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Software Park Newsletter 1/2011

  1. 1. Volum 1 / 2011 Software Industry in Transformation Facing the Need for Fundamental Change
  2. 2. 02Editorial Table of Contents Page The software industry environment is in theprocess of fundamental change The new era of cloudcomputing has brought an abrupt change to the way Asia-Oceania Regional Software Park Alliance 3in which software is designed marketed sold andused This demands that software developers mustchange their mindset away from the old client serverbusiness model to one based on software services in A message from the Chairman of Software Park Thailand’s board 4order to give their products scalability and the capacityto thrive in this new environment. Organizations leading the industry have mappeda clear path to expansion in the new era. Software Park Thailand Where we’re going in 2011 5 At an international level the current presidentof the Asia Oceania Regional Software Park AllianceLam Nguyen Hai Long is proposing closer internationalcollaboration He sees the mission of the alliance as poolingthe resources of its members and expanding its membership Thailand Software Park Alliance : Getting together for strength and progress 7to include other economies in the region in order to helplocal software and IT-related businesses to penetrate andsucceed in global markets. Closer to home Software Park Thailand is forging Software Park Thailand’s Events 10a new spirit of collaboration with other software park 12operators both government and privately run with Buoyant Market Outlookthe aim of pooling strengths and resources to achieve abroad synergism Among other things this collaboration for Thailand as ICT evolvesaims to help the ow of both resources and workspreading and sharing them to and from the centrein Bangkok and regional parks in provincial cities Asthe region stands at the brink of the Asean EconomicCommunity this policy promises to give Thailand’ssoftware industry the strength it needs to remain at theforefront of the Asia Oceania software market. Software Park Thailand is also preparing to createa “software estate” a business ecosystem for the softwareindustry with a function similar to that of industrial estates.It is also proposing the creation of a “software cluster”or collaborative grouping of software related industriesestablished under the Thailand Software Park Allianceand focused on four main issues provision of virtualo ces via technology technology transfer businessmatching and cobranding activities. All these moves are aimed at assisting thedevelopment of local and regional software and ITindustries at a time of fundamental technological andeconomic change Not only must we adapt, but softwaredevelopers in the Asia Oceania region must prosper withfar-sighted industrial and government direction to occupya prominent place on the world software and IT map. Software Park Thailand Newsletter is produced by Software Park Thailand under the National Science and Technology Development Agency, Address: 99/31 Software Park Building, Chaengwattana Rd., Pakkred, Nonthaburi 11120, Thailand.Tel.+662 583 9992 Fax: + 662 583 2884;
  3. 3. Asia-Oceania Regional Software Park Alliance 03 The first attempts members promoting visits between Alliance members in order toto create a collaborative share experiences and business opportunities and establishing aorganization to speak with a soft landing zone in Vietnam.unified voice for softwareindustries throughout the Q: Could you outline the action plans you will roll outAsia-Oceania region were through the Alliance during 2011 and 2012?made at a Regional Software A: At present my action plan is to upload information on toPark Forum in Bangkok in 2007. SPA’s website that is strongly aimed at sharing experiences and Unofficially the Asia opportunities for investment cooperation.Oceania Regional Software Next we will create a soft landing zone in Vietnam so that Mr.Lam Nguyen Hai LongPark Alliance (SPA) was formed Alliance members and their tenants or members can utilize thisin that year when software facility.park operations and IT related organizations throughout the We will also promote and advertise the image of the Allianceregion saw the benefits of unity in confronting global markets. in the international community through media channels. A year later the alliance was officially established We are also organizing a special event an annual workshopbringing together 22 software related organizations from 13 to share experiences and information At present we areeconomies in the Asia-Oceania region Members signed a cooperating with the Vietnam Consumer Digital World Expo oneMemorandum of Understanding in Xiamen China on of the biggest and most prestigious ICT events in Southeast AsiaSeptember 8, 2008. to hold this forum It is expected to take place in Ho Chi Minh City The vital mission of the alliance is to help local software Vietnam from July 14 to July 17 and again in December this year.and IT related businesses in the region to enter and succeed