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Features:  2200+ logo templates:                                  Small and medium business can opt for the following  220...
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Logosmartz LogoMaker Softwaree


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LogoSmartz - Logo Maker Software
Logo creation made easy with logo design software.

* 1800+ predesigned stunning logo templates.
* Avail 5000 beautifully designed vector graphics from logo maker.
* 1000+ taglines and slogans.
* 300+ fonts and ready text styles for logo creation.
* Export in TIFF, PNG, JPG, BMP, GIF, PDF and Vector EPS formats.
* Available for both Windows and Mac OS.

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Logosmartz LogoMaker Softwaree

  1. 1. LogoSmartz Logo Maker Software Create professional Logos & Taglines in minutes Create your custom Main tool bar provides easy access to logos easily: effects, canvas properties, quick tips and more.. LogoSmartz is equipped with more than 2200 pre- designed ready to use Access layers professional logo panel templates. Access 4500+ specially designed vector symbols and graphics. Choose from Choose from 300 fonts or 4500 vector import system fonts. graphics Export logo in 9 formats TIFF, JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP, PDF, Vector EPS, transparent GIF and PNG. Apply filters, predefined text styles, adjustments, color picker and more... Color Adjustments Ready color styles Compatible with Windows 7, Vista, Win XP, Win 2000. Quick and Easy Logo Design Software!LogoSmartz is fast and effortless software. It helps you create logos easily with ready logo templates,symbols, shapes, images, fonts, special effects, editing tools, arrangement tools and coloring tools. Itis a well-thought-out product that is easy to install, easy to use, and fun to work on while it helps youcreate attractive logos in minutes.
  2. 2. Features: 2200+ logo templates: Small and medium business can opt for the following 2200+ high quality ready to use License packs : templates designed by professional graphic designers 4500+ vector graphics: Access to over Large businesses and corporation can select from the 4500+ vector graphic symbols and following License packs : shapes categorized into 37 industries. 300+ font styles and ready text styles: Choose from more than 300+ fonts or import system fonts. Use predefined text styles like arc, concave etc.to text Easily customizable logo elements: LogoSmartz allows you to edit any logo element with ease. Use editing tools, arrangement tools, coloring tools, layers, flip, and rotate to any logo object. Special effects: Apply effects like gradient, shadow, bevel, blur and outline; color adjustments and filters like gray scale, invert, sharpen, etc. to make a distinctive logo. Arrangement and Color tools: Access group/ungroup, send backward/ bring forward & alignment for arranging logo elements. Use color palettes in CMYK and RGB, color picker or ready color styles for coloring logo objects. Multiple output formats: Get Output in 9 different formats JPEG, PNG, GIF, TIFF, BMP, Vector EPS, PDF, transparent GIF and transparent PNG.System Specifications: Contact Information: Intel® Pentium® processor 586 MHZ or Software Depot Online equivalent. 2 Baynard Court, Pittsford 512 RAM. New York 14534, USA SVGA monitor with 256 colors and 800x600 pixel Email: helpdesk@logosmartz.com resolution. Phone: +1.866.202.3697 (toll free) /001.617.938.3482 Microsoft® Win 7, Vista, Win 2000,Win XP. Fax: +1.815.550.2295 Website: www.LogoSmartz.com A web connection is required for activation.