Eurostar Business Objects Case Study


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Eurostar Business Objects Case Study

  1. 1. 138 Eurostar “Eurostar’s objective is to build both business and leisure traffic on the London/Paris and London/Brussels travel routes. Business intelligence solutions from Business Objects have helped improve operational efficiency, maintenance, and on-time performance. These improvements will both enhance customer service and enable Eurostar to work towards further maximizing capacity.” Shreya Patel, Head of Business Data Management, Eurostar Easy Access to Reliable Data Eurostar believes that providing an excellent customer experience is fundamental to the company retaining its position as the primary high-speed rail service route for business and leisure customers between London and Paris/Brussels. In 2007, the company will benefit from the opening of the new St. Pancras International station in London, extending the high-speed link. To maximize this new service and help understand its market better, Eurostar requires a cross-organizational information management platform that combines departmental information to attain key business information in an easy-to-access and reliable manner. This insight into train punctuality, maintenance, and customer experience will enable the company to maximize operational efficiency and deliver excellent customer service. Patel explains, “A single, consolidated information platform will enable improvements in both business efficiency and the customer experience.” BI Enhances Operational Performance Eurostar is using business intelligence (BI) technology to attain insight into operational performance from a range of data sources. The company uses BusinessObjects Web Intelligence to provide staff with the ability to query, report, and analyze information stored in various business applications. Users can monitor components that impact customer satisfaction—such as data on customer complaints, train maintenance, punctuality, as well as information on finance, procurement, and IT performance. To share key information quickly with a larger number of users, Eurostar uses BusinessObjects Broadcast Agent Scheduler to CHALLENGE 1 To optimize operational performance 1 To achieve a single view of the customer experience SOLUTION 1 BusinessObjects Web Intelligence, BusinessObjects Broadcast Agent, and BusinessObjects Scheduler to deliver web-based reports and analysis BENEFITS 1 Improved information relevance and timeliness 1 Improved on-time performance through automated reporting 1 Enhanced customer service OPTIMIZATION OF PASSENGER AND FREIGHT TRANSPORTATION United Kingdom
  2. 2. 139SERVICES automatically distribute reports via multiple media including the web and email distribution. Blueprint Management Systems has worked closely with Eurostar to architect these BI solutions. “Eurostar’s objective is to use Business Objects BI solutions to deliver accurate and consistent information across the business,” says Patel. Increased Market Share Via Excellent Customer Service Eurostar now has the ability to track, understand, and manage key business drivers for customer satisfaction, including train punctuality and customer service. Staff receive daily automated reports that update them on the status of train maintenance and alert them to delays. More timely and improved access to information is enabling the company to respond faster to customer complaints and manage the refund process more efficiently. The BI solution is also providing greater financial insight. Spend analysis per cost-center supports analysis of the impact of ticket sales on revenue/yield. Eurostar is also undertaking analysis of its procurement processes—combining vendor response history, lead time, and contract monitoring with volume and business value. Eurostar has already improved operational efficiency, leveraging enhanced information to respond faster to customer complaints. Looking forward, the company plans to combine information on service performance—including staff levels and punctuality—with customer feedback to gain a comprehensive understanding of customer behavior and the overall customer experience. The company is also planning to extend its BI infrastructure through the use of BusinessObjects Data Integrator to consolidate information from disparate data sources across the company. This tool will help Eurostar attain a complete view of its customers and give management with access to critical information to drive improved performance and higher capital returns. Improved customer insight will play a key role in determining the ways of managing customer care and relationships when the new high-speed link is opened in 2007. Excellent customer service is fundamental to Eurostar’s success. Business Objects solutions are a key factor in providing us with a comprehensive view of our operational performance. As a result, we can drive customer satisfaction and loyalty for tomorrow. About Eurostar 1 Activity: High-speed rail service 1 Sales figures: £214 million 1 Staff: 1,500 1 Date founded: 1994 Eurostar is a fast rail service directly linking the UK to France and Belgium via the Channel Tunnel. Eurostar runs up to 14 services to Paris and nine to Brussels daily. The company has a 57% share of the London/Brussels route and a 65% share of the London/Paris route. “ ”