, designation, user ID, password etc.O User management feature for managing application and users, adding new user etc.O