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ATG - Commerce Reference Store Installation


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This guide demonstrates the steps you need to follow to install the ATG Web Commerce Reference Store on top of your ATG Commerce Installation

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ATG - Commerce Reference Store Installation

  1. 1. ATG Web Commerce 10.2 Commerce Reference Store Installation - Keyur Shah (
  2. 2. ATG CRS – Installation STEP – 1 (Launch the installer executable)  Once you have installed the ATG Web Commerce 10.2 on your development system  Next step is to install the Commerce Reference Store  To initiate the ATG 10.2 Commerce Reference Store installation, run the executable “CommerceReferenceStore10.2_ 354.exe” on the Windows 64-bit platform as highlighted in the screenshot
  3. 3. ATG CRS – Installation STEP – 2 (Language Selection)  You will land on this screen, once you launch the installer executable, and it prepares the setup program to continue  You can pick the language of choice (“English” in this case) and continue  Hit the OK button to continue with the installation
  4. 4. ATG CRS – Installation STEP – 3 (Introduction)  The setup program will walk you through several steps as outlined on the LEFT  Starting with Introduction to the InstallAnywhere program & the actions you need to perform to continue  Hit Next to continue with the installation
  5. 5. ATG CRS – Installation STEP – 4 (License Agreement)  In this step you will be required to “ACCEPT” the terms of the license agreements, in order to continue with the installation  Select “I Accept”, which will enable the Next button  Hit Next to continue with the installation
  6. 6. ATG CRS – Installation STEP – 5 (Choose Install Folder)  In this step you need to select the folder/drive where you want the installer to extract the ATG Web Commerce platform files  E.g. C:ATGATG10.2  I’m sure some of developer friends might actually use drives other than C  Hit Next to continue with the installation
  7. 7. ATG CRS – Installation STEP – 6 (Choose Shortcut Folder)  This step is the same as all other windows installation program prompts  You need to decide where you want to place the shortcut icons/menu  I would use the default selection  Hit Next to continue
  8. 8. ATG CRS – Installation STEP – 7 (Pre-Installation Summary)  In this step you can review your responses to previous prompts  Verify & Change (if need be)  Hit Install to perform the ATG Web Commerce setup using the inputs listed in this section
  9. 9. ATG CRS – Installation STEP – 9 (Installing & Done) Once the installer is done copying all the necessary files to the destination folder, 100% - will give you the indication about completion. Click DONE to exit the installer
  10. 10. Questions?  Contact me @