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Thai ICT Trade Mission to Indonesia


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Booklet introducing Thai ICT companies & organizations for the trade mission to Indonesia 8-11 August 2011

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Thai ICT Trade Mission to Indonesia

  4. 4. 2YHUYLHZ 7KDL ,7 7UDGH GHOHJDWLRQ7KDL ,7 RPSDQ 3URILOHV ,QWURGXFWLRQ Software Park Thailand and Office of Small and Medium Enterprise$VLD%L] 1HWZRUNV R/WG Promotion (OSMEP) are hosting to lead the 19 ICT trade delegations to Jakarta Indonesia between 8-11 August 2011.%XLON $VLD R/WGRXEOH 0 7HFKQRORJ 0DQDJHPHQW R/WG The Thai software companies are very keen to establish the(DVW ,QQRYDWLRQ R/WG collaboration as international strategic partnership and promote products, services and technology between 2 countries. Indonesia(L%L] R/WG is a gateway of software market and expansion through South(ZRUNV RQVXOWDQW R/WG East Asia.)UHHZLOO ); R/WG To achieve the ICT trade mission goal, we are in cooperation with);$ R/WG Federasi Teknologi Informasi Indonesia (FTII), ASPILUKI and,FH 6ROXWLRQ R/WG APKOMINDO to organize a forthcoming ICT business opportunity seminar entitled “How Thai software can enhance your business,QIRWURQLFV R/WG performance and opportunities: The international strategic partner-,726 RQVXOWLQJ R/WG ship” on 9-10 August 2011 at Ceria room , Shangri-La Hotel Jakarta ..3 6RIW R/WG The panel discussion will be the showcase how success to comply Thai software globally and how to work on the market collaboration3LFKDD 6ROXWLRQ R/WG between two countries. The activities also comprise the one on one6SRW2Q ,QWHUDFWLYH R/WG business matching to insight the software technology solution from6QDWXUH 7HFKQRORJ R/WG Thailand ,bridge trade opportunity collaboration, and look for the trusted partnership.9HULVHWWH R/WG:HDOWK 0DQDJHPHQW 6VWHP R/WG:HE %XVLQHVV DQG 6ROXWLRQ R/WG 6XEVLG RI $GDVRIW
  5. 5. Software Park Thailand 7KDLODQG 6QDSVKRW is an organization under the National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA). Our task is to support and strengthen those in the Software industry by any means necessary, be it in procurement of human resources, marketing, securing investment and even with the latestOver few years, Thailand has proven as the international reputation on BPO and ITO as the technology. Our aim is to help each and every stakeholder in Thailand’s software industry fromcenter of excellence to conduct the world class software outsourcing. Since 2008 to 2010 manufacturing industry to agriculture as well as the service sector-Software can help all increaseThailand has been ranked as the Top 30 global destination for IT outsourcing by Gartner. Thai their efficiency and their potential. We aim to grow the domestic software industry and instillSoftware Industry today comprises over 3,000 companies, employing over 40,000 skill confidence in this industry for overseas operators wishing to establish themselves in Thailand.people. The market opportunity rose from the domestic demand on internet and mobile usagesuch as there are nowadays 24million internet users and 69 million mobile users. Thailand isalso one of the biggest no. 3 social networks online community as Facebook that is estimatedtoday 69 million users. Vision “To be the region’s number oneThailand is accredited for leading destination of IT outsourcing location, for instance Thomas organization supporting entrepreneurs andReuter has established the software center since2001 and deliberated the global develop- help create a strong world-class softwarement site. Currently the company employs more than 1,300 IT professional as the largest industry that will enhance the strength andsoftware development site globally. In addition, the DST international Bangkok centre was competitiveness of the Thai economy”established in 1993 and has grown to over 800 professionals providing Consulting, Supportand Development services to Clients and DST affiliates globally. In Thailand, DSTi services Today, Software Park Thailand continues to support andmore than 50% of Fund Management