in I hope it will attract the attention of countries in the Asia-global markets To achieve this it aims to assist the development Oceania region that are not yet members of SPA so that they willof regional software and IT industries giving them a prominent join on the world software and IT map. The three year old alliance has been moving towards Q: What key areas of collaboration between software parksachievement of its mission as is clear from an interview granted will you focus on?by the incumbent President of the alliance Lam Nguyen Hai Long A: I would like to focus on plans for each [software park] memberof Vietnam exclusively for Software Park Thailand’s Newsletter. to act as a soft-landing zone to serve Alliance members [who are expanding into new markets] I am trying my best to quicken theQ: Whats the mission of Asia Oceania Regional Software pulse of the SPA "from vision to action" Simultaneously I also wantPark Alliance, in your terms? to hasten the mutual sharing of infrastructure and software.A: Following on the work of previous Presidents I am This is the power of cooperation drawing advantage frompursuing the Software Park Alliance mission which includes all of the SPA members to establish long term business plans andbuilding and enhancing the SPA image for investors as well as innovations in this competitive industry and promoting strongfor the international community. development in each area I believe that this cooperation will create As the new president of SPA in 2011 I would like to strength between Alliance members and strength for our ICT industryenhance cooperation between the ICT industry in Vietnam compared to other software parks around the world.and those in other economies in the Asia-Oceania region to The Alliance will also enhance bilateral and multilateraldevelop the ICT industry so that it is stronger and more effective cooperation to create value for each countrys software [industry]and expand the SPA to other economies in the region by For myself I want to use and enhance the strength and theadmitting more members. advantages of each regional economic community in order to Q: What are the main strategies of the SPA in 2011 and build a soft landing zone [in Vietnam] I must accomplish that in2012, and what are the key performance indicators for this term. these? A: The SPA’s main strategy for 2011 and 2012 is to share : The power of cooperationinfrastructure and information among the Alliance membersand their tenants or members We will create “soft landingzones” in each economy so that Alliance members and theirtenants or members can use these facilities [when expandinginto new markets] At the same time we will build the prestigeof the alliance and give it a high position in the internationalcommunity consistent with general economic developmentin the new era. The key performance indicators will include frequentlyupdating information on to our website for the benefit of alliancemembers promoting community consistent with generaleconomic development in the new era. The key performance indicators will include frequentlyupdatinginformation on to our website for the benefit of alliance
  4. 4. 04 A message from the Chairman of Software Park Thailand’s board Manoo Ordeedolchest.The ‘do or die’ challenge of the cloud The new era of cloud computing is forcingsoftware developers into a “do or die” situation accordingto the Chairman of Software Park Thailand’s boardManoo Ordeedolchest. Manoo Ordeedolchest He said cloud computing was changing the waypeople used software so developers had to changetheir mindset away from the old client/server basisfor design of their products They have to learn newtechnologies in designing and developing software sothat it is not only service based but is capable of changingin size or scale according to the number of users. Manoo described the Thai software industry asbeing in the middle of a trans formation forced bythe most influential technology platform yet createdcloud computing The challenges of cloud computingare not only playing an important role in the designand development of software but are also forcingchanges to the software business model “If software companies do notchange their mindset and do not redesign software toserve the cloud computing The growing acceptance of cloud computing environment they will die sooner or later. In the long runamong businesses is not due simply to its technological they will not be able to run a software business ” he said.advantages A major consideration is cost and businessesare turning away from investing in their ownsoftware The competitive models in the information andto instead use servicesprovided by software companies communications technology (ICT) industry include ICT asvia the cloud based on payment per use So as well as a business ICT as an enabler and ICT as asupporter. Manoochanging the way companies are designing and developing said that in the era of cloud computing software companiessoftware cloud computing is bringing market opportunities should focus on ICT as an enabler and