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Dvd to i tunes converter


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Dvd to i tunes converter

  1. 1. How to convert dvd to iTunes/iPod/MP4/iPhone/Apple TV with DVD to iTunes Converter? DVD to iTunes Converter is the best converter that import dvd to itunes for iPod, iPhone, Apple TV. Nowdays, most of us have our own favorite DVDs, we can watch it through many different ways include using our computer, but when we want to convert dvd to video formats then watch it on our different devices, just like iPod, iPhone. How can we do it. How to convert to dvd to itunes and import dvd to iPod/iPhone? We know apple not allows us to convert/import dvd to itunes for many reasons, the entertainment giant will kill every product that hurt their copyright protection, if convert dvd to itunes will shrink the demand for apple's online iTunes Store, so itunes can rip a CD and make it rapidly available for you to listen to on your iPhone/iPod but can't convert dvd to itunes. With DVD to iTunes Converter we can convert dvd to itunes easily, just need several clicks, we can convert dvd to itues support format video and then import dvd into itunes. Once it in itunes, it means we can transfer it within the entire Apple products just like iTunes libraries, Apple TV, iPod, iTunes. DVD to iTunes Converter is the best partner for us to convert/import dvd to iTunes/iPod/iPhone. Price: $39.95 Step by step tutorials: How to convert dvd to itunes/ipod/iphone and other protable devices support foramt video? • Step 1: Add dvd files Free download, install and run DVD Ripper, then click "Add..." button to select your favorite dvd whcin would be convertted to itunes.
  2. 2. • Step 2: Choose output format Choose the file, click "Profile" drop-down button to choose the format like mp4 that can support by itunes. • Tip: Trim: select a certain length of video/audio in the clip to convert.
  3. 3. Crop: remove black sides in your dvd. Effecf: set Brightness, Contrast and Saturation, choose Old Film, Horizontal, vertical. • Step 3: Convert When you get ready to convert dvd to itunes, Click the "Start" button to start conversion. • Step 4: Import conversion video to iTunes After last three steps over you have get the right format video for itunes, then you can import your favorite dvd movie to itunes.