companies and more than 50% of Broker companies. strengthen Thai software entrepreneurs for the sustainable growth of the software industry. Our missions are:Thailand is also the largest IS/ISV communities to do outsourcing in Southeast Asia region. Promote transfer of technologies and IT managementAlso now we have certified 33 companies CMMI appraisal and more than 103 software devel- through high-end training course for IT professionalsopers are training and implementing (PSP) ranked at 3rd in the world. The number of certified Promote quality standard improvement of local companiessoftware professional in PM, Software Quality Assurance and software tester were approved to the international levelby Quality Assurance Institute (QAI) achieved 80 persons. Promote and support collaboration with both local and international alliances for new market opportunities in ThailandThere are more than 100 universities produce more than 4,000 skill professional and overseasworkers annually. Some institutions, for example Software Park Thailand provided profes- Promote the usage of technology to all sectors to helpsional high skill enterprises training such as IT professional, project management, and increase productivity and competitivenesssoftware process. Provide office facilities, conference, meeting and training rooms for software companiesThai software industry has been developed deep in sectoral expertise in specific areas suchas mobile application, enterprise software in the several devices, graphic animation andhorizontal software such as tourism, financial services, logistics, hospital, food, agricultural,manufacturing industries and so on. Gateway to Software BusinessFor investment incentives from government, the tax privileges are applicable from Thailand Opportunity in ThailandBoard of Investment (BOI) with 8 years tax exemption for foreign start-up and incentiveapplied to equipment and machinery. The government also promotes the development of 3G www.swpark.or.thand Wimax, web 2.0 and security system.
  6. 6. Office of Small and Medium EnterprisesSoftware Park Thailand Promotion (OSMEP)0LVVLRQ 2IILFLDOV Office of Small and Medium Enterprises Promotion (OSMEP) was established under the Small and Medium Enterprises Promotion Act 2000 (Publicized in the Royal Gazette on February 17, 2000) as a juristic entity and a governmental office, not an official agency or state enterprise. Mission Leader (SWP Thailand) Vision “ To be the country’s central organization in formulating SMEs promotional policies and strategies as well as coordinating governmental and private working systems in achieving the strong and Mr.Thanachart Numnonda sustainable growth of SMEs as the main driving force of the country’s economy ” Director Key Duties 1. Formulating SMEs promotion master plan and SMEs promotional policies 2. Preparing action plan for the promotion of regional/sector SMEs as well as micro and community enterprises. Ms.Chamaiporn Pornpruethianan 3. Coordinating, monitoring, and evaluating the operations of public and private organiza Deputy Director tions in carrying out projects under SMEs promotion master plan and action plan 4. Establishing international cooperative networks between public and private sectors in Thailand and other countries in order to promote Thai SMEs in an international arena as well as encouraging collaboration and connection between Thai and international SMEs 5. Encouraging and supporting the establishment and operations of SMEs 6. Developing (pilot) systems and mechanisms for SMEs promotion and development such as financial support, innovation and technology support, marketing support, consulting Ms. Chatamon Poldul and mentoring system, incubation system, etc Business Analyst 7. Managing and monitoring special SMEs promotional projects under the government’s policies 8. Serving as the country’s SMEs information center and the central organization in conduct ing researches and studies on SMEs-related issues including SMEs early warning system 9. Developing information systems and networks to support the operations of SMEs 10. Studying and proposing an improvement of laws and regulations obstructing the opera Ms.Surinee Charoenkla tions and development of SMEs Business Analyst
