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There are a lot of events going on in the IT world. This presentation is about most interesting and huge events and exhibitions in software outsourcing.

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Software Outsourcing: Events Calendar

  1. 1. Software Outsourcing Events Calendar
  2. 2. Table of Contents • Overview • Events Map • Calendar • Events Overview Outsourcing to Softheme™ Software Outsourcing: Outsource Your Project or Build a Team
  3. 3. Overview IT Outsourcing is today’s growing business trend, a popular business model laying foundation for a healthy economy. Outsourcing is sourcing a particular service from a third party situated in a different geographical location. In practice it is noticed that Outsourcing Software Development has significant advantages over an in-house development. Outsourcing an IT services, or any other allied services definitely gives your organization a clear cutting edge over others. There are a lot of trade shows and ICT events that are being conducted across the globe to punctuate the importance of Outsourcing strategies. Outsourcing to Softheme™ Software Outsourcing: Outsource Your Project or Build a Team
  4. 4. Events Map London St. Petersburg Lviv Moscow Toronto Munich Kiev Los Angeles New York City Andalucía Indian Wells Dubai Singapore Kigali Outsourcing to Softheme™ Software Outsourcing: Outsource Your Project or Build a Team
  5. 5. Calendar Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun September 1 2 3 4 5 25 Lviv, Ukraine 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun October 1 2 3 6-10 Kigali, Rwanda 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 8-9 Kiev, Ukraine 13-14 New York City 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 13-15 Moscow, Russia 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 17-21 Dubai, United Arab Emirates 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 26-27 Toronto, Ontario Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun November 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 3-5 Andalucía, Spain 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15-17 Los Angeles, CA 16-17 London, United Kingdom 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 19-20 Saint Petersburg, Russia 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 23-24 Singapore 29 30 24-25 Munich, Germany Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun February 1 2 3 4 5 6 21-23 Indian Wells, California 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 Outsourcing to Softheme™ Software Outsourcing: Outsource Your Project or Build a Team
  6. 6. Lviv Outsourcing Forum Lviv Outsourcing Forum III "Company’s strategy on the market" For whom: Owners and CEOs of IT outsourcing companies Experienced IT-freelancers Owners and CEOs of BPO companies Top managers who have to do with business decision taking Companies interested in internal business processes outsourcing When: September 25, 2010 Where: Lviv, Ukraine Program: Report “Advantages of specialization on technology” Report “Success story of outsourcing company sale” Round table “Strategy of outsourcing company Round table “Investment attraction, purchase, merger” Round table “Marketing as strategy reflection” Outsourcing to Softheme™ Software Outsourcing: Outsource Your Project or Build a Team
  7. 7. Rwanda International Outsourcing Expo About: Rwanda International Outsourcing Expo is one of the biggest exhibition in the region. This is a multi-sector, multi-national trade exhibition which will be held between 06-10 October 2010. The event will attract many visitors from various parts of the worlds. When: October 6-10, 2010 Where: Kigali, Rwanda Outsourcing to Softheme™ Software Outsourcing: Outsource Your Project or Build a Team
  8. 8. Eastern European Agile Conference About: Agileee 2010 is the Second Eastern European Agile conference. This event is to bring the regional Agile movement onto the next level by integrating goals and directions of the local communities. Also it is to integrate the regional movement with the World-wide Agile movement by expanding the horizons and by adding new fresh pieces to the multi-cultural mosaic. When: October 8-9, 2010 Where: Kiev, Ukraine Program: 2 days, 4 stages, 40 talks and workshops 4 Master Classes running by the key speakers More than 35 Speakers from 18 Countries Outsourcing to Softheme™ Software Outsourcing
  9. 9. Global Sourcing Forum About: Global Sourcing Forum (GSF) caters to the needs of senior business and sourcing executives charged with leading their organizations through change during an economic period that has undergone significant structural shifts. When: October 13-14, 2010 Where: New York City Program: This conference has been designed so that you and your executive team can understand and gather the right tools for the 3 main components of global sourcing: • Planning a mid-to-long term sourcing strategy while ensuring quick successes • Understanding and implementing key components of the sourcing lifecycle • Managing day-to-day operations in a complex and global environment to ensure continual value and ROI Outsourcing to Softheme™ Software Outsourcing
  10. 10. Central and Eastern European Software Engineering Conference About: Organized since 2005, CEE-SECR is the key annual software event in Central and Eastern Europe that is regularly attended by over 500 participants from local industry. Our total reach is over 1 million software and IT people from CEE region (online + media coverage). The conference was initially positioned as a Russian event; however, it attracted speakers from 20 countries and regular attendees from even more places, so in 2009 the conference was repositioned as a CEE event. The conference is usually supported by Adobe, EMC2, HP, IBM, Intel, INTSPEI, Microsoft, ORACLE, Siemens, Sun Microsystems, VMware, etc. The event is endorsed by most of the key local software/IT associations. When: October 13-15, 2010 Where: Moscow, Russia Outsourcing to Softheme™ Software Outsourcing
  11. 11. Gitex Technology Week 2010 About: One of the world's most dynamic and influential ICT exhibitions, the platform for international professionals to do business across the Middle East, African, Indian and South Asian markets. We'll be celebrating our 30th anniversary in style - with even more added value for our exhibitors and visitors than ever before. You'll enjoy more entertainment, more knowledge exchange, more networking, more product and information features plus lots of new initiatives to make your GITEX experience the best yet. When: October 17-21, 2010 Where: Dubai, United Arab Emirates Outsourcing to Softheme™ Software Outsourcing
