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Apple’s Golden Era - What’s new at apple and how they’re revolutionizing the tech world


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Apple has a Proven Track Record of Disruption.
And CEO Tim Cook has shown that 2015 will be no different!

Apple’s 2015 installment of the WorldWide Developer’s Conference saw some major improvements in Apple’s Technology.
Newly revealed updates for iOS, OS X, Watch OS 2, and the introduction of Apple Music pose huge new markets for entrepreneurs and startups.

iOS 9: The Next Gen iPhone OS
Apple’s new mobile operating system is here:
A beta version of iOS 9 will be released to the public in July, but developers have access now. Entrepreneurs need to get their apps updated now or be caught unprepared.
iOS 9 is designed to be intuitive, and is capable of predicting what we want before we even realize we want it. Apple has created the perfect OS to drive further engagement to mobile engagements, with little effort on the part of the consumer.
Siri has improved even more, and is capable of creating contextual reminders, search through apps and files more efficiently and effectively and general improvement of native apps such as Notes and Apple Pay

OS X: El Capitan
Apple’s Mac laptops received a big new update this year that is more friendly and open to developers.
Metal for Mac: A new API that combines OpenCL and Open GL. A 50% improvement in video rendering combined with 40% reduction in CPU means better functioning high-end apps and a smoother performance for games. See an example of how good your app can look with El Capitan on SDI’s home site.
The Spotlight search function has undergone a huge upgrade and now better understands natural language and context.
New and improved Tabs feature allows for easier navigation and a better UX.

Apple Watch OS 2
The Apple Watch was released in late April, but fell short of the expectations of many techies. Apple, ever forward-thinking, revamped the Watch OS and included some exciting new features:
A new and improved UX is designed to better anticipate the needs of the user
Native apps will now run directly on the Apple Watch, as opposed to a matched connection with your iPhone.
Developers have increased access to the onboarded functions of the Watch. This improvement is especially important to the business world, as it opens up an entirely new platform for app development.

Apple Pay: The Walletless Future
The world is steadily moving away from traditional credit cards and towards NFC payment options, as demonstrated by the release of Apple Pay. Apple Pay is more secure than traditional credit cards, offers in-app purchasing, and let’s you pay using your Apple Watch. The future is here, and it doesn’t include your Visa Card. This is good news for app entrepreneurs prepared to handle this influx of walletless cash. Learn how little it will cost you to convert your app into accepting NFC payments here

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