  7. 7. Office of Small and Medium Enterprises Promotion0LVVLRQ 2IILFLDOVMission Leader (SWP Thailand) 2YHUYLHZ ,7 GHOHJDWLRQV Mr. Pak Tongsom Deputy Director General Our 18 delegates are from many various software categories who have worked and complied successfully to localization and international market. They are also worked as the partners with all of the world’s leading software companies including IBM, Microsoft, Oracle have significant presence in Thailand which their application has complied with global technology platform. Their presence solution are applied in many industrial sectors such as automobile, mobile, finance and banking, tourism, restaurants, retail, manufacturing, modern trade and so on. Mr. Channarong Aramku Senior Specialist The 18 Thai software solution categories are comprised 1. Financial and Banking software: Portfolio management, mutual fund and private bank, financial and bank testing, leasing, banking and financial application Mr. Manit Jatujariyapong Specialist, Financial Support Bureau 2. Interactive Marketing: Marketing and sale process information, CRM, Human Computer Interactive , Interactive experience system, Digital signage management 3. Manufacturing and Enterprise software: ERP, Fleet management, GPS, Point of sale (POS), Construction software Mr. Kanit Sataman Deputy Director of Central Administration Bureau 4. Mobile and Telecommunication: IT service for telecommunication, mobile network testing, Others: Open source, Cloud computing, application on android, iphone, ipad Ms. Chanthida Lohitsiri We are looking forward welcoming you and make the market collaboration in the near future. Senior Operational Office, Level 1
  8. 8. ta Indonesia ta Indonesia a kar a kar J J to to ion ion Th ai g at Th ai g at ICT e ICT le Trade Del Trade De AsiaBiz Networks Co.,Ltd. Builk Asia Co.,Ltd.Looking for : Looking for :Distributors / Business Partners Local partners e.g. construction material suppliers, contractors, Call Center Outsourcing Business Companies construction-related software houses and digital marketing consul- TV Shopping Companies tants in ASEAN countries to expand our network for marketing and IDC Companies localization. Software Services Companies Cooperation of sought: Foreign Agent and distributor, Licensing 99 Soi Ladprao 94, Ladprao Rd., Unit 8 D 8th Fl. G.P. House Sathorn Arrangement, Joint venture in foreign market. Plubpla, Wangtonglang, Focus on Construction-Specific Solutions; we developed wide range 466/31 Suanplu Rd., Sathorn Bangkok 10310, Thailand of ERP and supporting solutions for more than 200 leading Bangkok 10120 ThailandBusiness NatureProduct or Services: Tel : +66 2530 1681 construction companies in Thailand and overseas. We have a strong Tel : +66 2679 4040AsiaBiz Networks Company Limited was established in 2001 in Bangkok Fax : +66 2530 1681 ext.1109 network of construction people and construction businesses in Fax : +66 2679 4040Thailand. We provide CRM Consulting and CRM Application Services Thailand. www.builk.comfor Sales, Marketing,Service and Call Center Managements, as well as Center Outsourcing Service Solutions to many leading businessenterprises in Thailand. Business Nature Product or Services: Service Web Mobile Applications for Construction Industry Advertising support from construction-related material manufacCredential Reference, our company used to work it: turers and service providersSHARP Thailand , Bridgestone Sales Thailand, ZyXEL Thailand, NTTCommunications Thailand, Jebsen Jessen Technology Thailand, Baush Lomb Thailand, Stiebel Eltron Asia, TV Direct and S.B.Furnitures Credential Reference, our company used to work it: THAI OBAYASHI CORP. THAI NISHIMATSU CONSTRUCTION CO.,LTD. TATA STEEL (THAILAND) PCL. Mr.Pongsawat Krishnamra SCG NETWORK MANAGEMENT CO., LTD. Director Mr.Chalong Boonchian Director Mr.Narong Tanatammatorn Partner-Business Technology Strategy
