Choosing WordPress for Building Your Website


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Choosing WordPress for Building Your Website

  1. 1. Softweb Solutions Inc.2531 Technology Drive,Suite 312,Elgin, Illinois 60124Toll-Free Number: 1-866-345-7638Fax: 866-345-7638 ArticleTitle:Choosing WordPress for Building Your WebsiteKeywords:WordPress Development Services, WordPress Design and Development, WordPress DevelopmentCompanyContent:WordPress web software which is used for building splendid blogs and website is rapidly growing inpopularity. Developers prefer WordPress because variety of themes is available for them when it comesto develop a website. They just need to choose the appropriate one that suits their requirements andbusiness. The good thing about WordPress is – users are easy to go with its complex usability and it isvery easy to manage the content of their site or blog.Nowadays, more and more people are using WordPress to create static websites rather than using othertools and design frames. People are even converting their old sites into WordPress based sites. The mainreasons behind this growing craze of WordPress platform are discussed below –1] Easier and Faster: With old methods of building a website, it is important to have a good knowledgeabout the programming language. Even it is necessary to know how to choose the proper colors andarrange the pages. But with WordPress, these things can be done easily and quickly with just few buttonclicks. Also, the default template can be changed as many times as desired from thousands of onlineavailable templates. The only thing that is left out then for publishing your website is simply adding yourcontent.2] SEO Friendly: Search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc loves the sites build up on WordPressbecause the content is always latest on them. Search Engines always motivates the sites containing freshand updated content. Also, WordPress based sites rank good on search engines if a plug-in to managethe optimization is used. This plug-in is one of the 6 preinstalled plugins which is provided whenWordPress Express service is used to install the blog or site.3] Built-in Support Network: WordPress being an open source, millions of people create plugins,updates, themes, and tutorials to help others for using WordPress smoothly. Also, it has the mostincredible supportive community for new and existing WordPress developers in case of queries.
  2. 2. 4] Be Interactive: It has become important to have a strong web presence for the business to beinteractive with clients, or fans. WordPress is a great tool to reach out to the audience and build aconnected long term relationship with people on the website. Moreover, many plugins are also presentthat allows easy interaction for e.g.: surveys, testimonials, newsletter sign-ups, and share buttons.5] Easy to Maintain: Changing the design of the WordPress site is easy than actually installing the site. Itis very simple to maintain the website from the dashboard and it is easy to add any functionality from themanagement area by installing plugins. It gets very difficult to maintain the website developed using oldersoftware and editors.Other than this above discussed 5 reasons, there are many other benefits offered by WordPress. Thesebenefits motivate more to designers and developers to use WordPress for developing an interactivewebsite. The developers engaged in providing WordPress design and development services considerWordPress as invaluable CMS and they also suggest others to give it a try.Softweb Solutions is a WordPress Development Company providing all WordPress related services alongwith effective SEO services used to optimize WordPress based websites and blogs. For more information,contact us at has become one of the favorite platforms of developers to build a business website. Thereasons for choosing WordPress are being discussed here.