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Quick Article Submitter is a user friendly article submission software that submits articles to more than 400 directories and regularly adds more sites to its database. It now submit your articles in minimum time with advanced functionalities like Auto Submit and Scheduling of submission. It enables you to check your article submission status and single out important directories by adding them to the list of favorites. Discover the power of having your article and content instantly indexed and crawled by search engine spiders when it is published on thousands of websites!

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Quick Article Submiter starter guide

  1. 1. Quick Article Submitter Starter GuideQuick Article Submitter 4.1 is designed to make your articles submission quick and easy. You can now submityour articles in minimum time with advanced functionalities like Auto Submit and Scheduling of submission.Quick Article Submitter 4.1 allows you to submit your articles in article directories and websites. You can evensuggest more article directories to the latest software for effective article submission process. It also enablesyou to check your article submission status and single out important directories by adding them to the list offavorites. You are required to install the software just once and use it anytime to submit as many articles asyou want to. Quick Article Submitter 4.1 looks like: Main windowQuick Article Submitter 4.1 has mainly 5 sections:A. Article sectionB. Directory SectionC. Auto scheduler sectionD. Directory panelE. Bottom Browser panel
  2. 2. Here, you can add a new article, delete previously added article and edit an article. Main windowThe article section has 4 sub sections:1. Select article - This is a drop down that has the name of the articles that has already been added by the user.2. Add article - This option allows you to add a new article. When you click Add Article button, you will see various tabs, where you are required to fill the article information required by the article directory you are about to submit to. Below, you will see an explanation for each of these tabs. i. General Info Tab: Here, you are required to fill information for your article such as Article Title, Article Sub Title, Category, Author‟s First Name, Email, Article URL, Article Email and Bio info(0 to 450 characters). The title of every article is what appears in the Select Article Drop down. General Info
  3. 3. ii. Article Resource Tab: This tab allows you to enter information about the article resource in the Resource Box, resource information for HTML version, a brief description of your article, brief description HTML version, as well as some keywords that relate to your article. The Resource Box has a maximum limit of 250 characters. In many cases, the information entered in this tab is what will be used by the article directories‟ visitors to help find the types of articles they are searching for. Article Resourcesiii. Article Body Tab: This is where you will be able to enter the actual article itself. You can simply paste your article in “text format” into this text box. Do not enter HTML into the Article Body Tab. The top right corner shows the number of words and characters in the article body.
  4. 4. Article Bodyiv. Article HTML Body Tab: This tab works identically to the Article Body Tab discussed above. The only difference is that you are required to enter HTML formatted article into this text box. If you don‟t know HTML, don‟t be too concerned. You can simply input the same text into the Article HTML Body Tab as you did into the Article Body Tab, and that will work just fine.
  5. 5. Article HTML Body3. Delete article - This allows you to remove the selected article (in the article drop down) from Quick Article Submitter.4. Edit article- This allows you to edit the selected article (in the article drop down) within Quick Article Submitter.
  6. 6. Here, you will see four tabs to Suggest, Search, Update DB and Sign Up. Directory Section i. Suggest Tab: This tab displays two input fields. The first one is for entering the user-email address and the second field is for entering the URL of the Directory that you want to suggest. On clicking the Submit button, we will receive your notification and accordingly add the article directory to the list of directories in the software after reviewing. ii. Search Tab: On clicking the Search Tab, a pop-up window opens up displaying a search input field. In this input field, you can type in the full or few letters of article directory name that you are searching. It will highlight the findings in the list of article directory at every click.iii. Update DB Tab: As we add new article directories to our database, this button allows you to reload all of the directories from our database, directly into your software. You can do this from time to time to enhance performance. Update Databaseiii. Signup Info Tab-: Edit Account creation info: Allows you to enter or edit your account information like User Name, Password, First Name, Last Name, Email Address, Address, City, Zip, State that may or may not be needed by each article directory. It‟s typically best to fill out this information in the beginning, just incase a directory needs this information. The User can set this information as default by which this information will be used by all the directories to auto fill the information on the websites on which new accounts are created.
  7. 7. Account InfoHere, you will see two tabs to Auto submit and Schedule. Auto Scheduler Section i. Auto Submit: Allows you to submit an article to multiple directories just by one click. Auto submit can be done only for those directories for which the “Login” and Auto submit property is set to “Yes”. On clicking at the tab named “Auto Submit” a pop up window will open up on your screen on which you can select the number of directories you would like to submit the article to. In Auto Submit window, only those directories will be listed where Login and auto submit properties are set to YES, and Login information has been added in Edit directory info pop up (Green dot will appear in the login column, next to YES). There is a drop down for Category that is available just next to each directory. You need to select the category for which you want to submit the article. This information once filled by the user gets stored for next use, till the time it is changed by the user. The category information will be used in the submission of articles on respective article directory websites. On clicking “Done” in the pop up window, the Quick Article Submitter keeps submitting the selected articles on the selected article directories one by one. You will see that the directories row will get highlighted as brown or green depending upon the result of successful or unsuccessful submissions on the main section where all the directories are listed.