  9. 9. ta Indonesia ta Indonesia a kar a kar J J to to ion ion Th ai g at Th ai g at ICT le ICT le Trade De Trade De Double M Technology Management Co.,Ltd. East innovation Co.,Ltd.Looking for : Looking for :System Integrator (SI) Foreign Agent/ DistributionCooperation sought of partner: Foreign Agents/Distributor,Joint-venture for distribution in foreign markets, Joint venture fordistribution in national market. Business Nature 99/23 Soi Rachadapisek, 14/1 Product or Services: 37th Floor, Suntowers Tower B, 123 Rachadapisek Rd. Bukkalo, GPS tracking system and fleet management Vibhavadi Rangsit Rd, LardyaoBusiness Nature Expert for Java programming, enterprises system, embedded Thonburi Bangkok 10600 Thailand Jatujak Bangkok 10900 ThailandProduct or Services: system, mobile communication Tel : +66 2876 4994 Focus on GPS tracking, Fleet management, car alarm system Tel : +66 2322 3928 ERP on cloud computing for manufacturing industry Fax : +66 2322 3926 Fax : +66 2876 4992 and traffic analystEye Fleet Double M SmarTBiz Cloud(ERP) /Double M JeGe Cloud Tracking and vehicle management 100% online between LTE, (Jewelry ERP) Technology platform on Oracle database. 3G, GPS, GPRS, SMS Technology based on Germany and USA Industry specific professional social networkCredential Reference, our company used to work it: digital platform for advertising related material manufacturing Bgrim Air Condition Co.,Ltd ( Carrier Air Condition Manufacturing and service providers Prima Food Co.,Ltd ( Food Manufcaturing) Profendor Co.,Ltd (Truck Performance Shock Manufacturing Siam Innovative Syspension Co.,Ltd (Motor Cydle performance) Credential Reference, our company used to work it: Yusen Global Logistic(Thailand) a branch of leader logistic company in Japan, SSI Sahaviriya Steel Industry a big public company limited in steel industry in Thailand, DTAC 2rd company in mobile telecommuni- cation in Thailand a Telenor Group, True Move 3rd company in mobile telecommunication in Thailand, Gateaux House leader in retail bakery in Thailand, Line transport a leader in Transportation steel. Mr.Apirak Chiangcharoen Mr.Oran Klongchit Business Development Director Managing Director
  10. 10. rt a Indonesia ta Indonesia aka a kar J J to to ion ion Th ai g at Th ai g at ICT le ICT le Trade De Trade De EWorks Consultants Co.,Ltd. KPSoft Co.,Ltd.Looking for : Looking for : Direct Sales Mobile Time Attendance Solution distribiution and implemen Foreign agents/ distributor tation partners Joint venture for distribution in foreign markets Fleet Management software and hardware ImplementorBusiness Nature 365/213 Chamnan Phenjati Building, Business Nature 29th Floor Lumpini Tower 1168/88Product or Services: 25th floor, Rama 9 Rd. Huay Kwang Product or Services: Rama IV Rd. TungmahamekEWorks is primarily focused on Technology consulting, e-government Bangkok 10310 Thailand Wireless technology and Mobile Application Sathorn Bangkok 10120 Thailandsolutions and Records Document management. Enterprise Mobile Solution Tel : +66 2248 8306-16 Tel : +66 2679 8556Our flagship products address the industry needs of – Financial M2M system, embedded softwareBanking sector, Enterprise Content Management Retail Sector Fax : +66 2248 8317 Fax : +66 2679 7280 Credential Reference, our company used to work it:Credential Reference, our company used to work it: True Move, True Corp, True Money, Kurnia Insurance, ThanachartIndonesia - PT. Pembangunan Jaya Ancol, tbk Insurance, CP Intertrade , Holcim, PruksaThailand - Tyco Electronics Corporation, PLP Asia Ltd, BB BroadbandSouth Africa - The City Administration of Cape Town Ms. Keson Kuntahsen Sale Director Mr. Nuttapon Boonpinon Units Mr.Gautam Ganguly Managing Director
