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BRD document for test automation estimation


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BRD document for test automation estimation

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BRD document for test automation estimation

  1. 1. BRD Document for Test Automation Estimation - Sanket B. Shiralkar
  2. 2.  Traditional Approach Functional QA Design TCs SDET walk through TC Estimation and Costing for test suite ROI Calculation
  3. 3.  Test Automation Estimation and Costing with BRD  BRD is a document which consist what system has to do or what changes we are targeting in next release.  BRD can give overview for all required functional flows in system  BRD can help us to provide estimation and costing for test automation in a  Effective way.
  4. 4.  BRD Approach for Estimation and Costing Traditional Approach SDET review BRD BRD breaks into as possible as smaller functional flows Functional Flows categories into Module Estimation calculated on basis of Module
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