  8. 8. You will see this processing taking place in the bottom frame (Browser section). Submit to Favorites button enable users to submit article to all those directories which have been marked as favorites just by a single click. Auto Submitii. Schedule: Allows you to do scheduling of an article at later point of time. This section contains three tabs (Schedule, Scheduled Articles, and Reports).A. Scheduling: It allows you to specify the following features while scheduling an article. Click Done to go to next option. The scheduling allows you to specify the following for a selected article: Article: This is a drop down that allows you to select the article by its name. The scheduler will be set for the article selected in this drop down. Date: This is a drop down that enables you to select a date from the calendar on which you would like to schedule an article. Time: Here, you can specify the time at which you want to run the scheduler for article submission. It can be filled in HH:MM:SS pattern with AM/PM. Sites: It contains the list of the entire sites to which the scheduler can be set. It is a check box
  9. 9. with a select all option. Only those directories will be listed in this list for which the “Login” and “Auto Submit” property is set to “YES”. ScheduleB. Scheduled Article: It allows you to see all the scheduled articles in the window named “Scheduled Article”. It has below mentioned columns: Serial number: The first column of the table displays the serial number of the scheduled articles. Article: The second column of the table displays the title of the articles scheduled. Date and time: The third column of the table displays the date and time of the scheduled articles. Edit: On clicking “Edit” button, the software will take you back on the Schedule tab, that shows all the setting of schedule article that you can edit. Delete: On clicking “Delete” button, you can delete the selected scheduled article.
  10. 10. Scheduled ArticlesC. Reports: It allows you to see all the results or reports of Scheduled Articles. It has below mentioned columns: Serial Number: It displays the serial number of the article. Article Title: It displays the title of the article. Scheduled On: It displays the scheduled date and time of the articles. Successfully Submitted to: It displays the name of the directory or websites to which your article is successfully submitted.
  11. 11. Reports
  12. 12. This panel shows the details of Article directories. There are 11 columns in this panel. The list of directoriescan be sorted by clicking on the heading of each column. They are: Directory Panel i. Article Directory: The article directories that you can submit your articles to ii. Edit: On clicking on the icon under edit for a directory, a pop up window opens up. The pop up has the following info: 1. Directory Title: In this field the name of the Article directory is displayed. 2. User Notes: In this field the user can add notes for the selected directory. 3. Directory Details: If the website selected requires login for article submission, then the “Has Login form” checkbox is check marked by default. 4. If the website accepts HTML, then “Accepts HTML” checkbox is marked. 5. Login Info: If the website requires login before article submission, then the User name and Password fields can be filled and saved. Now, whenever the directory for which the information of login is saved will automatically fetch the information from the Edit popup and fill in the required fields. In case the information is not automatically filled due to some reason. Click on “Fill Form” to serve the purpose. Edit Directory Info
  13. 13. iii. Google PR: The Google Page Rank of each of the article directories. iv. Alexa Rank: The Alexa.com traffic rank for each of the article directories v. Last Submitted: The date that you last submitted your article to the particular website directory. vi. Added On: The date on which the article directory was added to the softwarevii. HTML: Whether or not the article directory requires you to input html version of your articleviii. Login: Whether or not the article directory requires you to login to their website before submitting your article. If the login information for the site is entered in the Edit popup, then green dot will appear under login section for the directory.ix. Auto Submit: Whether the article can be submitted automatically to the directory selected, which has complete login info. x. Favorites: The column of Favorites enables you to add the article directories to your list of favorites. To add a particular article directory to the list of favorites you can click on the icon of favorites. A user can disable the same by again clicking on the icon against the particular article directory. xi User Notes: A field that displays the notes entered by the user in the Edit popup for the Directory.The bottom browser panel allows you to submit your articles to each of the article directories. This panel actsas a web browser, changing as you select a specific website directory from the above directory panel.To select a website in the directory panel, simply double click on the row and it will appear in the bottompanel. Bottom PanelThere are all browser functions provided on the top of the panel that allow you to perform these operations: i. Directory: Shows the URL of the Directory that is selected under Article Directory. If the multiple directories have the same URL, then all those having same URL get selected too when one of them is selected by the user. ii. Google Page Rank: This option shows the Google page rank of the selected directory article. iii. Home: Displays the home page. It is similar button as available in standard web browser. iv. Back: Displays previous page. It is similar button as available in standard web browser.
  14. 14. v. Next: Displays next page. It is similar button as available in standard web browser. vi. Stop: This allows you to stop the downloading of the web page that is currently loading. It is similar button as available in standard web browser.vii. Refresh: This allows you to reload the web page that is currently loading, and acts exactly like the refresh button in your standard web browser.viii. Fill form: The „Fill Form‟ button allows us to still automate the auto filling of the forms located on these websites using the information stored in the article that is selected. If a website does not auto fill on its own, simply click the „fill button‟ and it should auto fill.ix. History: The „History‟ button opens five columns that display the status of various articles submitted to specific article directories. These columns are Serial No, Article Name, Directory, Date-Time and Status. The columns exhibit the successful or unsuccessful status of the articles in each article directory which was being submitted at the respective date and time.The end of Quick Article Submitter 4.0 has 4 radio buttons: x. Report Broken Link Tab: This allows you to notify that the selected article directory might no longer be accepting article submissions, or may simply no longer load at all. This allows software to keep your article directory list clean.
  15. 15. i. Website: This button takes you to the website of Quick Article PRO at http://www.quickarticlepro.com/ ii. Contact Us: This button takes you to the contact us page of the website athttp://www.quickarticlepro.com/contact_us.aspiii. Buy Now: This button takes you to the order page (in case the software is a trial version) athttp://www.quickarticlepro.com/Order_now.aspiv. About Us: As you click on about us button a pop up window opens up. It gives information about the product, its copyrights, its version etc.Help Tab:A user can learn the functionality of the software by clicking on the „Help Tab‟ which is located near theMinimize Tab. You can access complete and comprehensive Help File for the Quick Article Submitter 4.1