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Restaurant Software for Takeaways, Restaurants, Bars, Hotels, Pubs, Clubs, Inns and Food Delivery. Software for Restaurants supplies complete Epos Restaurant Software Systems.

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Software for Restaurants- Restaurant software

  1. 1. 01RESTAURANT & TAKEAWAY PACKAGE FROM : Hugh Johnson Director UK Software Development TO : Sales Enquiry and Epos Software Download TO : Complete Restaurant Software Package includes Restaurant and/or Takeaway Epos software, Menu inclusion, with Delivery Management and an integrated website with online ordering and order notification. CONTENT : Software Overview Pages 2 to 8 Software Background & Requirements Page 9 Software Quotation Page 10 Hardware Quotations Pages 11 and 12COMPLETE PACKAGE: Posiflex Standard: £2,500 including vat Posiflex Customised: £3,200 including vat AURES Standard: £2,890 including vat AURES Customised: £3,600 including vat The Standard Package does not include customisation. 01
  2. 2. 02 Software Overview UK Call Handler Software will provide and display the telephone number calling you, and provide integration with our Call Handling Software. UK Call Handler Software includes everything you need including Post Code software and modem. You receive a telephone call and the software will check the telephone number within the SQL Customer database.It will look for all saved telephone numbers including land-line and mobile. Thesoftware will store all the telephone numbers relevant to that client, which couldinclude Home, Work, and Mobile etc. If the telephone number is "recognised",then UK Call Handler Software will immediately load that customers details,including Call History, List of Orders etc.FEATURES:RESTAURANT SETTINGS: SETTINGS: o Restaurant details o Service charge o Tax Rate o Discount settings o Currency settings o Service Types settings o Delivery customer message settings 02
  3. 3. 03 Software Overview ContinuedBACK OFFICE SETTINGS: EMPLOYEE: o Employee Access Rights o job Title settings o Employee Wages Settings o Business details settings. o Holiday Management settings. o Tax codes settings o Stock Location settings o Supplier Payment method settings.KITECHEN PRINTER SETTINGS: KITCHEN PRINTER: o Multiple Kitchen Printer settings. o Add all type of Printers (BAR/PIZZA/SALAD etc).EMPLOYEE MANAGMENT SETTINGS: ADD / EDIT EMPLOYEE: o Add new employee with Login password. o Employee address and DOB settings. o Employee Bank details and Wage rates settings. o Employee Warning settings. o Employee Job Title and password settings TERMINATE EMPLOYEE: o Terminate Employee options 03
  4. 4. 04 Software Overview Continued HOURS CALCULATOR: o Employee working Hours settings. o Calculating wages for all employees HOURS CALCULATOR: o Employee working Hours settings. o Calculating wages for all employees HOLIDAY BOOKER: o Employee Holiday Settings. ROTA CALCULATOR: o Employee Rota Calculation.CATEGORY MANAGMENT: CATEGORY MANAGEMENT: o Add/Edit Categories with rank settings. o Category Color setting options. o Update to website SUB CATEGORY MANAGEMENT o Add/Edit sub categories with rank settings. o Sub Category image settings. o Multiple Printer settings for hole sub categories o Update to website 04
  5. 5. 05 Software Overview ContinuedMENU/PRODUCT MANAGEMENT o Add/Edit menu/product details with rank settings. o Settings the product position o Multiple price settings (Restaurant/Takeaway) o Product image settings. o Multiple Printer settings for one product/menu. o Product/menu color settings. o Update to websiteMENU OPTION MANAGEMENT o Options to Add/Edit Menu options o Extra price settings. o Update to websiteFOOD MODIFICATION SETTINGS o Option to Add/Edit food modifications. o Rank and extra Price settings. o Update to websiteTABLE SETTINGS o Option to Add/Edit Tables with capacity. o Add/Edit seat details. o Ability to set Table Layout.COLOR MANAGMENT o Option to change the EPOS screen colorCUSTOMER MANAGMENT o Option to Add/Edit Customer details. o Option to export customer details. 05
  6. 6. 06 Software Overview ContinuedSUPPLIER MANAGMENT: SUPPLIER MANAGMENT o Option to add/edit new Suppliers. o Ability to set payment methods. o Option to terminate the suppliers. SUPPLIER PRODUCT MANAGMENT o Add/Edit supplier products details. o Including Qty/Box and Box Prices settings. o Option to set serving unit. o Generate New Purchase orders with supplier wise. o Viewing Old Purchase orders and taking prints.STOCK MANAGEMENT: o Option to update stock items. o Option to set Locations for the stock Items. o Ability to fix Minimum Stock level and Default Stock levels. o Add/Edit new Ingredients with serving Unit. o Setting menu ingredients with serving Unit and Qty. o Option to add multiple ingredients for one product/menu.PAYMENT MANAGEMENT: o Option to set Bank Payment/Cash Payment/Card payments. o Calculate weekly Bank deposit amounts. o Option to add supplier payment details with Invoice Number. o Option to take reports for payment details.INCOME MANAGEMENT: o Calculate weekly Till Totals with or without VAT amounts. o Option to add Forecast amount and check variance amounts. o Calculating Till wise Cash/Card details with Total Till amounts. o Ability generate cash/card details report 06