  11. 11. ta Indonesia ta Indonesia a kar a kar J J to to ion ion Th ai g at Th ai g at ICT le ICT le Trade De Trade De ICE Solution Ltd. EIBIZ Co.,Ltd.Looking for : Looking for : System Integrator (SI) System Integrator (SI) for banking, retail store, healthcare and Business consultant specialized in sale and marketing man hospital, home media owner, business in digital dusplay. agement Consultants Solution Implementer especially Pharmaceutical,Cosmetic, Manufacturing that target customers in modern trade 210 Surawongse Rd. Sriphaya 318/31 Soi Sukhumvit 22 Bangrak, Bangkok 10500 Thailand Business Nature Sukhumvit Rd., Klongtoey Tel : +66 2233 1484 Product or Services: Bangkok 10110 ThailandBusiness Nature Digital signage and broadcasting system Fax : +66 2233 1481 Interactive Media Management System Tel : +66 2 663 1881Product or Services: Fax : +66 2 663 1882 Malee Enterprise (Thailand) Pfizer Animal Health (Thailand) L’Oreal (Thailand) Credential Reference, our company used to work it: L’Oreal (Singapore Media and PR industry, Entertainment house, Retail an hotel, Restaurant, Bank , Hospital and other organizations. Mr.Danupol Siamwalla Mr. Thotsaphon Phisutsil Managing Director Chief Technology Officer
  12. 12. ta Indonesia ta Indonesia a kar a kar J J to to ion ion Th ai g at Th ai g at ICT le ICT le Trade De Trade De Infotronics Co.,Ltd. ITOS Consulting Co., Ltd.Looking for : Looking for : System Integrator (SI), Software House, Government, and Software House to Localize technology marketing companies System Integrator Cooperation of sought: Direct sale, foreign agents, Licensing arrangement, Joint venture, subcontracting, Technology transfer 1/33 Soi Chaengwattana 23, Business Nature 28 Mahatharadol Building 2nd Product or Services: Chaengwattana Rd., Pakkred, Customized software development floor, Narathiwatratchanakharin12th Nonthaburi 11120 Thailand Ferry Ticket Management System Rd., Thungwatdon, Sathorn,Business Nature Tel : +66 296 2182 A complete system to manage your ferry ticket selling on and off line Bangkok 10120 ThailandProduct or Services: Can manage your car cuing at the port Software development , consulting, trading , SI and ITservice Fax : +66 296 2183 Tel : +66 2676 3805-7 Provide many management reports Fax : +66 2676 3808 Business process analysis, consultancy and design solution Compact Treasury and Risk Management Specific application and industry focus Designed for auto lease companies info-Track (mobile CCTV + GPS tracking Easy to manage your cash flow info-ProRCA ( Root case analysis) Provide risk management and costing reports Info-Vtiger CRM (CRM, saleforce) Power Auto Lease info-ME (Maintenance management) Full functions from loan applications to contract preparation info-Adempiere ERP (Opensource ERP Web based info-DCCs (disaster call center system) Provide many management and KPI reports info-iMPOS (mobile agent payment system) Opensource ERP and CRM Credential Reference, our company used to work it:Credential Reference, our company used to work it: Customized software developmentThailand: Thai airways, CAT telecom, Loxley company, Bangkok city Ferry Ticket Management Systempolice, Ministry of interior A complete system to manage your ferry ticket selling on and off line Can manage your car cuing at the port Provide many management reports Compact Treasury and Risk Management Mr.Thammatat Sripen Designed for auto lease companies Mr.Pipat Poesriprasert Easy to manage your cash flow Managing Director Managing Director Provide risk management and costing reports Power Auto Lease Full functions from loan applications to contract preparation Web based Provide many management and KPI reports
  13. 13. ta Indonesia ta Indonesia a kar a kar J J to to n n Th tio Th tio ai ga ai ga ICT le ICT le Trade De Trade De KPSoft Company Ltd. Pichaya Solution Co.,Ltd.Looking for : Looking for : Software House (Accounting software, Financial software) Direct sale/ sole agent System Integrator for automobile, logistics Foreign Agents / distribution Partners in automobile and logistics , baning and accounting Joint venture for distribution in foreign market industries Join-venture for distribution in national market 48/28 Soi Rungrueng Pacific Apt. room 102-103 1st floor, Radchadapisak Rd, Samsen Nok 23, 25 Soi supapong 1 SrinakarinBusiness Nature Business Nature Huai khwang Bangkok 10310 Rd.Nongbon Prawej 10250Product or Services: Product or Services: One of leading software for finance and banking companies in Thailand Thailand Manufacturing and warehouse management Thailand. Tel : +66 2167 3162-4 Tel : +66 2720 5033 Consulting and implementing for manufacturing industry Total software solution for SMEs such as finance, banking, automo