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Local Online Marketing Presentation


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Local Online Marketing and SEO Marketing for Small Business.

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Local Online Marketing Presentation

  2. 2. SummaryAbout Softline SolutionsWhy Online Marketing MattersWhy Local MattersLocal StatsMobile SearchOrganic SearchPaid Search AdvertisingSocialOutperforming the Competition
  3. 3. About Softline SolutionsFounded in 1999Full Suite of Online Marketing Services for Small, Medium, and Large BusinessBuilt Reputation for Delivering Personalized ServiceCustomer Satisfaction is our Number 1 Priority ( we arent just saying that)Honesty, Integrity, & TransparencyFocus on Local Online Marketing
  4. 4. Why Online Marketing MattersOnline Marketing is the fasted growing advertising mediumIts not enough to just have a websiteThe Big Boys have been doing it for years, its your turn nowMore Consumers turning to the web to search for products andservicesTV, Radio, and Direct Marketing is Expensive and does notproduce measurable results
  6. 6. Local Search Numbers 20% of Googles total searches contain a geographic/ local qualifier like a zip code, a city, or a street (Google, SXSW 2011) 3 billion searches each month are for local-based keywords (Google, SXSW 2011) 1 in every 3 Google searches from mobiles are local (Google, CITA Wireless 2010) Half of all Bing mobile searches are local (Bing, CITA Wireless 2011) 40% of all Google Maps traffic is from mobile phones (Google, SXSW 2011) Google Maps has 150 million mobile users (Google, SXSW 2011) 55% of adult smartphone users surveyed indicated they use their phone for location-based recommendation services (Pew, 2011) 90% of smartphone users search for local information on their phones (Pew Research Center, 2011) 86% of all online searchers use local search to find businesses (Kelsey Group) Mobile phone users are 45% more likely to enter a local based search term
  7. 7. Local Consumer Behavior• 90% of searchers perform some offline follow up with businesses they find online such as calling for more information or making a purchase (comscore)• 59% of local information seekers visit a business after looking up information on it on their cell phones (Google Mobile Insights)• 51% of people would characterize their shopping behavior as research online, buy offline (NPD Group)• 61% of online local searches result in an offline purchase (TMP/ comScore)• 23% of US searchers surveyed indicated theyd be more likely to make contact with a business that showed pictures in their directory listings (Bright Local)• 21% of US adults surveyed said they had used a search engine to research a shopping decision in the past 24 hours (Pew Internet and American Life survey September 2010)• 80% of US adults under 35 consider the Internet their main source of information on local information; for the total population it is 70% (TMP Local Search Study)• 89% of adults surveyed by Yelp indicated they used the phone book once a month or less or never (Yelp, 2011)• 39% of search engine users surveyed indicated that they "routinely felt frustrated" by not being able to find a local business online (Webvisible-Nielsen, 2009)
  8. 8. Business Behaviors – LocalSearch Only 27% of 1500 businesses surveyed actively optimized their site for local search (Marketing Sherpa) 4 million businesses worldwide have claimed their Google Places profile, Google has created 50 million profiles (Google, SXSW 2011) 51% of businesses surveyed indicated their ability to capture new customers with their website was only "fair" or "poor" (Webvisible- Nielsen, 2009) 17% of the total marketing spend for small businesses will be spent on online marketing in 2011 (BIA Kelsey, 2011) 9% of small businesses surveyed said they felt satisfied with their Internet marketing efforts (Webvisible-Nielsen, 2009) 52% of small business owners surveyed indicated that the phone book was not at all useful to them as a business owner
  9. 9. Local Search Stats Local Monthly Searches Keyword (Google) auto insurance new jersey 14800 car insurance new jersey 22200 homeowners insurance new jersey 3600 home owners insurance new jersey 880 car insurance rates new jersey 390
  10. 10. Organic Search (nothing organic aboutit) SEO allows your website to show up in the main results for search engines without having to bid on keywords that can fluctuate in pricing and almost always increase in cost from year to year as competition increases Ethical SEO matters more than ever as Google updates its search algorithm (PANDA) on a monthly basis. Complying to individual search engine requirements makes for a slower climb to the top but a sustainable one. If you get guarantees to get to the top in a very short amount of time then its probably to good to be true. Proper SEO takes time but yields amazing results. Finding the right partner in a crowded environment is whats hard. Just like Insurance!
  11. 11. Mobile SearchWhat is Mobile Search?Why does it matter more now than ever?Heard of the iPhone?Local Business and Mobile MarketingMobile Marketing is the fasted growingsegment of Online MarketingPart of your marketing strategy
  12. 12. Paid Search AdvertisingWhat is Paid Search (PPC) ?Paid Search & Local BusinessBenefits of Paid SearchThere’s more to PPC than Google!How much does it cost?
  13. 13. SocialMore than one-half of marketers Social media for business statistics(53%) say they now use social  Only 26% of businesses frequently include calls tomedia marketing and another 24% action in their tweets – 49% never include a call toplan to do so over the next 12 actionmonths.  Only 23% have used Twitter to promote a social-only(Source: Annual 2011 Marketing Survey, deal, such as a coupon or discount available only to Twitter users who click the linkUnica)  29% of brands on Facebook have offered deals within the channel  People were 25% more likely to buy a product they would be proud of if it had social buttons placed next to it, but 25% less likely to buy a product they would be embarrassed of if it encouraged them to like or tweet about it (by having social share buttons nearby)  70% of business ignore complaints on Twitter  83% of people who complained on Twitter liked or loved a response by the company  58% of businesses saw a drop in marketing costs by moving to social marketing  72% of marketers handle social media themselves, the rest outsource  78% of women are happy to share what brand they prefer, compared to 74% of men
  14. 14. Outperforming the CompetitionYellow Pages is Dead! You need to look toother advertising models like onlineBeat your competition and capture therebusiness onlineInteract with Customers – Build a following yourcompetition cant beat!More eyes means more business
  15. 15. Wrap Up & Questions Questions? Look for the Softline staff for more information or to schedule some time to talk about your unique business needs.