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ATG - Installing JDK 1.7


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ATG - Installing JDK 1.7

  1. 1. ATG – Installing JDK 1.7 Step-by-Step Guide - Keyur Shah (
  2. 2. JDK – Version Download from Oracle  Visit  Locate the JDK Download page  In my case I’ve downloaded JDK 7 for Windows x64 (64-bit)  Download the installer executable to your local machine
  3. 3. JDK – Installer Preparation  For faster machines you might not notice this screen   JDK installer executable is preparing the setup program and hence NEXT button is disable until its ready for you to act up on
  4. 4. JDK – Setup Program Ready  Now that the installer executable have the setup program ready to perform installation  Hit Next to continue with the JDK installation
  5. 5. JDK – Prompt for Optional Features  JDK setup program will navigate you through various steps using which it collects user inputs for the JDK setup customization  You can change the folder location  You can opt-out of Source code etc…  Hit Next to continue the installation
  6. 6. JDK – Copying New Files  Once you hit Next on previous step, the setup program will start copying necessary files to your machine to set it up with JDK 1.7
  7. 7. JDK Setup - COMPLETE  And, there you go  The JDK 1.7 Installation is now complete  Hit the Close button
  8. 8. Questions?  Contact me @