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Atg – Oracle Express Edition


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Atg – Oracle Express Edition

  1. 1. ATG – Oracle Express Edition Download & Installation - Keyur Shah (
  2. 2. Oracle XE - Download  Visit this URL ork/products/expressedition/downloads/index.html  Download the Oracle Express Edition 11g R2  Database Engine for your ATG Installation  You can actually live with the MYSQL that comes out-of-the-box as well and shouldn’t be an issue  Accept the license agreement and download the Oracle XE for Windows or Linux
  3. 3. Oracle XE – Sign-in to Download  Clicking on the link to download the Windows or Linux version of Oracle XE will redirect you to the Sign-in page  You need to sign-in to Oracle Access Manager so as to download the software  Once you sign-in, the download begins  Will take about 3-5 minutes for the size of this file
  4. 4. Oracle XE – Run the Installer  Locate the downloaded installer executable for the Oracle XE software  Execute the installer executable (Double-click or find the file and hit ENTER)  Do whatever it takes to launch it   Once the Installer is ready  Hit Next to continue
  5. 5. Oracle XE - Installation  Accept the terms in the license agreement  Hit Next to continue
  6. 6. Oracle XE – Choose Destination Location  Oracle Database 11g XE is already preselected for you  You have a choice at this stage to select a different folder for Oracle XE or let it continue with the default folder “oraclexe”  Hit Next to continue
  7. 7. Oracle XE – Specify Database Passwords  Its time to specify the password that will be used for both the SYS and SYSTEM database accounts  Enter & Confirm the password  Hit Next to continue
  8. 8. Oracle XE – Settings Summary  This is the summary screen providing details about the choices you have made for installing the Oracle XE on your system  If you are comfortable with the selections hit Install  If you are not comfortable with the selections and need to make any changes this is the time – go back – make the changes and then come back to this screen to continue with the Installation
  9. 9. Oracle XE – Installation Begins  Installation begins  Installer creates and starts Oracle database engine/services  Configures the database  And performs housekeeping  Completes the installation  And, you are ready to use the XE Database