as a supporterfor software firms he said. because these two models would have the greatest impact on the country’s gross domestic product (GDP). “The wide Internet connected infrastructure andthe growing acceptance of cloud computing opens However to be effective as either an enabler ornew doors for software companies to access potential supporter for other business and industry sectors softwarecustomers But they have to change their mindset and companies have to be able to use the correct latestdevelop software that is aligned to the concept of cloud technologies.computing ” Manoo said. Software companies that attempt to provide their The major difference in technology facing developers existing software suites on the cloud without redesigningis the use of non SQL databases allowing the design of them will face the challenge of scalability when the numbersoftware with more scala bility. of users increases and these companies will ultimately fail Manoo said. “In the cloud computing environment the scalabilityof software is the most important issue They will be “The local software industry as a whole needs tonot succeed in providing software on the cloud if they be aware of these matters It is the role of Software Parkcontinue to build software with the old technology of the Thailand to educate Thai software firms so that theyclient-server environment based on an object oriented understand this transition period and to help the softwaredatabase” Manoo said. industry to undergo these changes successfully ” he said. The current major technology about whichdevelopers must learn before designing new softwareis that related to relational databases.
  5. 5. 05Where we’re going in 2011 Thailand’s softwareindustry is in the midst oftransformation its outlook oneof unprecedented opportunity. Software Park Thailanda government organization Q: How will Software Park Thailand promote andhas the vital role of driving encourage the software industry in Thailand?the software industry througha changing technological A: Software Park Thailand will work as a “software-estate”environment and into a future industry We will create an ecosystem for the software industry andof strong business growth. create a “software cluster” in order to connect with other software The following is an parks in the nation such as E-Saan Software Park Korat Software Parkinterview granted to Software . Dr Thanacha r t Numnonda and Software Park Phuket [In this way we hope] they will poolPark Newsletter by Software developers so as to create demand and supply for the softwarePark Thailand’s Director Thanachat Numnonda. He speaks about industry within this virtual software park and provide cobrandingthe directions of support for the software industry. alliances for businesses to support the industry. Moreover Software Park Thailand will provide one stop Q: Can you tell us about Software Park Thailand’s services and technology transfer between software parks withdirection and policies for promotion and support of the in the cluster so that software companies are able to run theirsoftware industry? businesses by themselves. We will gather with software companies in order to A: Software Park Thailand was establish n 1999 under build their business strength by usingsuch strategies as businessthe Science and Technology Ministry We have the aim of developing matching The park is also working with the Center for PromotionSoftware Park into a “softwar e-estate community” similar to an of Imports from Developing Countries in the Netherlands toindustrial estate for software houses which will gather all software provide software outsourcing andcompanies and developers from both government organizations incubation services so this will create a virtual software parkand the private sector into a virtual Software Park Thailand. or a virtual park model within which Software Park Thailand will The park will also work with the Software Industry Promotion be a hub for software companies and developers in the nationAgency (SIPA) to facilitate the business of developers and software Software Park Thailand will also be able to provide informationcompanies such as by SIPA’s provision of tax incentives to support and knowledge on technology and business trends to supportsoftware investors and software companies. software companies and businesses. Q: What technology trends and new technology will Software Park Thailand promote among software companies and developers? A: Software Park Thailand will promote cloud technology and develop a database to support both existing software businesses and newcomers to the software industry. The Park will also work with its partners to develop a mobile application developmentgroup called Mobile Technology for Thailand(MT2 or MT square). MT2 will become the centre for all stakeholders in Thai- lands mobile application development ecosystem pooling the resources and contributions of all founding organizations. It will provide technological know how development facilities training and assistance to commercial software developers.
