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Soft Serve Ice Cream Jokes Australia


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The best #soft #serve ice cream jokes. The best ice cream you have ever heard about. The best soft serve ice cream jokes. Soft serve australia

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Soft Serve Ice Cream Jokes Australia

  1. 1. Best Jokes from Best Soft Serve Australia Think of things that are funny. Well yeah, jokes are funny. Frosty Boy Australia, has searched all over the internet to bring you 7 best jokes relating to ice creams, soft serves or Frozen Yogurt. Make some room in your tummy, because you’ve gotta eat something cold at the end of this.
  2. 2. The Topping joke I was taking my weekly trip to the ice cream store. When I arrived cops surrounded the store & they had the store entrance sealed up. I asked a cop who was standing near by what happened, he replied "we were called by a member of the public who entered the store to find the owner lying face down on the floor and he was covered from head to toe in syrup, nut sprinkles and chocolate sprinkles.“ I asked what they thought happened and the cop replied, "He topped himself."
  3. 3. The Ice-cream Bor-dem A penguin takes his car to the shop to have it fixed. While he's waiting, he goes into a cool ice cream shop and eats ice cream. Having flippers instead hands, he gets the ice cream all over himself. He goes back to the auto shop and asks the mechanic what was wrong with his car. "Well," says the mechanic, "it looks like you blew a seal.“ The penguin replies, "It's just ice cream, I swear!!"
  4. 4. The Soft Serve School Where does Ice Cream go to school? Answer: Sundae School.
  5. 5. The Stick Ice Cream What did the softy say to the Stick ice cream about his attitude? May be if you relax and not act like you have a giant stick up your butt, more people like you.
  6. 6. The Screaming Creme Soft Serve What did the cone say when asked what would happen when someone bites it? Answer: “i-Scream” ICE
  7. 7. Frozen Yogurt With No Topping What do you call a frozen yogurt that doesn’t have toppings on it? “ If cream is lost, something is lost, if cone is lost, something is lost, if syrup is lost, something is lost, if topping is lost, everything is lost. Answer : “Pure Crap”
  8. 8. Last But not the Least How do you reach the moon with a budget as small as 2$? Feed your Lactose-Intolerant friend with a whole scoop of ice cream and get on his back.