Thai ICT Trade Mission to Jakarta, Indonesia


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Presentation by a director of software park Thailand to members of FTII (Indonesia Information Technology Federation) on 9 August 2011

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Thai ICT Trade Mission to Jakarta, Indonesia

  1. 1. Thai ICT Trade Delegation to Jakarta, Indonesia 8-11 August 2011Dr. Thanachart NumnondaDirectorSoftware Park Thailand9 August 2011 1
  2. 2. AgendaBrief introduction to OSMEP / Software ParkThailand ICT MarketIntroduction to Thai ICT delegation. 2
  3. 3. Thai ICT Trade MissionJakarta, Indonesia 8-11 AugustTotal 18 software delegation ICTcompaniesLead by OSMEP and Software ParkThailandPartial funded by OSMEP 3
  4. 4. Mission Senior OfficersMr.Pak Tongsom (Deputy Director General,OSMEP)Mr.Chanarong Aramkul (Senior Specialist,OSMEP)Ms.Chamaiporn Pornpruethianan (DeputyDirector, Software Park) 4
  5. 5. OSMEPOffice of Small and Medium Enterprises PromotionThailands central organization in formulatingSMEs promotional policies and strategiesServing as Thailands SMEs information centerCooperate with other sectors in Thailand and othercountries in order to promote Thai SMEs 5
  6. 6. Software Park ThailandOpen in November 1999Provides Office Space, Training,Seminar, Business Matching,Incubation Center55 Software Companies + 50 NewentrepreneursPosition as a Gateway to SoftwareBusiness Opportunity in Thailand 6
  7. 7. AgendaBrief introduction to OSMEP / Software ParkThailand ICT MarketIntroduction to Thai ICT delegation. 7
  8. 8. Thailand EconomicsSovereign Rating is Domestic Rating A-;foreign Rating BBB+ [Standard & Poors]Change of Gross National Income(GNI)from Lower Middle to Upper Middle in July2011 [World Bank]Reserve Funds; $184,897 Million [July2011] Rank No. 12 in The World 8
  9. 9. Thailand Rating is BBB+ 9
  10. 10. Thailand ICT MarketMarket value increases every year due toglobal trend in IT for business to reducescoststhe popularity of social media/ smartphoneand media tabletThe need of using of software ingovernment, state enterprise and privatesectors. 10
  11. 11. ICT in ThailandInternet users 24 millionsMobile users more than 69 millionsMobile broadband users 1.66 millionsSmart phones sold in 2011 > 2.5 MillionsFacebook users more than 10 millions 11
  12. 12. Thailands ICT Market HighlightThe Thai IT market is the largest in theSouth East Asia region and, is projected togrow at a CAGR of 12% over the 2010-2014 periodThe total value of Thai domestic spendingon IT products and services should passUS$ 5.4 bn in 2010 and US$ 8.7 bn by2014 12
  13. 13. Thailand ICT Market 2009-2010 & Outlook 2011 13Source : NECTEC, SIPA, TRIDI
  14. 14. Emerging Technology MarketBroadband market is growing– 2.6 Million Homes has broadband– Market size is 20,000 Million BahtMobile App & Technology is growing– Tablets & Smartphone explosion– Local Mobile Apps 530 Apps [495 Million Baht]– Demand on mobile contents, m-commerce, m-paymentCloud Computing is coming & large opportunitiesfor Thai Enterprises 14
  15. 15. Thailand Software Industry2011 Software Market 84,233 Million Baht100,000+ IT Professional3,000+ Software Companies; 40,000 skillsoftware workersOne of the Top 30 offshore outsourcingdestination rated by Gartner [Dec 2010] 15
  16. 16. Gartner: Thailand is one of the top 30 locations for offshore services in 2010 The 10 criteria were: language, government support, labor pool, infrastructure, educational system, cost, political and economic environment, cultural compatibility, global and legal maturity, and data and intellectual property security and privacy.Source : Gartner Dec 2010 16
  17. 17. Global Services Location Index 2011 17Source : AT Kearney Feb 2011
  18. 18. Software Industry Demand/Supply Score 18
  19. 19. 19
  20. 20. AgendaBrief introduction to OSMEP / Software ParkThailand ICT MarketIntroduction to Thai ICT delegation 20
  21. 21. Thai ICT Trade Delegation 2011 Total 18 Companies Various software categories who have worked and compiled successfully to localization and international market. Partner with several worlds leading software vendors; Microsoft, IBM, Oracle Solutions for many industrial sectors; such as banking, tourism, financial, telecom. 21
  22. 22. Thai ICT Trade DelegationFinancial and Banking SoftwareManufacturing and Enterprise SoftwareE-LearningMobile ApplicationInteractive Marketing 22
  23. 23. Financial and •PortfolioBanking Software managementApplication •Risk management •Mutual fund •Bank and Financial ApplicationManufacturing and •ConstructionEnterprises •ERP cloudSoftware •ERP in Jewelry •GPS •Fleet management •Record and Document Management 23
  24. 24. E-learning •Human Computer InteractiveMobile Application •Mobile application •Mobile network •Network testingInteractive Marketing •CRM •Call center, •Outsourcing •Open source CRM 24
  25. 25. Towards ASEAN Community 2015 25
  26. 26. Impact of AEC• Gross GDP to 2.65 Trillion from 1.8• Opportunity in ICT industry for other industries to reduces costs• Free fow of Human Resources• Re-thinking of Investment Incentve• Large investment opportunity• Industry Shif 26
  27. 27. Open New Opportunities Indonesia – ThailandSoftware Business Partnership to work in Local & global ICT markets 27
  28. 28. Thank 28