  7. 7. 07 Software Overview ContinuedREPORTS: o EPOS Daily Sales Reports. o EPOS Food Item Reports. o EOD Sales Report. o Cancellation Report. o Driver status Report. o Refund details reportREPORTS: o Option to select service types (TABLE/TAKEAWAY/DELIVERY) o Table Order: Option to select the Table number and number of covers. o Ability to view the Table Status all the time. o Change Table options. o Delivery: Search customers with Name/Phone Number/Postcode o Assign orders to Drivers and set the order status. o Option to pay directly once delivered. o Delivery charge adding/removing options. o Service Charge adding/editing options. o Option to add/edit Discount amount / Percentage. o Options add/edit Food modifications. o Complimentary options. o Table Order: MAINAWAY options. o Option to add Chef Notes. o Delivery: Option to add Driver Notes. o Resend to Kitchen Options. o Receipt/Bill print anytime. o Ability to VIOD items with or without manager password. o Ability to CANCEL orders with or without manager password. o Refund options with manager password. o Option to open CASH DRAWER anytime with manager password. o NOSALE options. o Option to Change QTY/PRICE easily. o Options to view Previous order details. o Bulk amount methods in Payment section. o Ability to add discount in payment section. 07
  8. 8. 08 Software Overview Continuedo Easy to view Order Status with Total Amounts.o Option to delete the order with manager password.o Option to add Tips amount.o Post code search options for delivery customers (Postcode software)o Option to print labels for takeaway orders.o View delivery Map for delivery customers.o Option to add OPEN FOOD menu. 08
  9. 9. 09 Software Background & Requirements A dynamic retail software package that can enable your business to accept ordersonline, by phone, by SMS Text Message and integrate with the Epos Software. You canaccess your administration area from anywhere provided that you have an Internetconnection. All updates are immediate and will also update the Till. We include all ofyour Menu Items All you need to process orders in your restaurant, takeaway, hotel or pub,including a 15" Epos Terminal, customized Epos Software and Software for Restaurants,a unique website with online ordering and table booking. If you employ Call Handlersand deliver foodWebsite with Online Ordering You can employ call handlers, Beat the Queue. Mobileby Credit or Debit Card. Post working from home. Includes Phone Food Ordering by bothCode look-up delivery area. Call Handler software and SMS Text Messaging andWe include all of your Menu telephone number and Mobile Phone BrowserItems and powerful back customer recognition. Window. Email Daily Specialsoffice administration. and receive orders.Epos Software Requirements o Windows XP Operating system (1.6 GHz, 1.0 GIG RAM) provided System with .Net Framework enabled o 15" Touch screen Monitor o Thermal USB Printer with Cutter o Internal Cash Drawer o Integrated (Dallas / Magnetic stripe reader) with 8 Dallas Keys o Unique Website with Online Ordering ( Optional ) o SMS Text Message Ordering ( Optional )(Above Basic and Optional requirements are available on additional Costs, not includedin Software’s Pricing) 09
  10. 10. 10 Standard Software Quotation £1,440The Complete Software Package £1440.00 including vat, deposit with order £720.00.Includes 12 month’s software support and 12 month’s FREE hosting of the website,including CPanel online administration, following year £140 excluding vat.This is a special price for the Standard version of our well established restaurant andtakeaway software. Only one back-office administration area edits both the epossoftware and the website. We will import all of your MENU items if you provide them inSpreadsheet or Database format, including food images if available.There is no customisation included in this package. Customised Software Quotation £2,160The Complete Software Package £2,160 including vat, deposit with order £1,080.00.Includes 12 month’s software support and 12 month’s FREE hosting of the website,including CPanel online administration, following year £140 excluding vat.The Customised version includes customised Epos software and a unique website. Onlyone back-office administration area edits both the epos software and the website. Wewill import all of your MENU items if you provide them in Spreadsheet or Databaseformat, including food images if available.Caller ID If you require Telephone ordering with Caller ID, Customer Recognition and previous ordering history, you will need a WHOZZ CALLING 2 Modem at £240 including vat. Also you will need to register with Post Code Software and pay an annual subscription of £79. This covers post code upgrades and the Post Office annual fee. Telephone ordering is packaged with our software, once the modem is installed; the Caller ID program is activated. We can also integrate the Caller ID software with Table Booking software from OpenTable Europe, Ltd. 10
  11. 11. 11 Hardware Quotation Option 1AURES Elios Package £1,200 excluding vatAURES 15” 1.6 GHz Intel Atom Processor, 1 GB RAM160 GB Sata Hard DriveStand Alone Customer DisplayODP1000 Thermal Printer (Dual Interface)Cash DrawerWindows XP Pro Operating System3 Year Warranty, with 1st Year On-SiteAURES Elios, more information can be seen at: above quotation does not include delivery and installation 11
  12. 12. 12 Hardware Quotation Option 2Posiflex Package £895 excluding vatPosiflex XP-3315H-E All-in-One Terminal / No OS / Pine View 1.8 Ghz /15" 1024x768 Touch Screen / 1GB DDR2 / 160GB HDD /3" Thermal Printer with AutocutterPosiflex Windows POSReady / Preloaded [License]Posiflex Customer Display (Rear Mounted) / Black / 2 x 20 LCD / USB Interface5E-415 Cash Drawer / Black / RJ11 Interface / 8 coin/5 note / 415mm x 410mm x 110mmPosiflex XP-3315H-E, more information can be seen at: above quotation does not include delivery and installationThis Quotation is valid for 30 days from date of this email. 12