E recruitment system


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E recruitment system

  1. 1. Online e-recruitment Recruitment SystemAn ISO 9001:2008 Company S O L U T I O N S www.i-matrix.co.in
  2. 2. Let your business I-Matrix Online Recruitment Systemget more out of The e-Recruitment system allows employers to take advantage of thethe internet. latest online recruitment developments, helping them manage all stages of the recruitment process, from initial vacancy approval through the offer generation and referencing. Applicants can be filtered to that the focus is on the most suitable candidates from all sources – internal, external, agency, referrals etc. Online recruitment has been proven to help employers to reduce time to hire, reduce cost per hire and improve the candidate experience with greater efficiency.© I-Matrix Solutions 1
  3. 3. The Advantages of Online Recruitmente- Recruitmentconsists of a number Cost Effectiveof integrated Register a job vacancy on your company website costs you nothingmodules for while putting one on a job board usually only costs some amount. When you consider that a recruitment consultant fee for a candidatemeeting your online could be anything up to 25% of the first years salary, and thatrecruitment needs. advertising in a national newspaper can cost hundreds & sometimes even thousands, you can immediately see the cost savings possible with online recruitment. Online Recruitment is quick A job vacancy can be put on a job site at the 11th hour, immediately the application are received, and a candidate interviewed within 24 hours. Of course, it isnt always like this. It isnt even often like this. But the fact that such things do happen so quickly gives an indication of just how quick recruiting online can be. Online recruitment gives you a better chance of success Traditional paper or print advertising — be it at local, national or outside the national boundaries — faces limitations: the success of a vacancy advertisement depends on people responding upon the ad on a particular page in a particular issue. Online recruitment is different. A job vacancy advertisement on a job board or website is there 24/7, for as long as you desire. Candidates can come back to it again and again. From office administrator to Financial Director everybody is online. Online recruitment gives you a bigger audience Many people new to online recruitment think that using job sites is only effective if you are looking for young net-savvy people. This is simply not the case. Continuously & consistently Research showing that the average age of candidates using job sites is around 30-35 years. And the trend is creeping up. Online recruitment is now a standard part of most peoples job hunting with no limitations of age. Online recruitment is easy Posting a job on your own site is straight forward & easy you dont need to have an in-depth knowledge of IT to post a vacancy advertisement. Usually, all you need is your job description.© I-Matrix Solutions 2
  4. 4. Online Recruitment Some Salient Features of e-RecruitmentSystem means Fast, Scalable, Reliableyou only pay From start up to Multinational- whatever the size of your business is, e- Recruitment software has the features, flexibility and capacity to supportone flat fee for your business.all your recruitment e-Recruitment is the tested and proven internet-based recruitmentneeds. system, bringing instant global data to your desktop. Integration: Integrates forwards to your website and public presence, bringing you closer to your candidates. Vacancies, Candidates and Placements e-Recruitment will make a positive impact across every aspect of your business operations. Although advanced technology delivers a powerful range of tools, e- Recruitment delivers an intuitive and user-friendly interface. Within minutes of switching on you can enjoy real benefits. You need instant in depth information on a candidate? e-recruitment brings you unlimited candidate and contact history tracking and a fully searchable database that includes key skills and business areas. Job Posting & Notification Job posting with detail description based on the company requirement. Notification to registered user. Short listing & CVs Downloading To view listing of applied candidates View candidate CVs Download CVs Short listing of candidate Selection of Candidate© I-Matrix Solutions 3
  5. 5. Offer Letter:Online Recruitment Offer Letter can be prepared dynamically with the instant dynamicSystem uses creation of allowances and deductions which can incorporate in the offerthe power of letter as per candidates entitlement once the candidate is interviewed & selected.the internet to matchpeople to Jobs. Login Based Apply For Job: To apply for any job published, the applicant is used to register himself on the site. Job Search: The comprehensive search is available for the candidate to search the job which is active or available to apply. Save Search for Future Reference Search on the different criteria. Advance job search Save the job in the job basket CV Builder The software comes with a powerful CV Builder which allows an applicant to create his own customized, professional and visually appealing resume just few minutes! Resume Builder presents a candidate in the best possible light at the employers office by describing precise skills, responsibilities and work experience. This is a very powerful section of the application where the user can build his profile on the basis of his or her personal/Educational/Professional credentials and experiences with the facility to upload the CV. Cover Letter Builder e-Recruitment includes several cover letter examples, allowing the applicant to e-mail the resume with a cover letter to prospective employers. Multiple template for cover letter can be created and saved which can be used at the time of applying the job.© I-Matrix Solutions 4
  6. 6. Technical Information e-Recruitment Platform is built using .NET 3.5 and Microsoft SQL 2008. Hosting can be provided by I-Matrix Solutions or with a hosting provider of your choice. Server requirements are MS Windows 2008 Server running Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS). I-Matrix Solutions We are committed to building practical, reliable and scalable tools for businesses wanting to better harness the power of the internet. With a proven track record with some of the biggest names in India, USA, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, & Kuwait business, I-Matrix Solutions stable of products covers Website and Intranet creation, Content Management System, Online Recruitment System, Document Management System, Leave management system, Project Management System and many more.© I-Matrix Solutions 5
  7. 7. Reach Us OUR LOCATIONS India Head Office Office # 102 and 103 Pinky Apartments Butler Road, Dalibagh Lucknow -226001 (UP) Tel : +91-522-4045848/2204930 Fax: +91-522-2204930 Cell: +91-9415545507 Middle East I-Matrix Solutions FZ-LLC Office # 310, 3rd Floor, Building # 2, Dubai Media City P Box 72280 .O. Dubai- UAE Tel: +971-4-3914800 Cell: +971-566942990 PROCS Middle East P Box 60016 .O. Riyadh 11545 Saudi Arabia Please send your queries on Email : info@i-matrix.co.in© I-Matrix Solutions An ISO 9001:2008 Company