  6. 6. 06 Q: How will Software Park Thailand lift the potential of local so ftware companies and businesses? Q: How will Software Park Thailand cooperate with A: We w ill provide technolo gy trans fer to localother organizations to promote the software industry? software compan ies and businesses covering such as mobile applications and cloudcomputing The park will also work with King Mongkuts Institu te of Technology Lat Krabang to create a A: We will work with business partners to create strength mini master’s course in iOS and wit h Assumption University tofor the cluster of developers software businesses and companies provide a master’s degree course in IT Security management.enabling them to move forwards rapidly by using new and The Park will also work with True Corporation to developsuitable technologies that will lead business and industry. a cloud computing project called The Winner Project to provide Moreover the park will work with business partners to support for software companies that wish to utilize cloud computingdevelop alliances and coventures to support and develop to provide software as a service to their companies to meet the demands of the market It is also working with business partners to develop anationwide We will also provide training to each cluster so Thailand outsourcing center and to provide an e-market for thethat each cluster will able to provide training to members in software industry. This will be based on the same model as thetheir areas. famous e-market store The park will collaborate We will also promote the “SPI@ease” program which with partners to establish the software e-marketplace as anaims to raise the software development process to global online store for local software companies It will be designedstandards by applying for CMMI (Capability Maturity Model to give these companies an alternative and effective channel forIntegration) certification Financial subsidies will be provided delivering their software products at lower cost In this way itto Thai software companies that join this program The park has will help the local software industry to make the best use ofa target of helping 22 local companies to reach international existing human resources to provide their products via onlinestandards in the next three years divided into four companies marketing.reaching CMMI level 2 13 companies getting to CMMI level 3and 5 companies reaching CMMI level 5. The budget for this Q: What do you think of the outlook for the softwareprogram is Bt36 million. industry in Thailand? The park will also cooperate with SIPA to promoteand develop software to support public demand. A: I think that global trends are focusing on services and that services will become a major part of the software industry This is an opportunity for software companies and [I believe] they will focus their business on providing software services Thailand should develop a range of information technology architectures and mobile applications to support the industry. Thai companies also have more opportunities to develop software to support tourism and small and medium sized enterprises This software will support the travel ecosystem and SMEs will be able to use customer relationship management (CRM) to support their niche markets. Local developers will also provide customized software applications to businesses such as logistics and retail industries.
  7. 7. 07Thailand Software Park AllianceGetting together for strength and progress One of Software Park Thailand’s major strategies is thecreation of a united software industry in Thailand, giving it theresources and strength it needs to be the front runner in theAsia-Oceania region. To that end it has initiated collaboration with othersoftware park operators in the country both government andprivately run with the aim of pooling resources and combiningtheir strengths so the software industry is not fragmented. The move is the first of its kind to pool the capability of E-Saan Software Parksoftware parks throughout the country all of which have different This park was established eight years ago at Khonstrengths and focus areas The collaboration aims to help the flow Kaen University as a centre to support and promoteof software development resources and work from the center in the software industry in the Northeast Its formation cameBangkok to and from parks located in provincial cities It is also from a collaborative effort involving Khon Kaen Universityenvisaged that the flow of software development and jobs will the Khon Kaen Chamber of Commerce and the Federationextend to the Asia-Pacific region through Software Park Thailand’s of Thai Industries Khon Kaen Chapter.regional network the Asia Oceania Software Park Alliance. The park’s role is to support the operations of local businesses with software and technologies It is both a supporterThailand Software Park Alliance (TSPA) and facilitator encouraging local businesses to adopt software Software Park Thailand’s director Thanachart Numnonda and technologies developed by local software companies.said that collaboration under the Thailand Software Park Alliance The park focuses onfocused on four main matters virtual office via technology technologytransfer business matching and cobranding activities One of its Wanchai Soomlegfirst benefits will be the development of a database of all softwarecompanies in Thailand as well as a database of services offered bythe various software parks It is hoped this will be a springboard foroperators planning to establish new software parks giving them ajump start instead of starting from zero. “Finally we will get together to set up a committee to workas a coordinator of the activities of all software parks ” Thanachartsaid. Local software parks that have already joined the ThailandSoftware Park Alliance include E-Saan Software Park Korat Software Web based software services enterprise software and openPark (Thailand) and Software Park Phuket. source software said its director Wanchai Soomleg.
