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123 Video Magic Pro


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Discover a new world of innovative and magical possibilities with 123VideoMagic Pro. Capture, record, edit, and merge videos; superimpose still images, audios, and cool transitions. Make fingertips burst into flames, buildings invisible, change the background of the presenter to Hawaii or get yourself shot with celebrities, 123VideoMagic Pro does it all!

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  • Well organized guide for green screen tool. Keep up the good work John.
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123 Video Magic Pro

  1. 1. Introducing…
  2. 2. Business Problem How to shoot your own green screen photos and videos, and make them look attractive & appear as if taken at famous tourist destinations. Create news reader videos, cloning videos and much more..
  3. 3. Business Problem -Continued • Can’t visit distant locations for shoot? • Don’t have days and weeks? • Don’t want to pay hefty hard-earned money to big photography firms? • Want to own the “best” green screen solution possible?
  4. 4. So… What Should You Do? How to create attractive images and videos without having to visit distant locations, or spending hundreds of dollars on expensive photography applications, and taking days and weeks to learn complex software?
  6. 6. Why 123 Video Magic? • Removes Chroma key from both images and videos. • Does not require knowledge of any high-end software like Photoshop. • Professionals can use it for modeling, portrait making, wedding photography, etc. • Most economical and easy to use software to let your creativity grow and achieve amazing results.
  7. 7. Replace green screen easily! • Replace green background with your own images and videos • Create special effects like cloning, record movie like a giant, go invisible, and more. • Software includes 50+ theme based images and videos for use as background. • Overlay an audio/ image on a video. • Apply transitions and effects on videos.
  8. 8. Create attractive images and professional videos in record time• 3 easy steps to create amazing videos/ images 1. Record video or Select an existing video or image 2. Replace green background with a image or video of your choice. 3. Publish as an image or video • Get output in multiple formats for print and web use. Video Formats PNG JPEG GIF MPG Image Formats BMP HAV WMV AVI
  9. 9. Capture and Edit Videos! • Videos can be recorded in an easy and efficient way. • No worry of reading while recording! Easy to use teleprompter allows you to read the text for video while recording with great ease. • Edit videos, combine more than one video and overlay image or audio on a video. • Do it yourself software, its simplicity allows even a novice to create images and videos easily.
  10. 10. A value for money green screen software • Most economical and easy to use software to let your creativity grow and achieve amazing results. • Create as many videos and images as you desire with this software.
  11. 11. So…What’s holding you back? • Can I try before I buy?  Yes. Download a free trial version and realize how easy and powerful it is to create images and videos. Get a ready image or video in minutes. • What if I need help? Free Technical Support. Call us at our Toll Free Helpline number or send an e-mail to our support team. • What if I am still not satisfied after buying it? We offer a 30 day money back guarantee—no questions asked. If our software doesn’t meet your needs, you shouldn’t pay for it! • How does it compare? Study the competitive table to see how 123 Video Magic Pro compares to other popular applications
  12. 12. See how 123 Video Magic Pro compares with competition
  13. 13. Picture this… • Imagine being able to transform your green screen images and videos into attractive, stylish and innovative images and videos in minutes…
  14. 14. Let’s Get Started • Watch the demo video • View sample videos • Download a trial version • Call or E-mail us with any questions • Buy 123Video Magic Pro now!
  15. 15. Any Questions?