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The Cloud Landscape of Thailand: Policies, Challenges and Opportunities


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The Cloud Landscape of Thailand: Policies, Challenges and Opportunities

  1. 1. The Cloud Landscape of Thailand:Policies, Challenges and Opportunities Dr. Thanachart Numnonda Director Software Park Thailand 16 May 2012 1
  2. 2. Thailand Flood CrisisWorst floods in half acentury$45 Billion Damage (WorldBank)Central Bank slashed its2011 GDP forecast from4.1% to 2.6%Seven big industrial parksnorth of Bangkok wereeffected; 9,859 factories and 2about 660,000 jobs.
  3. 3. 6 Million SmartPhones in Thailand (3)
  4. 4. Devices sold in Thailand 2011 is follows:Tablet 480,000 units; Desktop 1,320,000 units andNotebook 2,020,000 units. In 2012; The number of Tablets sold in Thailand is expected to be 2.5 million units. [NECTEC; Apr 2012] 4
  5. 5. Thailand Technology Trends 2012Business ContinuityCloud ComputingOnline ConsumerizationPredictive AnalyticMedia Tablet and BeyondsMobile Centric Application, Contents & InterfacesSocial NetworkHigh Speed Connectivity 5
  6. 6. Source: wikipedia 6
  7. 7. Internet Usage in Thailand18,310,000 Internet users; 27.4%Penetration [NECTEC, Dec 2011]Average Download Speed 6.5 Mbps;Upload Speed 1.5 Mbps; Avg cost $3.72per Mbps [Net Index, 2012]Broadband Subscription 3.39 Million users[Reuters, Q4 2011]14,235,700 Facebook users [Mar 2012] 7
  8. 8. Mobile Usage in Thailand Mobile penetration rate in Thailand wasestimated at 107.86% over a population estimateof around 66.7 million. [MNO Directory,Mar 2011]AIS 31.2 Million Subscribers, DTAC 21.6 Millionand True Move 17.2 Million [Q4, 2010]Smartphone usage in 2010 is 18% and expect togrow to 60-65% in 2015 [Frost & Sullivan]Fixed Line 9.1 Million [Mar 2012] 8
  9. 9. Cloud Readiness Index 2011Source : Asia Cloud Computing Association: September 2011 9
  10. 10. BSA GlobalCloud Computing ScorecardSource : BSA GlobalCloud Computing Scorecard: Feb 2012 10
  11. 11. BSA GlobalCloud Computing ScorecardSource : BSA GlobalCloud Computing Scorecard: Feb 2012 11
  12. 12. Issues of Cloud Services in ThailandLack of awareness // Misunderstandingabout Cloud ComputingSecurity issueLow Broadband/Internet AccessData ProtectionLimited Cloud Service Providers; bothSaaS (Application) and IaaS (Data Center)Thai Government policy does not allow touse public international cloud services. 12
  13. 13. Cloud Providers in ThailandIaaS – True IDC, Datapro, Cloud Cration – Anise Asia – TOT, CATE-Government CloudSaaS – Very few local solutions 13
  14. 14. What are the Trust Issues? Will my cloud provider be transparent about governance and operational issues? Will I be considered compliant? Do I know where my data is? Will a lack of standards drive unexpected obsolescence? Is my provider really better at security than me? Are the hackers waiting for me in the cloud? Will I get fired?Source : Achieving Security Assurance and Compliance in the Cloud: CSA 14
  15. 15. Key Problems of Tomorrow Keeping pace with cloud changes Globally incompatible legislation and policy Non-standard Private & Public clouds Lack of continuous Risk Management & Compliance monitoring Incomplete Identity Management implementations Haphazard response to security incidentsSource : Achieving Security Assurance and Compliance in the Cloud: CSA 15
  16. 16. Cloud Computing in Thailand in 2012Private Cloud in EnterpriseGovernment Cloud ComputingMore public IaaS / SaaS servicesThai Software Companies will start exploring cloud.International software vendors will offer more SaaS 16
  17. 17. Thailand Security LawThai Computer Crime Act came into forceon 18 July 2007Offenses in the Act can be grouped intotwo categories – offenses committed against computer systems or computer data – offenses committed via a computer 17
  18. 18. Thai Computer Crime Actthe authorities have applied theseprovisions to block thousands of websitesand to prosecute Internet users and ISPs.October 2009, Thai stock prices plungedfor two successive days, following rumoursposted on the Internet > charged fourindividuals 18
  19. 19. Data Policy and SecurityGovernment will be more concern on policy andregulation on data security.Discussing in terms of regulation/standards.Established a new government agency – Electronic Transaction Development Agency – Thai CERT 19
  20. 20. Thai Government CloudOperate by Electronic Government Agency(EGA)Announced in May 2012 20
  21. 21. CSA (Thailand Chapter) 21
  22. 22. Cloud Thailand Local Training Cloud Cloud Cloud CloudThailand Outsourcing Data Developers Group Center Center with ATPAC 22
  23. 23. Software Park Cloud InitiativeDrive users for Cloud ServicesDevelop Cloud/Mobile competency for ITIndustry/ManpowerEncourage local software companies to go onCloudInnovate local Cloud Platform 23
  24. 24. Cloud Opportunity in ThailandLarge Enterprise start to invest in private cloud.Public cloud services especially IaaS is in highdemand.SaaS for SMEMobile Cloud Computing 24
  25. 25. Thank 25