  8. 8. 08 E-Saan Software Park has recently been appointed as aMicrosoft Technology Associate (MTA) and as such it providesservices including technology training and Microsoft certifications. “As an MTA the park can provide certification to developerswho pass the [necessary] examinations The park also providestraining At present it is training 150 developers every six monthsWe aim that about 60 to 70 per cent of these people will getMicrosoft certifications The more international certifications ourdevelopers have the more opportunities and jobs there will be fordevelopers living in this region ” Wanchai said. The park is also a testing center for open source softwareThe testing is done online and involves developers from Khon The first phase is expected to require investment ofKaen and nearby provinces including Maha Sarakham Roi Et and about US$20 million (Bt605.69 million) and construction isUdon Thani. expected to begin before the end of this year Facilities in the However the park ’s main functions are business first phase will include an academy of higher education adevelopment and introducing companies to markets techno- software research and development center focusing onlogy transfer software business incubation business and infor agriculture tourism and the environment a softwaremation technology consulting and rental and training facilities. incubation center a software business park a disaster recovery Currently the park has eight local software companies center a call center and a preinformation communicationin incubation and it houses three other software firms It is a technology school.member of the Thailand Software Alliance (TSPA) which helps Korat Software Park is set to be the hub of softwarethe park to keep up to date with the latest technologies as development in the northeastern part of Thailand It is supportedwell ashosting collaboration with other parks in order to match by and linked to local educational institutes and plans to supplysoftware resources and markets. software and technology to local business and industry as well as that across the country through its collaboration with Korat Software Park the Thailand Software Park Alliance. Set up in 2009 with the support of the Nakhon Ratchasima Within Nakhon Ratchasima province there are sixProvincial Administrative Organization Korat Software Park aims to university level education institutes Nakhon Ratchasimamake Nakhon Ratchasima Province a “software industrial city” in the Rajabhat University Suranaree University of Technologynext three years (Korat is a traditional Thai name for Nakhon Rajamangala University of Technology Isaan VongchavalitkulRatchasima) To create the software industrial city of its vision the University Nakhon Ratchasima College and Phanomwanpark needs to produce at least 5,000 software professionals within the College These institutions combined produce nearly 1,300next three years. technology students per year. The head of Korat Software Park Phadet Jinda said the “Korat Software Park will work with these partnerspark was currently in the “feasibility study and design” phase that provide University Business Incubation (UBI) at eachBy next year construction phase 1 is expected to commence In university to pool resources to supply locally developedits first phase Korat Software Park plans to launch the Khao Yai ICT software and technology to the local market including localAcademy (KICTA). KICTA will be located in the Khao Yai National government industry businesses and small- and medium-sizedPark 160 kilometers from Bangkok, on 48.5 hectares of land. enterprises (SMEs) ” Phadet said. The park also aims to promote the use of software Phadet Jinda technology and innovation in the local government and business sectors in order to help them take advantage of technologies while at the same time helping to encourage the local software industry. “Joining both the local and regional software park alliances will help local and newly started software parks like Korat Software Park to set up and run efficiently and strongly. Working with partners will help to pool our strength and resources eventually driving the country’s software industry forward ” he said.
