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Trends of Smartphone


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การบรรยายเรื่อง Trends of Smartphone ของ ดร.ธนชาติ นุ่มนนท์ ในงานประกาศผล Samart Innovation Awards 2010 วันที่ 22 ธันวาคม 2553

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Trends of Smartphone

  1. 1. Trends of SmartPhoneAssoc.Prof. Dr. Thanachart NumnondaDirectorSoftware Park Thailand22 December 2010
  2. 2. Next Major Computing CycleSource: Morgan Stanley 2009
  3. 3. Source: Morgan Stanley 2010
  4. 4. Tablets
  5. 5. SmartPhones
  6. 6. iNote
  7. 7. New TrendsWeb 2.0Web as a PlatformOS/Device independenceLarge scale computingSoftware as a ServiceCloud ComputingSocial Networks
  8. 8. Cloud Computing Value ChainSource: ITRI ASOCIO Summit 2010
  9. 9. Mobile Technology
  10. 10. Mobile Market Variety
  11. 11. History of Smartphone Platform
  12. 12. Mobile Platform Market share
  13. 13. Mobile Investment Choice
  14. 14. General Guidance to Smartphone Development Source: Wilfred M. Mworia; Mobile BootCamp 2009Pick a platformLearn a bit about the OS in general – Understand the environment in which your app will run – How the OS treats scenarios like multi-tasking – Could help with things like performance tuningGet the toolsLearn the APIsDesign is key for consumer apps
  15. 15. Mobile App Stores
  16. 16. Nokia has most paid apps
  17. 17. The New Challenge Cloud Devices e.g. Tablets, SmartPhones, Desktop International Cloud Apps (SaaS) Local Cloud Apps (SaaS) e.g. DropBox, Salesforce, CRM on DemandPublic Cloud Services (PaaS) Social Network APIs Local e.g. Google APIs, Local APIs e.g. Twitter, Facebook Web Services International public cloud Local public cloude.g.Google App Engine, Microsoft Azure True IDC Enterprise cloud Salesforce, Amazon
  18. 18. Technology TransferMobile Application Training – Android – iOS Programming; short course, Mini- MasterCloud Computing Training – True IDC – Microsoft Azure – Google App Engine
  19. 19. Mobile Testing CenterMobile Application Developer communityHandset Testing CenterPartner with TRIDI, NECTECGrow applications on Cloud Device
  20. 20. Innovation SpaceWhere does Innovation happen?Developer corners / mobile officeGrow community / BusinessCan be part of the branchNeed seed money at the beginningStrong Impact to the industry
  21. 21. Thank