Fax : +66 2167 3160 Fax : +66 2720 5044 Proposed Solution: PEAR Manufacturing and warehouse manage bile, accounting, and consulting services ment (PEAR MWM) -Purchasing management -Sale ManagementCredential Reference, our company used to work it: -Inventory Control managementHyundai Motor Thailand, Mitsubishi Motor Thailand, Islamic Bank of -Manufacturing and production managementThailand, Siam Kubota Thailand, Leasing Sinn Asia, KTB Leasing , Govern- Technology Platform: .Net Framework technologyment Saving Bank, Kasikorn Leasing Credential Reference, our company used to work it: Thailand: Manufacturing, Retail and wholesale, warehouse and inventory especially in Assembly process, Machinery and Tools, Chemical products and iron steel etc. for various size of factory from SMEs size factory to large scale factory. Ms. Amika Sriphong Mr.Kanapol Wongphichayavisal Senior Sale Director Managing Director
  14. 14. ta Indonesia ta Indonesia a kar a kar J J to to ion ion Th ai g at Th ai g at ICT le ICT le Trade De Trade De Synature Technology Co.,Ltd. SpotOn Interactive Co.,Ltd.Looking for : Looking for : Restaurant and fast food chain, spa and beauty shop, specialty Interactive Experience System (iXs): event organizers, exhibitors, retail shop such as, cloths, shoes and cosmetics marketing planner. Foreign Agents/ Distributors/Local System Integrators co-LAB: educators, content creators, education system integrators, Licensing Arrangement training firms and government agency Joint venture for distributor in foreign market Conductor: Specialists and System Integrator (SI) in fields of 55/165 Soi Ladprao 88, Ladprao 48/1-2 Ratchadapisek Road business intelligence, security, government infrastructure control, Rd., Plubpla Wangthonglang, Samsennok HuayKwang Bangkok media entertainment control or financial traders. Bangkok 10310 Thailand 10310 ThailandBusiness Nature Tel : +66 2530 3835-6 Tel : +66 89 301 4459Product or Services: Fax : +66 2530 3092 Fax : +66 2693 3481“Interactive POS and IT services for retail and service business” Business Nature Product or Services: System: Design to work with restaurant, spa and retail shop, such as Interactive Experience System (iXs): an integrated solution based onapparels, shoes, and cosmetics multiple leading-edge technologies in creating a “wow factor” for Front End.NET Application, Web-based Back Office and Inventory products and branding presentation at events and exhibitions. iXsControl application combines technologies such as multi-touch surface, augmented reality, RFID tagging, eye-tracking, over-the-air touch, and smart devices (iPad/iPhone) to generate innovative experience that has never been done before.Credential Reference, our company used to work it: co-LAB: a collaborative learning platform that offers a powerful collab- Café Chain: Café Amazon, Café Doro, 94 Coffee orative environment supported by multi-touch technology. It is the first Restaurant/Fast Food: Ootoya, Greyhound Café, Daddy Dough, learning platform that truly bridging the digital learning (eLearning) Holland Beer, and physical group-working, “the more involvement, the more compre- Spa: Thai Privilege spa; Qi Shishedo, Vie Slim hension” . Mr. Nipon Akarapimand Conductor: Based on the latest interactive technologies such as multi- Specialty Retail: Sport Revolution (Nike, Adidas, Crocs), Playboy, Etude Managing Director touch surface, over-the-air touch, 3-D hologram, Conductor is a central- ized platform provides the fastest and easiest way for users to access many data sources, visualize data in big picture and in details, com- mand other connected devices, communicate with the other long- distance locations, collaborate with colleagues. Mr.Pawin Suthapong (Paul) Industry specific professional social network Chief Executive Officer digital platform for advertising related material manufacturing and service providers Credential Reference, our company used to work it: Beartai Hightech digital TV show/ Lex Lifestyle Electronics (Malaysia) / Learning Complex / CCM System Co.,Ltd/ iSecurity Mr. Chatchai Tolertmongkol Marketing and Business Director