  9. 9. 09Software Park Phuket This park was founded in late 2008 with support fromSoftware Park Thailand, the Southern Science Park and BlueLagoon Phuket It results from the government’s vision of makingPhuket an international city. Earlier Phuket became an ICT City in 2000 so that all ICT-related infrastructures were developed to improve the quality oflife for local people and meet the expectations of internationalvisitors. The main goal of Software Park Phuket is to extend businessopportunities to small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs)Its mission is to turn Phuket into a software development center. Kongkiat Kespechara The park’s director Kongkiat Kespechara said SoftwarePark Phuket was set to become a Science Park for Software in the services include teleconferencing and hosting.southern part of Thailand It focuses on two main pillars of software Software Park Phuket recently kicked off collaborationresearch and development healthcare and tourism. with Microsoft ( Thailand) to roll out the first phase of a This year the park’s flagship project has been collaboration Microsoft Innovation Center in the southern part of thewith local universities to transform their research and development country The first phase lasts about seven months A Microsoftoutcomes into marketable products The park’s innovation and Innovation Center provides training consulting and proofincubation center is playing a major role in this mission. of concept for projects. The manager of Software Park Phuket’s Innovation and “The park provides a Microsoft technology trainingIncubation Center Rattana Wetprasit said the park’s mission service both offline and online from Microsoft experts ”was to commercialize research and development by matching Rattana said.development of software companies in the park with research The park is now working on helping local softwareat universities It coordinates and facilitates all the necessary developers to apply their developments in the real world Theseservices in the matching process in order to turn research into include a mobile application for a healthcare project that iscommercial services. supported by the Phuket Provincial Administrative Organization “Currently we are in the process of matching a software and a mobile application for tourism at Patong’s healthcare solution with research at Prince of Songkhla “All the moves are aimed to drive Phuket as the centerUniversity This project is likely to attract R&D funding from the of software research and development in the southern region.National Innovation Agency This year we will see more collaboration We are also closely collaborating with Software Park Thailandlike this ” Rattana said. and other local software parks to combine our strength to At the same time the park is maintaining services including drive Thailand’s software industry forwards ” Rattana said.rental space and business and technology services. Currently thereare 10 companies located in the park excluding those that are inincubation The park currently has three “in wall incubatees” and13 “out of wall incubates” . She said business services included processes likecompany registration applying for Board of Investment supportand business backup such as accounting systems Technology
  10. 10. 10 Software Park Thailand Events Get ready for AEC 2015 SeminarBusiness Delegation from Vietnam CIO (May 31, 2011)Club (March 14, 2011) The implementation of the Asean Economic Community Software Park Thailand welcomed an ICT trade delegation in 2015 for the software industry was the subject of a seminarfrom Vietnam led by the CEO and CIO Club and headed by Vie hosted by Software Park Thailand on May 31. The event wastnam’s Ambassador to Thailand His Excellency Mr. Ngo Duc Thang. entitled “Asean Economic Community (AEC) 2015 Is the Software Park Thailand organized an IT business matching Opening-Up of Trade and Services in the AEC a Barrier or ansession involving Thai and Vietnamese software companies and Opportunity?”also took the delegation to visit the some tenants and Incubation The seminar sought not only to transfer knowledge butCenter in the park. also to encourage analysis of the new trading environment so that Thai software businesses can prepare for 2015 by perceiving the AEC not only as a real change but as an opportunity. Lectures and forum discussions at the seminar involved both local software companies and government sector representatives including the representatives from Ministry of Information and Communication Technology, Department of Trade Negotiations Ministry of Commerce Microsoft (Thailand) and MFEC Plc.MT2 Alliance (April 26, 2011) In an effort to put Thailand’s mobile application softwareindustry on the world map nine government private and educational organizations have joined hands to form a group calledMobile Technology for Thailand (MT2 or MT Squared). MT2 will become the centre for all stakeholders in Thailands ICT and E-Government Seminarmobile application development ecosystem pooling the resources and contributions of all founding organizations It will (April 20, 2011)provide technological knowhow development facilities training Seminar on “Enterprise Architecture for E-Government”and assistance to commercial software developers. jointly hosted by Software Park Thailand, the Thailand chapter The nine founding organizations are the Telecommuni of the International Association of Software Architects (IASA)cations Research and Industrial Development Institute (Tridi) and the E-Government Agency sought to create awarenessSoftware Park Thailand the National Electronic and Computer and provide knowledge related to the drive towards e-governTechnology Centre (Nectec) Kasetsart University King Mongkut s ment and the ICT architecture.Institute of Technology Lat Krabang Microsoft (Thailand) Intel Guest speakers are from major IT related organizationMicroelectronics (Thailand) Samart Corporation and Spring such as DTAC PTT ICT Solutions Oracle (Thailand) MicrosoftTelecom while private sector members of MT2 are including (Thailand) Chulalongkorn University and the E-GovernmentIntel Microelectronics (Thailand) and Microsoft (Thailand). Agency.