  12. 12. Outsourcing Strategy and Scoping About: A two-day, advanced-level program that provides a comprehensive view of how organizations develop their outsourcing strategies in relation to corporate strategies, as well as how organizations scope and design individual outsourcing transactions. When: October 26-27, 2010 Where: Toronto, Ontario Program: This program provides a thorough examination of: • How successful outsourcing transactions rely on effective strategy and scoping • How organizations identify and profile areas where they can achieve benefits from outsourcing transactions • How to design the future state Outsourcing to Softheme™ Software Outsourcing
  13. 13. The International Outsourcing Forum About: In November 2010, the International Outsourcing Forum - Locations (IOFL) will provide an opportunity for companies to evaluate a range of locations for expansion and/or relocation around the globe. The aim of the event is to provide senior executives everything they need to know about current location options and strategies. The event is designed to meet the needs of companies considering locations for captive centers, outsourcing vendors considering locations for delivery centers as well as companies that are planning to outsource specific functions for whom location is a critical aspect of the outsourcing decision. Three key areas will be investigated - workforce, location selection and implementation (the technical aspects of outsourcing). When: November 3-5, 2010 Where: Andalucía, Spain Outsourcing to Softheme™ Software Outsourcing
  14. 14. Gartner Application Architecture, Development and Integration Summit About: This year’s Summit drills down into the three critical building blocks of an applications strategy that effectively meets business’ demands for agility— Cloud, SOA and the overhaul of existing Applications. When: November 15-17, 2010 Where: Los Angeles, CA Program: Organization, Governance and Application Overhaul: People and Practices Cloud Computing: The Why, When and How of Adoption Succeeding With SOA: Creating Value Today and Options for Tomorrow The Next Generation Application Development—How Services, Agile and the Cloud Simplify Enterprise Solutions Application Platforms for the Cloud-Aware Enterprise Application Integration—Secret Sauce for Successful Applications, SOA and Cloud Services Outsourcing to Softheme™ Software Outsourcing
  15. 15. The Sourcing Summit About: The NOA’s 8th Annual The Sourcing Summit will build on its prestigious reputation as the UK’s leading conference focusing on outsourcing and off shoring strategy. This year’s program will reflect developments across the sourcing sector, examining the rise in innovation and the renewed focus on multi sourcing. The highly topical agenda will consider the value of more open outsourcing relationships to a maturing industry. In the context of the current economic climate, this conference will provide excellent insight into methods to drive real business efficiencies through outsourcing. The combination of expert speakers and superb networking opportunities will include exciting new formats such as high-level case studies, a best practice exchange, workshops and peer-to-peer networking discussions. This highly interactive and informative conference will be a must-attend event for everyone involved in sourcing across all business sectors. When: November 16-17, 2010 Where: London, United Kingdom Outsourcing to Softheme™ Software Outsourcing
  16. 16. Software Quality Assurance Days About: Starting its humble beginnings in 2007, SQA Days has grown into the number 1 Software Testing Conference on space of the CIS on software quality assurance subject area. In total for all time existence the event have visited more than 1700 participants from the companies representing various sectors of economy. The conference traditionally unites leading experts of the international class. This event is also remarkable that it will hold repeatedly in St.-Petersburg, one of the key center of competence of IT experts and cultural capital of Russia. When: November 19-20, 2010 Where: Saint Petersburg, Russia Outsourcing to Softheme™ Software Outsourcing
  17. 17. Cloud Computing 2010 About: With Asia poised to achieve massive growth in cloud computing, mature markets in the region are nurturing early adopters while developing markets are presenting many greenfield opportunities for cloud vendors. Implementations are forecast to soar. Cloud Computing 2010 will help SMBs and large enterprises who are migrating towards private and public cloud provisioning models to satisfy their concerns around quality, security and governance. Through a series of end-user case studies from early adopters and innovators, delegates will be able to evaluate whether a public or private cloud strategy will best suit their IT and business requirements. When: November 23-24, 2010 Where: Singapore Outsourcing to Softheme™ Software Outsourcing
  18. 18. Fujitsu Forum Europe Visit 2010 About: The main theme for VISIT 2010 is "Shaping tomorrow with you". We want to shape the future of your IT together with you so that your business processes will be more efficient. Our objective is to help you achieve sustainable profitability. At VISIT 2010 top-class keynote speakers, technology experts and business leaders will show you how IT solutions developed in partnership can support your enterprise. Recognized industry specialists will also participate in breakout sessions and expert talks where you can discuss topics relevant to your IT. What's more, these discussions will give you new ideas that can be applied to your daily IT operations to make them fit for the future. When: November 24-25, 2010 Where: Munich, Germany Outsourcing to Softheme™ Software Outsourcing
  19. 19. The 2011 Outsourcing World Summit About: Every year, outsourcing executives from across the industry and around the world who are seeking the very latest insights and ideas attend the Summit. Educational sessions deliver specific actionable solutions to current challenges faced by experienced professionals. Case studies feature actual experiences and the lessons learned, and discuss new ideas, approaches and opportunities. When: February 21-23, 2011 Where: Indian Wells, California Program: The program will directly address the issues that arise in today’s global marketplace by showcasing the breakthrough achievements of the companies paving the way. The Summit looks at outsourcing as a management practice - from strategy, to implementation, to ongoing relationship management. Outsourcing to Softheme™ Software Outsourcing
  20. 20. Thank you! Questions? → 2010 | Softheme Team | Kyiv, Ukraine | Software Outsourcing Solutions » Outsourcing to Softheme™