  15. 15. ta Indonesia rt a Indonesia a kar aka J J to to ion ion Th ai g at Th ai g at ICT e le Trade Del ICT Trade De Verisette Co., Ltd. Wealth Management System Ltd.Looking for : Looking for :Distributors / Business Partners System Integrator (SI) as foreign distributors Bank / Financial Indonesia Ex banker, ex bank manager, ex fund managers System Integrator (SI) IT outsourcing companies Testing Integration companies Business Nature Central Plaza Cheangwattana 5-7 /F, Chin Pong Building IT Trader companies Product or Services: Office tower, 9th floor, 99/9 Moo2 383 Ladya Road, Klongsan, Financial software and risk management, consulting service provider Cheangwattana Rd. Bangtalad Product or Services: Bangkok 10600 Thailand Pakkred Nonthaburi 11120 Specialized solution in Portfolio Management Tel : +66 2861 4820Business NatureProduct or Services: Thailand Private Bank and Mutual Fund Fax : +66 2861 4820 Software Testing Tel : +66 81 580 4748 Fund Selling Agent and Registrar Group of software test professionals, providing software Testing Fax : + 66 2731 1763and quality management services. Testing on processes for clients in various domains: banking,financial, retail and telecom Credential Reference, our company used to work it: Testing services provider Thailand: Deutsche Bank in Jakarta, Ministry of Finance: Public Debt Comply to implement on complexity in banking and financial Management Office; Government Pension Fund; Government Securitiesapplications such as loan products, deposit products, collateral product, OfficeG/L, data warehouse, and CRM. Focus our testing strategies, plans and executions not only on therisks in IT project but also on the potential risks to the business side. Dedicated to software quality across the whole software projectlifecycle Successfully applied testing principles and theories in many pastprojectsCredential Reference, our company used to work it:Thailand : SUM system Co.,Ltd/ (Fronted and Mr.Veerasith Wongkarn Mr.Arthaphivich Sirinaparangkulbackend design and architect) Principle Consultant Executive to vice president
  16. 16. rt a Indonesia J aka to ion Th ai g at ICT le Trade De Web Business Solution Co.,Ltd.Looking for :Partner/Dealer/Software Business Cooperation/POS Seller/RetailBusinessBusiness Nature 99 Soi Ladprao 94, Ladprao Rd.,Product or Services: Plubpla, Wangtonglang, BangkokAdasoft started providing IT services to the Thailand market by Develop Retail Application so called AdaPos and Wholesale 10310 ThailandApplication , AdaSmart Tel : +66 2530 1681 Enhance our application such as integrated AdaPos with ERP Fax : +66 2530 1681 ext.1109system Supply Hardware for retail solution such as Epson , IBM , Fujitsu, www.adapos.comMettlor Toledo, Symbol, Intermec and etc Development software base on customer requirements Consulting for retail and wholesale businessWe have been very much in the forefront of leading edge technologythat into practical real-life solutions and intend to continue deliveringour solutions to the region and have currently initiated entry into theIndochina countries.Business Nature: We are the state-of-the-art software developer (Pointof Sale), providing sublime implementation by the company’s skillfulstaff. Various IT applications as well as services are also provided by thecompany.Product or Services: With the company’s significance in developingsoftware and in providing other IT services, we are proud to provide ourcustomers the most hi-tech and practical facilitator in running theirbusinesses. Our following products are developed and introduced tothe market under the trademarks AdaPos , AdaPos.NetPackage Product: AdaPosLight , AdaPosSME , AdaPosHypermart , Ms. Saowanee YaemkongAdaPosFashion , AdaPos.Net Restaurant Senior Business Development ManagerKey Success Factors: Adasoft is a Point of Sale leader in Thailand with 10years experienced and CMMI (level 3) certified. saowanee@ada-soft.comCredential Reference, our company used to work it:Hugo Boss / Gucci / Thai Air Asia / Swarovski / Family Mart / WineConnection / FANCL / Foodland / Nestle / The Emporium DepartmentStore / Siam Paragon / The Mall / CPN / TopLand / PlayGround /Burberry