  11. 11. Buoyant Market Outlook12 for Thailand as ICT evolves Thailand’s information and com Telephony Service Providers (ITSPs) and It says that demand for mobile-datamunications technology (ICT) market is Internet Service Providers (ISPs) that have usewill continue to grow in 2011 becausebelieved to be among those with the highest Internet data-center facilities. of the popularity of smart phones andpotential in the Asia-Pacific region. It says the use of smart phones has mobile devices not only among ordinary According to the Software Industry become an important part of the modern consumers but also among business usersPromotion Agency (SIPA) the country’s Thai lifestyle and lately smart phones have This is mainly due to strong demand fromtotal ICT market covering computer hard shown massive growth It believes that new mobile Internet access instant messagingware and software computer services and product mixes with strategic pricing will services and social equipment is expected continue to generate momentum in the IDC expects that vendors of businessto reach a value of Bt678.64 billion in 2011 market specifically those from vendors offer analytics software will introduce tools thatThis means it is expected to grow at a rate of ing systems infrastructure storage security will provide enterprises with on demand11.7 per cent from its value of Bt607.38 billion and services solutions. social analytic solutions These will minein 2010. Listing the trends that it believes will text and analyze “sentiment” in customer Market research firm International have the biggest commercial impact on the data dispersed over social websites suchData Corporation (IDC) says the overall ICT Thailand ICT market in 2011 IDC says mini as Facebook Twitter YouTube and blogsmarket in Thailand will be shaped by advance notebooks will feel the pressure from the rise It also believes that wider adoption ofments in social media greater acceptance of of media tablets IT service providers will social platforms across enterprises willsmart phones and increased demand for further refine their verticalization strategies encourage investments in analytics todata services for both fixed and wireless business on the cloud will materialize social com-plement online community feedcommunications. media will benefit from the advantage of back and sen timent. “We believe that rising consumer social-analytics or exploring analytics abilities The leaders of industry organizationsdemand for mobile devices and personal over social platforms mobile operating sys within Thailand’s ICT market have alsocomputing systems will play an important tems and application design will span multiple been enthusiastic in their outlooks.role in driving ICT spending in Thailand ” mobile platforms the rise of integrated insaid IDC Thailand’s research manager At frastructure solutions will stir channel devetaphon Satidkanitkul. “Comparing the dif lopment consumers will invest more in licensedferent verticals the financial services tele security software and the rising demand forcommunication and government sectors mobile data services will stimulate operatorsare likely to be dominant spenders.” to customize a variety of packages. Boonrak Sarakanond The firm sees the upward trend in The firm says the hype surrounding mediainformation technology (IT) spending con tablets has already led many consumers to Association of Thai ICT Industry (ATCI)tinuing in 2011 with year on year growth think twice about buying a new PC especially president Boonrak Sarakanond said Thailand’sof 9.3 per cent in combined spending on a mini notebook The mini notebooks market ICT market continued to grow despite the recenthardware software and IT services Total IT is hurting not only in demand but also in supply.spending will therefore probably exceed PC and smart phone vendors all began to launchUS$6.5 billion or more than Bt197 billion media tablets late in 2010 targeting the same IDC also believes the infrastructure as segment that used to use mini notebooks IDCa service (IaaS) cloud computing model says Thailand should record significant adoptionwill be widely adopted in 2011 These ser of media tablets in the second quarter of thisvices are likely to be offered by Internet year. Continue Page 11