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Aimersoft dvd ripper


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Developing user friendly software has been the motto of Aimersoft for a long time. And working on the same motive, they have come up with two brand new softwares, the DVD creator and the DVD ripper.

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Aimersoft dvd ripper

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  2. 2. In much more simple words, you see that DVD that you have in your shelf but it wouldn’twork in your phone and you tried making it work in your phone but also failed? Orperhaps a small homemade video in your phone which you always wanted to see onyour TV but it would not play? With Aimersoft’s products, the DVD creator and the DVDripper will make all such problems a history in your life.Aimersoft understands that almost everyone these days has an apple product and we allunderstand how difficult it becomes to first convert our entire collection of files into itunesformats because only then it will be played in our apple products. So understanding themisery, Aimersoft’s DVD ripper has made it very easy for all us apple lovers and in a fewsteps with the help of the illustrative guide of DVD ripper, one can easily covert the DVDformat files in to itunes formats for our entertainment pleasure.However, Aimersoft doesn’t stop here. We may find it quite easy to convert our DVDformats into itunes but what frustrates us even more is converting it to DVD formats. Thenew soft ware by Aimersoft, DVD creator works wonder in solving this problem. Perhapsa little more easily than the DVD ripper, the DVD creator would convert the entirecollection of your files into DVD formats from itunes without cracking your head apart infrustration and it is so simple that you would not even hesitate to use the new Aimersoftproduct, the DVD creator. http:/ /
  3. 3. Developing user friendly software has been the motto of Aimersoft for a long time. Andworking on the same motive, they have come up with two brand new softwares, the DVDcreator and the DVD ripper. Have you ever faced a problem where you had a file in yourphone or in a CD format which you always wished you could watch it everywhere but thesame file would just not play in all your gadgets? The DVD creator and ripper have beendesigned to remove this problem. So if anyone has been facing the same problem,Aimersoft is the place to buy you a solution.So how does Aimersoft solve that problem? The DVD creator works with all the popularformats and in a very easy way burns your file in the DVD format. You get a step to stepillustrative guide which makes sure that even a 7 year old can burn those files in DVDformat very easily with the help of Aimersoft’s DVD creator. Free download the AimersoftDVD Creator, please Click here.The other Aimersoft’s new software, DVD ripper works exactly in the opposite way of theDVD creator, that is, unlike generating file in DVD formats, it will burn the DVD files inwhichever format you would want. The software can convert files in over 150 formatsthat are on offer. It also comes with a very easy guide, that illustrates the steps to burnyour file from DVD format to whichever you want with the help of your new software, theDVD ripper. http:/ /
  4. 4. Moving ahead from our apple obsession, these days the normal format for videosare MP4 format, the video looks really amazing in this format and thus been oftenused. However, the negative is that MP4 cannot however be used on that big hometheatre that you had bought for your theatre experience. But now with the help ofthe DVD creator you can once again make use of that big screen.The DVD creator works very quickly and coverts the MP4 file into DVD format in afew clicks without consuming your precious time and you can get started within afew minutes to enjoy your favorite movie. Aimersoft’s new product will not stopgiving you precious little surprises, not only will it convert MP4 format into DVD withoutmost ease but will also work with various other formats like AVI, WMV, MOV,MKV, FLV, MPG. If you want to learn the another function of DVD Creator, iso  toothersFormats, please visit the resource .  MKV format is a delightful addition tothe list because it has recently become very popular like the MP4 format for its highquality video and audio and various players now support this format. So it comesout as a bonus for people who want other fine quality videos apart from MP4 to beplayed. http:/ /
  5. 5. The same way WMV was an age old famous format, used by various digital camera andcell phone manufacturers for their videos. Thus there are high chances of you havinghomemade old videos in this format who wouldn’t work now. So with Aimersoft’sproducts you can relive your childhood or old memories once again.The world is changing and people are too busy to take time out for themselves, forgetstaying in the room and watching TV on your large plasma screen. Everything in thisworld has to be portable so that it can be enjoyed on the go. With the help of the DVDripper you can burn your DVD files into MP4 format very easily so that now you caneasily enjoy your old favorite movie in your phone, laptop or anywhere and anytime andall this will take a few clicks and Aimersoft’s new product, the DVD ripper. The DVDripper is however not restricted to converting DVD formats to just MP4 products and willwork in the same way for various other popular and used formats like the AVI, WMV,MOV, MKV, FLV, MPG.Aimersoft also caters to the needs of people who have been suffering with technicaldifficulties of converting their quicktime files into DVD or vice a versa and the two newproducts; DCD creator and DVD ripper will also solve problems of all these people whocouldn’t just figure out how these files were to be converted. http:/ /
  6. 6. What makes Aimersoft DVD Ripper  and the DVD Creator stand out than allthose various products that are in the market for burning files is that not also dothese new products help you burn your files into different formats but they as wellgive you option to edit them before you change the format.The software that is inbuilt in these products will give you options to bring changesin your file. For videos there are options to introduce various sound effects inbetween, along with changing the color or the brightness or adding any object in thevideo. Also, only the audio of the video can be extracted and be burned into MP3format just for listening purposes than visual. The same way, in audio files, thereare options for you to mix the style of the music with your own sound effects. Youcan also make slideshows with the help of the DVD creator and show the pictures toyour family on the big screen by adding that audio file and playing it in thebackground.Aimersoft’s new products, the DVD creator and the DVD ripper are here to reducethe tension that we always had about burning our files for other players. The addedbenefits than just converting files into format makes this an exceptional product andan intelligent buy for all those wants to save themselves their time and a lot ofstress. http:/ /
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